Ángel D. Torres

Ángel D. Torres 

Research Topic

“ How some laws limit services to immigrants in the U.S ” 

Immigrants have limited access to helpful resources and services in foreign countries they travel to for a better lifestyle and care.

Communities Affected-

The communities that will be affected are the important governments, lawmakers and immigrants, with important programs that help immigrants reach the American Dream. People who travel away from their own country can be for a lot of reasons such as war, economy, refugees, better life and for a better future for their families. This web site immigration.procon.org explains all reasons to why immigrants come to a more stable and wealthy country, which in this case is the U.S because it’s closer and can be reached by land The law makers from other countries are people who keep control of communities and rules that should be followed. The two audiences for this research topic are the people who immigrated to the U.S and the lawmakers of the country. The people who immigrated to other countries for a better lifestyle. The law makers are people who work for the government in making rules that can be beneficial for them to control but limit immigrants in the country. The web site www.weforum.org states that the U.S has the most immigrants than any other country in the world, more than immgrantion rates in Europe and Asia.


People who immigrated to the U.S should be at least get some care from the country and there are limits to this. The reason for immigrants to come to this country is for them to have a better life and yet the law make their life hard as well because they can’t receive proper care and higher status services like healthcare, insurance,  services and other insurance services. The law makers make this hard for them to live well and for them to live in danger of not being able to gain benefits from insurances and services that can help them a lot. The immigrant Lawyer help out the people that need a lawyer. The web site www.alllaw.com states that there are lawyers that help and deal with immigrantion policies and help the immigrants reach a better future and life.


What I have learned here from the research topic I choose is how presidents and governments can help change people’s lives should as DACA, immigration support and some lawyers help immigrants as well. 














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