Emmanuel Williams Research and Audience assignment

Emmanuel Williams 

English 1101 

Professor Jewell 

November 23, 2019

     More Solutions Than Problems

           The problem that I am presenting is on how the YouTube company wants to censor the amount of violence that some games present. Such as fighting games that have blood and gore in them, but the only reason that YouTube trying to censor those games being easily accessible to watch is because the sponsors who support YouTube wants to keep the split between what is considered adult content and what is considered kid content. So to keep the content under control YouTube decides to keep the game from being streamed by gamers accessible to everyone unless they meet the age requirement. Additionally, this may affect society to have a domino effect may occur. Where fewer views for YouTubers means less pay for them and fewer views means that people won’t know about certain games coming out which then means those games will get sold less and eventually that company selling the game will go out of business. So ultimately, the censoring can have a lot of really bad effects on gamers, youtubers, and the economy for gaming companies. 


           Gamers are facing danger of having certain games being available for them. Especially games that contain blood and gore inside them. For example,  YouTuber Upper Echelon Gamers made a video on how the censorship of violent games might affect him and other gaming broadcasters. From his point of view, he sees that this will actually create a problem with how gamers will get information on games coming out or even updates on a game that is already out. (https://youtu.be/JBOVAh3Fb4A). Upper Echelon Gamers goes further on to explain that the effects of how games are priced and what this does to the economy for companies and games together seems detrimental. But he also brings up a point that the widely played game of Fortnite, which is just as violent but without blood, doesn’t make it easier for his argument because he is at a disadvantage to bring in a rebuttal. 

           Another source would be an article talking about how Youtube is the biggest source of gameplay for a lot of gamers. There was at least 850 million people who watched YouTube for game play in 2018. With big numbers like that Youtube should promote more gameplay rather than take away, even if it is on bloody content. The source that I found was also explaining that MortalKombat11 the hot new fighting game out for the year wasn’t selling as good as it was supposed to due to most gamers not even knowing about it first hand, and with that, the game didn’t make as much profit as it should have. (https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsweek.com/mortal-kombat-11-youtube-content-algorithms-rules-1400525%3famp=1). 

              An additional source of information that I found seems to show that video games being censored by Youtube won’t solve the problem of how violent kids are or even how other kids may buy the game. The article proves that there are other factors of people that can cause young gamers to be violent, which seems to be their environment and their IQ level. Also, people can purchase other violent content other than video games, and according to the article, it can also have the same effect on young kids so censoring games won’t actually help the matter because it will simply transfer over to other content. And that will leave game creators at a disadvantage because they won’t be about to figure out games in their platform that will be good enough to get out there in the media of Youtube to get sold. (https://techcrunch.com/2012/12/20/violent-video-games-do-cause-some-violence-but-censorship-wont-help/). 


Dear Youtubes’ chairmen, 

I know that you aren’t trying to take away gamers right to watch what they please but with the more regulations you have it can actually have an effect on some YouTube gaming channels. Some channels can’t post anymore of their gaming content and other channels are getting shut down because of this censorship. The censorship can also put those YouTubers out of business since they are getting either lower views or no views at all. If that’s the case then the channels can’t make as much money as they used to. Being that you guys are supported through sponsors there are rules that you have to follow as well, for one the free will to watch what you want should be one of them. If you want to make sure the split between adult content and kids’ content is kept separate then there are other ways to do that rather than regulating everyone’s content. First off, I do have evidence that there are YouTube channels and YouTubers from an article called the verge, and it explains how YouTube has been damaging some people channels and their livelihood. (https://www.theverge.com/2016/9/1/12753108/youtube-is-over-party-advertising-monetization-censorship). That article speaks a lot on the effects YouTube censoring certain content really can have horrible effects on multiple channels, which is unfair to those YouTubers because some have taken a while to make them reach the point they’re at. Now, all that hard work and dedication is down the drain for some of them. Another source that I have found additionally shows that parents are the ones who can tell their child or teenagers what they can and can’t play. If they seem to get out of line that shouldn’t be anyone else’s fault since it’s between the parent and the child. The source also uses the first amendment right to prove their point. (https://www.firstamendment.com/game-censorship/). Lastly, I would like to propose that you provide an option where there are just parental controls to regulate the censorship, so the parent and child can have more control over what content they are allowed to see. Also, there should be an option where you get to choose for yourself if you can watch the video or not. 


Emmanuel Williams

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Our body has been an issue to all of us and I think taking care our health is important because it can help us to be educated. Many parents argue about how games can bring a harm to their kids’ mental health. Video games develop kids’ mental health such as understand, learning, problem solving that can help them pass their subject with high grades.

“We ignore our Illness”
Speech by Justin Bartholomew

I am happy to speak to you today about why health is dangerous thing for our society. I believe students that include kids, teenagers and adults should focus on their health because having a good health can help student to stay educated. To be educated, we must improve our social health and prevent us from getting any disease. Having a health issue also cause us to pay on our health care that could give us a negative decision on how we be paying for our classes in college in the future.
Students will be able to focus better in class if they have no health issues. In “why you should take care of your body and health” Elizabeth Scott. MS argue that a health issue can bring harm to your everyday life. This tell us that health can really affect our happiness that can lead to a certain stress level. I have been seeing many students having a habit for being sleepy. That’s why is important for us humans to eat breakfast because it can build up our energy and help us to stay focus. Stress that include aches, sleepiness, having a cold or other health diseases could distract student from not going to school and from doing their homework or classwork. This prove that students today need to make a healthier habit to prevent any health issues or diseases.

We in a world that many of us be paying for our health and our children healthcare. Doing this low down our chances to get their degree. In “Our Food Is killing Too many of us” Dariuish Mozaffarian and Dan Glickman stated that “instead of debating who should pay for all this, and can we reverse this so we need less health care?” this information tells us that we shouldn’t rely on doctors to take care of us or telling us what to do to stay health. We must treat other self-healthy by improving other diet and exercise. Students been missing their school day from getting sick that could cause to miss out their assignment and their study sections. In “Getting sick in college: How to tech your child to couple on their own” Joanna Nesbit says that “ there is literature suggesting that college students who are immunized against flu miss fewer days of school those who don’t”, this indicate that many researcher find out that student who are healthy are able to get better grades than the ones who are that healthy. Students who have low grades lose their opportunity to use their finanaial aid that could affect you from losing some of their money.
Many of us doesn’t realize that the way we communicate can affect us on how we act. Social health can affect our personal control, mental health and physical health. For example, according to “Social Relationship and health: A Flashpoint for health policy” Debra Umberson and Jennifer Karas Montez stated that “social ties influence health behavior, in part, because they influence or control, our health habits,” having a self-control behavior can prevent student from smoking and from drinking too much alcohol. Students with good social health get their work done faster by communicating with their friends. For example, if a student need help in a certain subject the can text or talk to their friends from their cell phone. Good health behavior will allow us to communicate better.

Middle school through college, I been seeing many students failing their test grades because they haven’t fully recovered from of their illnesses. This make me feel that health can be a dangerous thing in life because it can stop us from doing many things such as going school, not being able finish our work and cause us to send our money for our health.

New York Times Opinion Article
Tittle: Video Games is Good for Our Brain
By: Justin Bartholomew

Many adults that include parents say that gamers have a lack of health that includes a lack of brain growth and have a bad eyesight. Parents shouldn’t talk about any negative comments about gamers because gamers that involve with kids or teenagers, can lead them to have a positive impact on their daily life that can help them to maintain focus, and it can improve their strategic thinking. Video games can help gamers to be more comfortable with using new technology.

Video games such as computer games or playing a game system can boost gamers strategies According to “Playing video games can Boost Fast thinking” Janice Wood stated that “ playing a fast paced strategy video games can help the brain to become more agile and improve strategic thinking”, doing something in a fast paste will allow people to think better and it help them to finish their work on time. For example, if a student is taking an English exam, reading in a fast paste can allow them to have more time and to think about multiple ideas to write down their thoughts. Wood also stated that “real time strategy games can promote our ability to think on the fly and learn from past mistakes” this indicate that having to speed up your thinking, learning from your our mistakes from developing your our strategy can help you to be more creative for problem solving in real life. For example, being a technology designer required a to make a lot of mistakes that can help them to form a better plain on how they can fix their problem. This information proves that parent shouldn’t argue about their kids about how video games stop them from doing their work that could cause them to have a lack of brain growth. Video games can get their kids to finish their work before their work is due that can lead them to look back to find any mistakes or add more detailed to their work that includes math or English.

Gamers were able to stay focus of their surroundings. In “Video Games Improve Vision, Study Says” Brian Handwerk says that “previous research gaming improves other visual skills, such as the ability to track several objects at the same time and paying attention to a series of fast-moving events”, having a good vision can help gamer to focus on multiple of object at ones. For example, having a good eyesight will allow the driver to find any traffic issues such as car accidents and traffic jams. Visual skill can help gamers in everyday life that include reading, writing and math. Many parents don’t realize that playing video can improve kids visual ability and it can develop their understanding, learning, and their memory.

Technology is now important to our society and I believe parents should try to play video with their kids. In “Curious Kids: why do adults think video games are bad?” Joanne Oriando stated that many adults think that spending more time with animated characters is unhealthy and “they know it’s important for kids to spend more time with real people and learn good social skills”. Playing video games doesn’t make them unhealthy, it helps them communicate better with people who play similar games. Joanne also says that adults are not sure that children are getting any learning experience from playing video games. Playing video games such as puzzle games can help kids to can higher grades in math, sciences, reading and other subjects. Play video games is fun and it can be one of best ways to improve our mental health.

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Research/ Audience assignment

Poverty has been a worldwide issue for as long as existence and its important to address mainly because lower income individuals have experienced high rates of illness, diseases and disabilities than of those who  have higher incomes. poverty weakens families as they struggle to pay bills and make ends meet and can’t properly give their kids their necessities. One of my audiences was of all the governments nationwide. I chose to target them because most of them haven’t done much to help poverty or have done very little in which they barely helped the vast majority of them. I wrote my message to them in letter format because they are very busy individuals and seemed like the more proper thing to do. My idea was to duplicate the letter and send them out with their specific language so that they would obviously understand it. My other audience was all of humankind, reason being is because poverty is happening nationwide, not only in one specific country or state but everywhere and the whole point of this is to try and get everyone together as a team to try and decrease these poverty rates and give a helping hand to the people who really need i. I decided to do a TED talk that was “broadcasted live” for the world to see, almost like a commercial to try and persuade them to help with little donations that would make a big difference.


