Khary Randolph Exhibit (on-campus)

This was my first networking event and I must say it was incredible. I got to witness the works of Khary Randolph at the Black Excellence Showcase (Opening Night) in the Grace Gallery here at City Tech. There were so many amazing illustrations and the messages in some of his pieces were very relatable — for example his Black White pieces (one of which is pictured above). It touched on so many social issues happening right now in the United States especially to the blacks, and also the political issues surrounding our great country. His images were so powerful that even without words, the messages came through loud and clear.

I had no idea he sketched for DC Comics and worked on shows I grew up watching as a kid — The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for example. Excitingly enough, I got a chance to meet Khary Randolph and although we were not able to talk too much because he was obviously surrounded by people I was able to get some insight into what it was like working for such a big name as DC Comics. Also, I mingled with a few design students and connected with them on LinkedIn.