Welcome to MY World!


Welcome to my e-portfolio page! My name is Krystal, but I’m often referred to as “Krys” . I’ve always had a passion for design and my pursuit to be one of the best in the field has only just begun. I am currently attending NYC College of Technology, pursing a Bachelor’s in Communications Design. Although this will be my second degree, my degree in Criminalistics at John Jay College (which is obviously very different), has definitely helped  prepare me for this Design field – in terms of perseverance, prioritizing/meeting deadlines and working well under pressure.

I strongly believe that there is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than doing what you love. Even though you stray or try to run from it (as in my case), there will always be that gravitational pull tugging at you – to do that one thing that you were born to do. I’ve always found an interest and truly enjoy designing and making things with my hands (such as painting, 3-d form etc) or with the aide of a computer. I never thought I would see the day where I’d honestly proclaim my love for school…but that day is here! Nothing is more satisfying and gratifying than excelling in what you love doing. My sensei always says, “Do what you love and love what you do. Once you do that, then the money will chase you, not the other way round”…I intend to do just that!