Adventure. Ángel Torres

My chosen genre is adventure because at the end of a journey, it mostly tell you who you are and what you have done represents the type of person you are and how everything around you is effected. An example of an adventure will be traveling a long trip or simply looking at your life as a long journey to enjoy new discoveries and people around you. Also being adventurous makes you understand yourself more and how an adventure can change your life.

Sandra Cisneros “Only daughter”

In Sandra Cisnero’s “only daughter” she emphasizes the fact that shes the only female sibling in a family of six male brothers. Throughout her early life all she wanted to do was be recognized by her father and prove to him that she didn’t have to get married in college to be successful. I felt really touched by this reading mainly because she was determined to show her father that she had achieved something great in life that shes proud of. Just because she was the only girl, her father didn’t really seem to give her the same attention as her brothers. But it really touched me at the end of the story when she had recently had one of her stories translated into spanish  and had her dad read it, and when he finished it he seemed to be very proud of her and actually wanted more copies for the relatives. This was proof that her father finally gave her some recognition and realized how successful his daughter turned out to be. This sort of gave Cisnero some peace and weight off her shoulders to know that she had achieved the goal of making her father proud.

Response to Sandra Cisneros “Only Daughter”

Something I found interesting that Sandra Cisneros describes in her passage is that the audience she try’s to attract is ironically people who are disinterested in reading, which she states her father represents. She states in paragraph 8, “My father represents, then, the public majority. A public who is disinterested in reading, and yet one whom i am writing about and for, and privately trying to woo”. Being the only daughter in a Mexican family of six sons gave her not only a lot of time to herself but also pressure to “try to win her father’s approval”. She explains to us that her father believes her destiny would lead her to become someones wife and she wanted her father to think more of her and to not think she has wasted her education. She states in paragraph 7, “In a sense, everything i have ever written has been for him, to win his approval even though i know my father can’t read English words..”. Coming from an Hispanic family, she knows many others can relate and connect with her story. Proving yourself to your parents can be a big accomplishment for anybody and Sandra Cisneros makes it known in her story.

Response to Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros

In Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros she writes about her life growing up in a big Mexican family, being the only daughter with six brothers. Growing up with all boys and being the only girl. Throughout the story she is trying to impress her father, and just wants him to be proud of his only daughter. I found this story very interesting, especially because she wouldn’t stop trying to make her father proud of her. As the only girl she always felt different in her family, her brothers wouldn’t include her, and what really impressed me was that she became stronger from that experience. All the time that she had by herself really helped her become a talented writer. She even says at the end of the third paragraph, “But that aloneness, that loneliness, was good for a would-be writer – it allowed me time to think and think, to imagine, to read and prepare myself.” She never gave up and continued to pursue her dream, despite all the exclusion she was victim of. The perseverance that Cisneros showed throughout the story inspired me, the perseverance she showed in order to overcome all the obstacles she had throughout her life.

Malcoln x



FNU Adeel


ENG 1101:English

composition I C379/D379


                  Malcoln X, the story is very inspiring because he made himself able to society by the help of books. I liked the story most because his story is and mine are common. The most things I liked is that he didn’t give up on his limited knowledge. He used a dictionary to get information and increase his knowledge. Also I liked his saying on page 265 that being in prison changed his life now he can see himself knowledgeable person and able to read things.

“Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros

I have always wondered what it’s like to be the only child in the family or more specifically only son in the family. Being isolated from your siblings must feel lonely and separated from family benefits. I thought being lonely would come in your way of succeeding in life but looking at Cisneros, it varies from family to family. I always wanted to experience what it would be like to be the only son in the family but after seeing Cisneros go through, I don’t think I want to experience that anymore. You would always be so upset that it would take a lot of courage for you to do anything. For example, when Cisneros says “Each time, my father would seek out the parish priest in order to get a tuition break, and complain or boast: I have seven sons.” Cisneros clearly doesn’t get the same respect as her brothers, making her doubt herself. Cisneros liked one thing about being a girl though, she had freedom to major in anything she wants because her father told her, she is only getting education to get married. She enjoyed writing and since she was lonely she had no one to bother her while she did her writing. Her father read her stories she wrote and really enjoyed reading them. Clearly she made a good success out of her isolation from her siblings. 

Response to Malcolm X “Learning to Read”

Malcolm X “Learning to Read” is a piece of reading that can inspire others to make an effort to break down barriers. He does this by giving a introduction about himself and how he only had the education level of an eighth grader, but the work he produced was so exceptional and equivalent to the work of a college student. And he got up to that point just by reading a dictionary in jail, so not only was time not wasted but he also didn’t take his low education level as a sign of defeat but as a motivation to communicate better with others in ways he couldn’t imagine doing. Readers of this piece can find in themselves the courage to get up and make a change in their flaws. Once they have time and energy to get past their barriers they, like Malcolm X, can get through the the struggle and make something great of themselves.

Sandra Cisneros Reading Response

The text “Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros was very interesting and relatable to many young women who try to pursue their careers but are told to do another thing. When Sandra said that her father told her, her destiny was to become someone’s wife that to me was very ignorant and it was not all that surprising because back in the older times, women at a certain age were told get a husband and have kids. I can somewhat relate to this not personally but from my country’s background, because in past Mexican traditions it was viewed as normal from a young age to get married and have kids, the man is supposed to take care of the woman while she does house chores. But of course, now times have changed and women can get careers however sometimes they do not have the support of their families or friends. Sandra wanted her father’s approval so badly that when she finally got it, she felt accomplished with what she has produced as a writer. I think this just shows how you shouldn’t be closeminded and explore the possibilities of what you’re capable of doing such as Sandra. She was told to be one thing from a family of six sons, to become a wife but came out as being a great writer.

reading response “only daughter” by Sandra Cisneros

in the “only daughter by Sandra Cisneros”  we see how much she wants her dad to see her equally as her brother’s ;she wants her dad not only to see her as a girl meant be married but a girl meant to study hard find a good profession and make him proud as her brothers. I found interesting the way Sandra worked all the way to the end to hear the words she always wanted to hear from her father as he says in the last paragraph “where can we get more copies of this for the relatives”.

Response to Sandra Cisneros’ “Only Daughter”

My favorite story was Sandra Cisneros’ Only Daughter. In this story, the author talks about her childhood and how, throughout most of her life, she sought approval from her father. I can relate to this myself because as a kid all I wanted to do was receive approval from my parents and I’m pretty sure most kids were like that too. Most people give up on that idea when they grow older, but the author talks about how she still sought approval from her father through her own writing. This is what I found interesting because mainly people grow into adults and stop trying to get approval from their parents but she didn’t. This was because she grew up around brothers who probably always received approval from their father while she didn’t. Overall, this story was really interesting and shows how important the role of family is on someone’s life.