COMD 1103 – Foundation Drawing


Isometric drawing
Isometric drawing




Isometric Drawings
Isometric Drawing (city)



Pepper Contours

This drawing is a cross contour of 2 bell peppers. One was standing upright and the other was lying down. I chose the bell pepper because I thought it would give me perfect volumetric curves.


3d Room

Using the perspective grid framework that was demonstrated in class, I drew an imaginary room.I really enjoyed this assignment because it gave me an opportunity to really use my imagination and get creative. The objects drawn in the room, and in fact the room itself, is very similar to how I would want my “dream” room to look.



City - 1pt perspective

This is a 1-point perspective of an imaginary city. I decided to draw it from a bird’s-eye viewpoint. I really had fun with this assignment because I was able to get creative and think outside the box yet again.


This is a 2-pt perspective of a pepper sauce bottle. I drew the bottle standing upright and then made an imposed drawing of it laying down at an angle.