Dear all Governments nationwide,

I would like to enlighten you all about one of the major issues we’re  facing today which is poverty. Nearly 10 percent of the worlds population is under poverty, that’s almost one billion people living below the world bank poverty line of one point ninety says the article “poverty around the world”. Children are extremely affected when it comes to poverty, many are born into it and poor mothers don’t have the income to be able to provide for their infants and this is what causes health issues for them. In the article Global poverty from world Vision, they state how the number of children dying are from poverty, hunger and disease. This shows how poverty and having no actual income can affect the lives of the people and their life is on the line due to the diseases they may get especially for the homeless people living out on the streets. This is getting out of hand and we need to focus on important topics such as this one and find more ways to help the less fortunate. If the government of the united states just alone helped the US, that would be a big help, there are about 43.1 million Americans living in poverty and the number of people living “near poverty” puts the number to about 100 million. So i’m here to ask you to lend a helping hand because you all have the power to make a change and it would make a difference in our world today. Think about the children and put yourselves in their shoes as well as everyone else living in this extreme environment. If you weren’t informed or ignored the worlds poverty line, I hope I educated you all enough about it so you could now make a difference. Thank you.

Sincerely, Lauren Hau



Ted talk broadcasted nationwide (Live)

As we all know, poverty has been one of the major down factors of the world today and I’d like to talk to you about how we can make a difference. There are about 7.53 billion people in the world and out of the 7.53 billion, one billion of them fall under the poverty line. Just imagine if the rest of the 6 billion were to donate some kind of money to them, it would help increasingly. life is generated off social class, there’s an upper class, a middle class and a lower class. All of these classes involve economic status. The majority of people don’t fall under the poverty line because we’re all too afraid to ever let it happen to us. And if you really think about it , money does make the world go round. It is so sorrowful to think about the indigent people struggling today all around the world. Not many got the chance to work or have the proper education. Think about how much better the world would become if there were less people dying from lack of food and water, less diseases and health issues. This could be stopped if we really tried to stop it. Our voices and ideas are so powerful yet we don’t all seem to use it because we don’t ever put ourselves in their shoes and sometimes it is what we have to do. We don’t know real pain till we’re the ones going through it and if you’ve ever experienced this then you would know that giving a helping hand is more than generous. Want us to fight for their rights and give them a home and make them feel like they have a second chance at life. So if you could all donate even if its just a quarter, you would help many families, starving children and single mothers with no hope. You would be a hero. My name is Lauren Hau and thank you all for listening.




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Research/Audience Assignment

Thierno Diallo

Professor Jewell

ENG 101

25 November 2019


          There has been an increase in violence in america. Mass shootings have become a common thing and government officials and politicians are blaming it on video games . Video games are not a cause of violence in america. Throughout the years video games have become more and more popular.There billions of gamers around the world. Video games connect people from all around the world allowing them to meet new people and make new friends.The video game industry is growing industry making billions of dollars and opening up many career opportunities for people all around the world. I have chosen to write a letter two both President Donald Trump and Parents speak to them about why video games aren’t a cause of violence in America.



     Dear Donald Trump

            Following the mass shootings that happened at Paso , Texas and Dayton, Ohio that claimed the lives of 31 people you addressed the public and suggested that video games where a cause of these violence. According a NBC article In the speech you said “We must stop the glorification of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace. It is too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. We must stop or substantially reduce this and it has to begin immediately,“.Before that you made a similar comment after the parkland shooting to Florida’s attorney general. The Times article stated You said “I’m hearing more and more people say the level of violence in video games is really shaping young people’s thoughts,”.These comments caused a big controversy between people who believe video games are a cause of violence and people who believe they aren’t and that your using it as a scapegoat instead of addressing what really is the cause of violence in america.This topic was trending for a couple of days and got many people talking and discussing the issue.The majority of people disagree with you, they don’t believe that video games are a cause of violence in america. Your comment angered many people in the gaming community.These people whose career and hobbies revolve around playing video games believe you are using their community as a scapegoat for the cause of these massacres. Many of these gamers were quick to point out that there are billions of gamers all around the world and that other countries aren’t facing the same problems america is . There are millions of gamers in america alone if gaming is a cause the cause of violence then there be way more violence in america then it already is. According to an article on CNN previous research done had suggested that video games were a cause of violence but newer research found out that because previous researchers lacked experience with the new technology that research was done poorly. A LA Times article states that research done in current time found that there is no evidence to link video games to real-world violence. Video games aren’t the cause of these massacres mental illness, bullying, abuse are just a couple that are the real cause of violence in america . Implementing  restrictions on video games it will not stop the violence in america because video games aren’t the problem


 Dear Parents

          I know most of you have heard about the comments by politician and president trump blaming the violence in america on video games.I know most of you are worried that these comments  and that video games might cause your children to become violent. I can assure you that video games are not a cause of violence in america. Countless researcher show that video games have no links to real life violence. Video games have opened up many amazing opportunities for people. It has allowed billions of gamers for all parts of the world to connect and meet new people and make friends. It has allowed people to travel around the world and compete with each other to huge amounts of money. It has opened up careers for people earning them millions of dollars a year playing video games. Video games are a great way to relax after a hard day’s work. Research also shows there positive health effects contributed to gaming . According to a blog post by Art Bamford  Ph.D. student in Media Studies “studies have shown that gaming can improve hand-eye coordination, complex problem solving, memory, and a young person’s ability to pay attention for longer periods of time”.He also states that video games also help foster friendship allowing people to open up and talk to people .Video games have brought many people together and is not to blame for the increased violence in america.



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Research/Audience Assignment : Should college athletes be paid?

My issue is should college athletes be paid ? The NCAA prohibits college athletes from getting paid and it is a problem that has been going on for almost 15 years. College athletes risk their careers out there by playing the game they love and the NCAA takes advantage of this to make the most money out of viewer entertainment. For my first message, I wrote an email to the NCAA to persuade them to change their point of view on this matter, since they are technically the ones in charge. I chose an email because it would be the most appropriate way to communicate with a company. For my second message, I chose to post in a school newspaper, more specifically in Duke University’s school newspaper The Chronicle. Duke University is a place where college basketball is the most popular and hopefully other school newspapers, from more colleges, will see this message and spread it throughout the nation. I chose to post it in a school newspaper because the major college basketball fans are the college students themselves.


Message 1:

Dear NCAA, 

College basketball is one of the most profitable entertainment sources in television today. According to businessinsider.com , the NCAA brings in about $1 billion dollars of revenue every year, most of it in “March Madness”, the period through which college teams compete in the tournament to win the national collegiate championship. Now, the NCAA is against paying their college athletes, even to not let them make money off their image of likeness. You guys should in fact overturn this decision. For one, college athletes risk everything by going to your league and playing their hearts out to demonstrate to the NBA scouts that they are talent-worthy enough of making it to the big pro leagues. Besides this, college athletes risk their health by playing in this league. A perfect example of this would be the recent Duke star Zion Williamson. He was the most hyped 5-star recruit that came out of high school since Lebron James in 2003 and he has definitely brought in viewers and money to the NCAA. He risked his career by playing in your games, and because of this he suffered a knee sprain that, if unlucky, could have jeopardized his career. Many people believed he should not play one more college game for the sake of his career. But he still returned to be able to play the game he loves so much. Besides this, college athletes don’t really have a choice than to play for college basketball teams. Because of the rule the NBA passed years ago, players aren’t allowed into the NBA Draft within a year from graduating from high school, meaning have to go play college basketball or go overseas to play. Even besides a salary pay, college athletes should be able to make money off their image. Under current NCAA rules, “the NCAA strictly prohibits remuneration for any activity by any student athletes including endorsements, appearances and advertisements”. Because of this, college athletes have no way of making money while attending college, maintaining their grades to be able to play, and play the actual games. The NCAA brings in 1 billion dollars every year, so why not pay college athletes by a salary ? If not, then at least let them make money off their image. College athletes put their careers at risk out there on the court every night just for entertainment purposes of college basketball viewers. Allowing college athletes to make money will be a relief for the families of these young and aspiring players. Basically, they would be healthier by not having to worry about having a job or trying to balance a job with school and basketball.

Overall, paying college athletes is a must. The young amateur players will go onto play basketball for a living, and paying them would be a relief to them and their families. If not a salary pay, then perhaps let them make money off endorsements or their image. It would be a big help to guide them in the right way and help them take that first step to transition into the professional players that they will soon become one day.


Message 2:

MAKING MONEY ! : The big question everyone is talking about. Should college athletes get paid ?


Many months since the scary injury that Zion Williamson suffered during a college playoff game, the spark on college athletes getting paid has been lit up once again. The NCAA brought in $1 billion dollars in the 16-17 school year with most of that coming through the Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament : March Madness. This injury ignited controversy among many college basketball fans, as well as NBA fans as they see their number 1 recruit get injured, jeopardizing his career in the professional league. Many believed he should just never play a college game again but he continued. The NCAA justifies not paying their athletes by claiming that amateurism keeps it from becoming an anticompetitive trust (monopoly). In businessinsider.com, the editor claims  “ the NCAA declares student-athletes shall be amateurs in an intercollegiate sport, and their participation should be motivated primarily by education… ”. This came straight out of the NCAA Division I Handbook, where it goes on to say that college athletes cannot make money off endorsements or any other deals involving their image and/or appearances. College students ! Will you just sit there and do nothing while your fellow peers who are college athletes put their whole career in jeopardy ? Will we, as college students, watch how our classmates play their hearts out day and night and put their careers, and consequently their whole life, at risk for viewing pleasure of others ? Recently, lawmakers have been pushing in favor of laws to allow college athletes to make money in some way. According to an article by the New York Times, because of a law passed in California, college athletes will be allowed to promote products and companies in 2023. This is a first step towards the right direction. What we all, as students, can do is to support our fellow college athletes in their fight towards getting paid in some way for their service. 

