Paint By Number

I absolutely loved this free app. Paint By Number is an art drawing game to color modern artwork by coloring with numbers. They have a large variety of artwork to choose from. It’s very user friendly as well. Simply select the artwork you want and a row of all the colors for the artwork appears at the bottom and numbered. Click on any color and all the corresponding parts for that particular color appear greyed out on the canvas. Just touch those highlighted areas (which all have the corresponding numbers to the colors) and the canvas immediately is painted with that color.

I noticed that if you start in numerical order beginning from 1, once you’ve completed shading in all the “1” areas, it automatically moves on to color number 2 and then highlights all of the “2” areas. Because of this feature, you can do one of these, depending on the complexity of the image in under 10 mins. By the time you’re done, you have created a nice piece of artwork. You can then choose to download the finished picture or share it on a plethora of platforms. If you’re a design major or just love painting, drawing or sketching, then you will find this app very therapeutic and relaxing. Also, after every completed picture, you get a badge which when accumulated, gives you access to more free stuff on the app.

Finished image: