Bamboo Paper

I chose to try out the app Bamboo Paper. Bamboo paper is a digital notebook  app (that also works on Android phone devices) that helps you with taking notes, sketching, coloring and marking. I was always in the market for a drawing tool like this and I am glad I came across it. It was super simple to use.

The only thing is it doesn’t give you much variety in pens – only provides you with a thin and marker tip, which comes in 3 different weights (from thin and dark to thick and light).  I have highlighted in the first image the two types of pens you can use in the first red box, and the second red box shows the weight (this weight was for the marker pen). You can find these settings by clicking on the pen tool in the upper left corner (as shown in the black circle).

However, one thing I did like is that you were given a wide gamut of colors. Also, you could mix and combine two sets of colors to form a unique color which is outside of the color options given on the first color page. In order to mix two colors, you would first have to click on the tear drop looking tool (in yellow) and it brings you to the color palette. You would then double click on any of the colors given (as seen on the image to the right) and it loads up to a second screen with a color wheel (see image below). There you can mix and match 2 sets of colors to form a unique color.  Moreover,  if you click on
the triple lines icon in the bottom right corner, it opens up to a color slider option where you can further modify the colors. (Refer to the image on the left).
I found it was easy to toggle back and forth between the pen tool and the color tool. Furthermore, I think the program worked great on my android phone which has an S-pen. Had my phone not had that feature — the S pen tool — then I think drawing would’ve been a little more difficult as the fine tip pen tool is hard to draw with using your fingers. Therefore, I would suggest using this on a device that has its own pen tool should you wish to use it for drawing or taking notes. Below is a quick picture I drew using the Bamboo Paper app.