One way we can all fight for this cause is to protest peacefully. We as college students can come together to achieve great things. For one, we can all boycott our basketball games. Everyone knows college students are the number one fans of college basketball teams and this will impact the NCAA significantly. Another way would be to encourage government lawmakers to act on this since they have superiority over the NCAA. The California law mentioned before is a great example of this. Hopefully, these types of laws will spread out to not only California, but to the whole nation and allow college athletes to receive money from doing what they love, which is a first step into them going to the professional league. 

Standing up to a higher organization is what we must do. Us college students must unite to fight against the NCAA and their unlawful rules which prohibit college athletes from getting paid.

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Ángel D. Torres

Ángel D. Torres 

Research Topic

“ How some laws limit services to immigrants in the U.S ” 

Immigrants have limited access to helpful resources and services in foreign countries they travel to for a better lifestyle and care.

Communities Affected-

The communities that will be affected are the important governments, lawmakers and immigrants, with important programs that help immigrants reach the American Dream. People who travel away from their own country can be for a lot of reasons such as war, economy, refugees, better life and for a better future for their families. This web site immigration.procon.org explains all reasons to why immigrants come to a more stable and wealthy country, which in this case is the U.S because it’s closer and can be reached by land The law makers from other countries are people who keep control of communities and rules that should be followed. The two audiences for this research topic are the people who immigrated to the U.S and the lawmakers of the country. The people who immigrated to other countries for a better lifestyle. The law makers are people who work for the government in making rules that can be beneficial for them to control but limit immigrants in the country. The web site www.weforum.org states that the U.S has the most immigrants than any other country in the world, more than immgrantion rates in Europe and Asia.


People who immigrated to the U.S should be at least get some care from the country and there are limits to this. The reason for immigrants to come to this country is for them to have a better life and yet the law make their life hard as well because they can’t receive proper care and higher status services like healthcare, insurance,  services and other insurance services. The law makers make this hard for them to live well and for them to live in danger of not being able to gain benefits from insurances and services that can help them a lot. The immigrant Lawyer help out the people that need a lawyer. The web site www.alllaw.com states that there are lawyers that help and deal with immigrantion policies and help the immigrants reach a better future and life.


What I have learned here from the research topic I choose is how presidents and governments can help change people’s lives should as DACA, immigration support and some lawyers help immigrants as well. 














Video Games do not cause real life crimes

Ever since video games became mainstream around the world, those in the upper class, including politics and even the president himself have deemed video games the main source of gun related crimes. No matter what, they are quick to jump the gun and blame video games as a whole, even if there are other reasons that a certain crime might have happened. Despite them saying all of this, many researchers took turns with this and found no link at all between those crimes and video games, especially violent ones. By nature, games would instead release stress and can calm you down depending on how you play said game. This not only affects those who create the games, but those who play said games and if they decide to ban these types of video games, the economy will then begin to suffer, as video games company’s own a number of stocks in the market. The type of games that are mainly at blame are shooters and M-rated games, but politics are vague about it and say ALL games are to blame. A rating system exist to see if a game is fit for all ages or only for certain groups of people above a said age, say over 10 or 16 years old. The company the makes the games have to be within a set of guidelines in order for a game to have a certain rating on it, they are aware of what’s in their game. However, they cannot predict crimes or shooting at all and all the time, the game has nothing to do with it. If politics blame that game for what has happened, it can destroy their reputation and cause them to lose money, even if it had nothing to do with them. This will in turn, also hurt the economy and those who play that specific game. A number of cases have been done by a number of origination’s to see if there is any link between violent video games and violent crimes. 

When news comes out about a huge crime or incident, regarding either murderer or robbery, people and mostly politics quickly blame video games for the cause. In this case, those who play video games all the time are also to blame. If that were the case, then how come these types of crimes aren’t at an all time high? Most of the time, it never has to do with video games. There are a number of factors that more evidence on what caused them to do said crime. According to a website on Forbes.com, a case was done back in February of 2019 where they tested a number of adults and teenagers (about 2,008) and gave them certain games to play and tested to see how they would react. In about everyone that was tested, nobody showed any kind of aggressive behavior when playing a violent game. This case was said more on the Royal Society Publishing website. There was just no link with violent video games and aggression, thus showing there is no link that video games cause gun related or murder related crimes. It just isn’t linked at all. Donald Trump keeps saying that video games causes real life violence. As said on CNBC, back in 2018 after the Florida high school shooting, Trump says that video games are to blame as to what had happened. However, numerous people came out saying that video games should not be the only reason as there are a number of other reasons. Such as mental problems, bullying, abuse, etc. Even with all these case studies, a link can not be found with video games and real life violence. It is always something else.

