Outfront has a pretty laid back culture in this particular office. Everyone dresses in business casual — suits and ties are not necessary. The members in the Graphic Design and Marketing Departments wear sneakers or sandals with their jeans and button up shirts. I love my sneakers so knowing that I could wear my jeans and Chuck Taylors and not be judged was great.

The office is set up in cubicles and management has offices. There is also a wellness room, where you can go and debunk for a few minutes if having a stressful day; and also several large and mini conference rooms if you need to have a meeting or take a quick personal call. There are 2 kitchens, one is bigger than the other. In the big kitchen, there’s usually a big and complicate puzzle on the kitchen island that needs solving. There’s also a an expensive coffee machine that serves several different types of coffees, latte and hot chocolate – -the people in this office love their coffee! Sometimes on Fridays there’s free food on the kitchen counters — which ranges from Greek to gourmet pizza.

Each department has a different work hours. My department (digital operations) works from 8am – 5pm. Other departments start at 9am (for example the marketing dept) or even 10am, and work later into the day like 6pm or even 7pm. It seems that people typically take their one hour lunch between the hours of 12pm – 2pm.