The WORK [revised]

Interning at the PDC has definitely been a great experience for me thus far. I work with a great set of people and you can tell that they really believe in your skills and talent. I worked on a poster for their upcoming Dining Etiquette event this month and lo and behold, when I opened my city tech email, I saw the flyer. I sat there and thought wow, now all or most city tech students will see my work!

This poster was special to me though because looking at what was routinely designed in the past for this event, I thought of ways to improve it and make it better. After speaking with one of the Internship managers, she made it clear that she wanted something different and something that would make a student want to open the flyer and read it. So I had to put on my thinking cap and think, what would make me, Krystal, want to read the flyer sent to my  school email from the PDC? I took that motivation and came up with a totally different direction from what was previously designed for this event. After seeing it in my email, I couldn’t help but feel proud to know that wow, I actually used my skill for something that would be displayed to hundreds of students — let me tell you, there’s no better feeling than that! (Flyer below)

Dining Etiquette_rev