This is to reach out to those who mainly play video games, whether it be for a living, for work or just for a hobby to do in your spare time. Even then, certain video games have been banned in a number of countries for different reasons. A major one is Manhunt 2, as said on Wikipedia for banned games, for having huge amounts of gore, blood, violence and how revolting it was. It was not banned however for anything related to gun violence, as this was banned way before the rise started. In this case, games are not banned for those reasons, and only for what is shown in the game. From what I see, there are no groups that want to ban certain games, as the government of that country already does that beforehand. However, so many people keep saying that video games are not to blame. Adults, teens and even some news outlets, like The New York Times are saying that video games are not why shootings happen. It should be the politicians job to fix what is going on, not us. Not things that have no link whatsoever and to stop ignoring those who are being bullied, abused and having mental problems all together, thinking it’s just a phase or they are lying. There are no lies there as everything that has happened is caused by someone being ill, and not getting the help for it. Video games are not to blame for everything just because they don’t like it. It was always the case when something new comes out that the newer generation uses. There is so much proof that crime does not come from video games, and if a game is deemed to gory for the public, it either never gets released, it is heavily modified or just flat out banned. Mental health, abuse and bullying are always options and people are getting tired of just 1 thing being ruled in instead of what else could have been the cause. Video games do not cause violence, they never had and even if something like that occurred, it was dealt with in a timely manner as those kind of people never get far.  Video games are not to blame, people who cause these crimes are, they do not flue anything or anyone as it releases stress. Stop blaming video games, they are not at fault.

ENGLISH 1101 Dec 04, 2019
Valeria Cortez
Prof. Jewell
Research and audience assignment


“Women shouldn’t have to dress modesty to be respected or to avoid distractions.” The topic I chose is important because women shouldn’t be seen as an object by society. People need to comprehend that choosing the way you want to dress is a way of self expression, and that restricting women from certain clothes is not right. Every time women wear a skirt or a shirt that shows cleavage, they automatically are seen as objects, people forget their humanity in the process. Society has the misconception that women wear certain kind of clothes to be provocative, since that idea has been built up throughout the years, now women are restricted from dress as they want because they couldn’t be respected and would cause distractions if they wear certain kinds of clothes. Society needs to understand that if a man is getting distracted by the way a woman is dressed, that’s their problem; not the way the woman is dressed.
The genre I chose to deliver my message regarding this issue is letter, I chose it because I feel that sending a letter to address such an important issue can be more personal and deep. Also people tend to take letters more seriously than emails.

1ST LETTER, AUDIENCE: School’s principal.

Valeria Cortez
4306 63rd St
Woodside, NY 11377
(123) 456-7890

04 December 2019

Ronny Miller
William Cullen Bryant HS Principal
48-10 31 Avenue
LIC, NY 11103

Dear Mr. Miller,

I am writing you this letter because I wanted to express some concerns that had come to my mind regarding the dress code your school follows, my main goal for sending you this letter is to inform you and hopefully make you reconsider some of the restrictions of your school’s dress code. I know as a fact that your school restricts women from different kind of clothes because they “can be distracting and provocative” for students and male teachers.
Women shouldn’t have to dress modesty to be respected or to avoid distractions.The problem with controlling the way women dress in an effort to control the responses of other people is that clothing itself is not the problem. Our society is conditioned to see women as objects. Their bodies are already over-sexualized even as young teens. This means that whenever we see a woman who bares her legs, cleavage, or even her collarbones, we reduce them automatically to objects rather than multifaceted human beings. We forget their humanity in the process. In your school’s case the dress code restricts women from different kinds of clothes.
Dress Codes are in schools for the good of the students and the teachers. But dress codes aren’t always good for the students, especially the female students. There are almost always more rules and guidelines for the female students than there are for the male students. Why? If a girl is showing something that shows even a little skin or maybe a bra strap, their attire is considered “distracting” to boys and male teachers and they are then ”’dress coded”.Now, I do believe that a dress code is important in some aspects. If a girl is wearing a shirt that shows her whole stomach and maybe a little bit of the underside of her breasts, that might be considered distracting to everyone, I know I would think that that was distracting. Or maybe if a boy is wearing his pants too low and they are sagging a lot, I know I would also consider that inappropriate and distracting. But when a girl gets dress coded because of a strap that is showing or maybe because her shirt is a little too tight, that’s just not fair. Sometimes girls are even sent home because of the way they’re dressed, no girl should ever have to forfeit her education because her shirt is the wrong color or she has a hole in her jeans. Sometimes girls get dress coded for something that’s not even listed as inappropriate in the dress code guidelines. While some parts of the dress code are reasonable, some are just plain absurd. The school’s dress code needs to portray the idea that women are not objects that are distractions for men, it needs to show them that girls are just as important and that if a boy cannot stay focused during class because of another student who needs to learn just as much as he does, that it is not the way a certain student is dressed or the girl student fault. Thank you for reading this, I hope this makes you rethink some of the school’s dress code guidelines, and consider to make some changes to it.

Valeria Cortez.


