8 Basic Principles of Design to Help You Create Awesome Graphics

I came across this webinar on Adobe Spark and found it very useful. It focused mainly on using Spark post to create awesome graphics/flyers. They also discussed different ways to play with hierarchy in designs.  I have never used this Adobe program before so I learnt something entirely new. Two Spark visual and product designers, Tristan and Amanda, held the webinar and went in depth on creating great graphics.

The first key in creating great graphics is coming up with a theme and thinking about the message you want to send. So first, think of the copy (taglines/headlines) and have a clear, succinct message. Then, look for imagery surrounding those headlines and taglines. (Something key to note is when looking for image, look for image with clear space so you can have an area to add type, and its readability clear and not overcrowding the image). Looking at the color palette of the image you selected will actually help you decide on what color your text should be. Sometimes adding an extra element such as a shape or some other framing element surrounding your text, pulls the eye into the message and really emphasizes it.  Adding subtle banners (in the same tone as your picture) behind your text helps to bring out the text even more and increases legibility (which is a problem that all designers encounter at one point or another when working on busy backgrounds).

To create in spark, you would go into spark into the organizer page and click on create post. Enter your text and select on which media platform you would like to post. Search for your imagery using the program, or upload a photo from your hard drive. Again, it’ suggested to try finding images with clear space. Go into the design wheel and select what colors you want to use. A great thing about this program is based on the picture you’ve uploaded, it uses complimentary and analogous colors (and provides it in pairs) of the image as part of your color options. Then in the same side toolbar, select the font (quick tip: using italic text suggests motion). To decrease text size, click on the upper right/left text box handle to shrink. The subtitle should not stand out more than your main text — it should fall back slightly into the background while your main message stands out.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this webinar and hearing from designers their thought process, and various design techniques used to create great and effective pieces of work. I will definitely be implementing Adobe Spark now into my design tools whenever I have to create something on a social media platform.