Valeria Cortez
4306 63rd St
Woodside, NY 11377
(123) 456-7890

04 December 2019

Parents of Queens School District
Queens School District Offices
98-50 50th Ave,
Corona, NY 11368

Dear parents, I am writing you this letter because I want to express my concern towards how some parents are not allowing their daughters to dress as they desire to. The Purpose of this letter is to make you think about how a girl may feel when you do not allow her to dress as they want to.
Just because you have been raised in a society that has the misconception that women wear certain clothes to be provocative and also that men would disrespect and get distracted by the way women dress, it’s not fair for teen girls to be restricted to express themselves by the way they desire to dress. Teen girls should be allowed to wear what they want to wear. It should be maintained a balance of deciding what’s appropriate in an ever-shifting clothing landscape and conveying that to your daughters in a way that does not make them feel like their bodies are shameful, embarrassing things, or that what they wear on those bodies somehow excuses inappropriate behavior from others. that you have to discuss with them what is appropriate and not appropriate to wear to school, work, family reunions, hanging out with friends,etc. It is better to have that discussion rather than tell a girl “That is too revealing” or “Go get changed, you are not allowed to wear that”, that can make your daughters feel similar as to asking a sexual assault victim, “What were you wearing?” Your daughters have to keep the idea that clothing doesn’t cause rape; rapists cause rape. Advising your daughters to cover up blurs that message by implying that her body becomes an irresistible temptation when she shows too much of it. Girls should not be fearing on how people would react to the way she’s dressed. That misconception should stay in the past, and your daughters’ generation should grow thinking that they can express themselves by the way they want to dress, as long as they are being appropriate.
If you restrict your daughters from different clothes you’ll probably causing them to keep secrets from you. They will know you wouldn’t approve the way they want to dress and so she will learn not to share anything with you. Do you want your child sneaking off with a second set of clothing in her bag as she went off to school? I don’t think you would want her to think that in order to be “her” she has to be different around you and to keep secrets from you.
Women shouldn’t be seen as an object, society has created the misconception that every time a girl or woman wears something “too revealing” they are doing it to call men’s attention and that they would react in a disrespectful way. If you raise your daughter by restricting them from showing their personality by the way they want to dress just because men would get distracted and be disrespectful towards them. You will cause your daughters to be scared of being themselves. As long as girls are dressing appropriately for the occasion and are showing self respect in the way they’re dressed, you should be allowed to let them wear what they want.

I hope that this information would help and make you reconsider what you are allowing and not allowing your daughters to wear.

Valeria Cortez.




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Research/Audience Assignment

FNU, Adeel 

Brianna C.Jewell        

ENG 1101 (C379/D379) 

November 4, 2019 


                      The purpose of writing this topic was important to me because I want to show the negative side effects of video gaming.  This information can help somebody to change their mind and limit the time that they spend on playing video games. This is one of the bad habits which is common in now a days. I chose two audiences in the gamers community and their families. The message to gamers is to limit their gaming hours. The message to their parents to see how much time they are  spending playing video games. This speech will be given to high school kids on parent teacher conference.  


Dear video games players,

  When you spend too much time on playing video games it has a negative effect on your mind. People who have played action video games that involve first-person shooters, such as Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, experienced shrinkage in a brain region called the hippocampus. That part of the brain is associated with spatial navigation, stress regulation, and memory. If you play action video games that affect your brain oppositely and cause growth in it. My point is not to cut off your video games from your daily activities but limit your gaming hours. I believe that you can play video games after you are done with your work,but not in the middle of your homework or when a friend asks you to play it.

           There  is a report from India that appers earlier this month, about an 18-year-old boy  from Mumbai who allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself after he had an argument with his family members over buying a new mobile phone for playing a video game called  PUBG Mobile. This case and others of its kind led to calls from certain quarters, asking authorities to step in and put a ban on PUBG and other such games. The PUBG game was banned in India for some time limit but now the ban is removed . These kinds of actions show that kids are getting addicted to video games and they may do anything to play games and they could harm someone. PUBG addictions and other games can cause serious mental harm to impressionable teenagers and children. Video games like PUBG, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, God of War, Hitman, and Pokemon can be  harmful, and have an adverse impact on the brain’s of children.  Video games can even kill brain cells and interrupt a persons’s sleep.  Some time what happens is that you have 2 kids in the house and they have argue on who gets to play first its example that shows how it affects social relationships.



     Dear parents,

        I want you to be aware of your kids daily video game activities because they can have  a negative influence on your kids. Playing video games on a daily basis can potentially impact your kids  attitudes and behaviors. Video games can affect your kids in many ways. Video games are targeting young people, especially high school and college youth. They affect their sleep patterns,when they stay up late at night with friends and playing online video games. Staying up late makes them lazy and they can not get enough sleep and  can’t focus on studying. Video games can also make people more violent according to “Manuela Ferrari”(source 3). Playing video games can affect your social relations. 

               Playing video games too much might lead to another serious problem. A health organization says Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Fortnite are just some of the super-popular video games that have captured the imaginations of gamers around the world. But health officials have become increasingly concerned that’s all those hours spent in video gaming worlds might actually be doing damage to mental health. Sometimes I couldn’t stop  myself from playing video games, and my addiction would force me to play for more time. Playing more is actually becoming an addiction for many kids and students. This means that increasing priority should not be given to gaming people,to make use of that time and spends on studying. Over time, gaming can take priority over other interests and make you lazy and stop them from doing daily activities and exercising. More than 150 million Americans are playing video games and 64 percent of American households are home to at least one person who plays video games regularly or at least three hours per day. According to  health care professionals “Dr KRINE TAWAGI”he believe that depression or anxiety is linked to video game addiction. 

            Video gaming is clearly a popular form of entertainment, with video gamers collectively spending 26 hours per week in front of their screens. Scientists have researched how video games affect the brain and behavior. Are you aware that these effects are negative to your brain?  There is increasing research focused on the impact of video gaming on the brain.

The average American gamer is a 35-year-old adult, with 72 percent of gamers aged 18 or older. For video games used by children, most parents (71 percent) of indicate that video games have a negative  influence on their child’s life. Video game sales continue to increase year by year. In 2016, the video game industry sold more than 24.5 billion games which is up from 23.2 billion in 2015, and 21.4 billion in 2014. The top four selling video games of 2016 are Call of Duty, Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1, and Grand Theft Auto V. First person shooter and action genres often stand accused of stirring aggression and causing violence and addiction. Many parents are very curious about these actions.  Parents are feeling that they are losing touch with their kids. Video games can effects your kids eye sight due to the devices that they use to play video games,for example using cell phone paying close attention. 


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Research/Audience Assignment

New York Times Opinion Article

Title: Video Games Or Another Part Of Life !?
By: Moises Bautista

Video games have cultivated many people’s creative thought process in more ways than one. For as long as I can remember, video games have been a major part of me and how I view certain aspects of my life. My curiosity began with the introduction of Nintendo(Video game company), by my older siblings, and their willingness to be unlike others when it comes to innovating video games and defining the word “fun” for people such as myself.
This year, The World Health Organization(W.H.O) authoritatively added another confusion to the area on substance use and addictive practices in the most recent variant of the International Classification of Diseases referred to as “Gaming disorder”. This highly controversial diagnosis has sparked a debate among gamers and the gaming industry in general.
Parents and guardians shouldn’t be of concern to the most recent addition in “disorder” in relation to your children and in some cases, even your own self-interest.W.H.O shouldn’t have labeled video games in the category of addiction in the first place.
“..the modern meaning of “addiction..” is an uneasy amalgam of several contradictory legacies, “said Ferris Jabr from the New York Times. The way we define addiction as a whole has been a difficult task since it can be labeled from a religious standpoint, that actions go against our morals, and a technological standpoint, that any fixation that is constantly done can be considered an addiction.
Many people enjoy multiple hobbies from fishing to basketball, despite their different ages and sizes. Some have made these hobbies careers and their source of income in rare cases. Even with all these visible similarities to video games, people seem to see only the negative aspects of this one certain hobby, pathologizing and looking down upon it since it seems to stand up among the rest.
The limitations and restrictions that you’ll place on to your children may possibly have some major effect and influence on their point of view towards leisure pursuits and activities in the near future. They are at risk of losing an activity that may have been an activity to get rid of stress and to forget the hardships they are facing in life.
Regardless of whether agreement does inevitably build-up that an excess of video gaming establishes a psychological issue, we still need to acknowledge the psychological research that comes with the viewpoint that videogames have psychologically beneficial instead of being a detriment.

Reddit Post

r/Gaming~ Posted by u/MoisesB   1 Day ago


WHO has classified ‘Gaming disorder’ as a mental health condition!

Studies find inadequate proof of gaming as a clinical disorder. Instead of being adversely affected by gaming itself, it’s suggested that young people who take part in dysfunctional gaming might be doing as such in an offer to get away from their “underlying frustrations and wider psychosocial functioning issues”.
I suspect this is true for addiction disorders in general. People don’t just suddenly become addicted to alcohol or drugs, it’s an attempt to escape.
I’m for the most part worried over the up and coming age of gamers and how this may impact them. Ordinary children who like gaming but whose guardians won’t approve of it due to hearing about this disorder will not take into consideration that it’s very unlikely that a disordered like behavior will occur.
“variations in gaming experience are much more likely to be linked to whether adolescents’ basic psychological needs for competence, autonomy, and social belonging are being met…”Gaming isn’t the aspect where we should be leaning and worried about but towards the life aspects which makes people have slight differences towards gaming.
I agree that sometimes gaming can be a healthy coping mechanism. I’ve played cathartic games to release stress sometimes, and I’ve also played relaxing atmospheric games during times of sadness to help me relax.
I think there’s a fundamental difference between gaming as escapism and gaming as a harmful addiction. The difference, which I think is true of all addictions, is does it hurt your quality of life? People who are addicted are usually using the addiction to get away from something unpleasant in their life. Hence why a common question in the profession now is not “why the addiction” but “why the pain?”
Each and every one of us has different lifestyles, hobbies and gaming patterns for the most part. We as gamers shouldn’t take this as a threat and a negative aspect to the gaming community. We should use this opportunity to provide them credibility as to why this shouldn’t be labeled as an addiction any more or less than a ‘cleaning’ disorder or a fishing disorder. We can convince guardians and eager politicians all alike that this wasn’t necessary.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Edit 1: Wow I was expecting such a great reaction from the community.