Research/ Audience assignment

Poverty has been a worldwide issue for as long as existence and its important to address mainly because lower income individuals have experienced high rates of illness, diseases and disabilities than of those who  have higher incomes. poverty weakens families as they struggle to pay bills and make ends meet and can’t properly give their kids their necessities. One of my audiences was of all the governments nationwide. I chose to target them because most of them haven’t done much to help poverty or have done very little in which they barely helped the vast majority of them. I wrote my message to them in letter format because they are very busy individuals and seemed like the more proper thing to do. My idea was to duplicate the letter and send them out with their specific language so that they would obviously understand it. My other audience was all of humankind, reason being is because poverty is happening nationwide, not only in one specific country or state but everywhere and the whole point of this is to try and get everyone together as a team to try and decrease these poverty rates and give a helping hand to the people who really need i. I decided to do a TED talk that was “broadcasted live” for the world to see, almost like a commercial to try and persuade them to help with little donations that would make a big difference.


Dear all Governments nationwide,

I would like to enlighten you all about one of the major issues we’re  facing today which is poverty. Nearly 10 percent of the worlds population is under poverty, that’s almost one billion people living below the world bank poverty line of one point ninety says the article “poverty around the world”. Children are extremely affected when it comes to poverty, many are born into it and poor mothers don’t have the income to be able to provide for their infants and this is what causes health issues for them. In the article Global poverty from world Vision, they state how the number of children dying are from poverty, hunger and disease. This shows how poverty and having no actual income can affect the lives of the people and their life is on the line due to the diseases they may get especially for the homeless people living out on the streets. This is getting out of hand and we need to focus on important topics such as this one and find more ways to help the less fortunate. If the government of the united states just alone helped the US, that would be a big help, there are about 43.1 million Americans living in poverty and the number of people living “near poverty” puts the number to about 100 million. So i’m here to ask you to lend a helping hand because you all have the power to make a change and it would make a difference in our world today. Think about the children and put yourselves in their shoes as well as everyone else living in this extreme environment. If you weren’t informed or ignored the worlds poverty line, I hope I educated you all enough about it so you could now make a difference. Thank you.

Sincerely, Lauren Hau



Ted talk broadcasted nationwide (Live)

As we all know, poverty has been one of the major down factors of the world today and I’d like to talk to you about how we can make a difference. There are about 7.53 billion people in the world and out of the 7.53 billion, one billion of them fall under the poverty line. Just imagine if the rest of the 6 billion were to donate some kind of money to them, it would help increasingly. life is generated off social class, there’s an upper class, a middle class and a lower class. All of these classes involve economic status. The majority of people don’t fall under the poverty line because we’re all too afraid to ever let it happen to us. And if you really think about it , money does make the world go round. It is so sorrowful to think about the indigent people struggling today all around the world. Not many got the chance to work or have the proper education. Think about how much better the world would become if there were less people dying from lack of food and water, less diseases and health issues. This could be stopped if we really tried to stop it. Our voices and ideas are so powerful yet we don’t all seem to use it because we don’t ever put ourselves in their shoes and sometimes it is what we have to do. We don’t know real pain till we’re the ones going through it and if you’ve ever experienced this then you would know that giving a helping hand is more than generous. Want us to fight for their rights and give them a home and make them feel like they have a second chance at life. So if you could all donate even if its just a quarter, you would help many families, starving children and single mothers with no hope. You would be a hero. My name is Lauren Hau and thank you all for listening.




Peer, Andrea “Global poverty: Facts, FAQ’s and how to help” 21 November, 2018

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Reflection on annotated bibliography

Some things that all my sources have in common is how the director builds suspense in each movie, how they try to catch the audiences attention and how exactly they’re able to shock  them and get them jumping from their seats. Most use the same strategies such as the different tones in music, darkness, pop ups and how using the camera effectively can build the suspense in the movie. But each movie has a different effect and feeling to the audience. While I was learning about my genre and more specifically how the director of each movie built suspense in it I realized how they try to make us use our most important senses such as sight and hearing. We won’t jump out of our seats by hearing a cat meow but we would jump out of our seats if we heard a thunderous sound unexpectedly and to catch our attention they want us to see things that we aren’t normally used to seeing. Horror films are made to be abnormal and society can tell the difference between the norm and things that aren’t very natural to the eye, and that’s why film makers choose these specific strategies of throwing in crazy monsters or deformed faces and supernatural sounds because this is what triggers us especially in the real world. One thing I’d like to learn about my topic would be how the directors make the decisions they do and how do they place these strategies in order to shock the audience.

while I was writing my annotated bibliography I was a bit lost and I didn’t really know exactly how to start but along the way I figured it out and I taught myself some useful tips. Once I started I really did take my time to think and put my my thoughts together so that the reader would be able to interpret what it was I was trying to say and understand. While I was writing this assignment, I realized that taking your time and organizing your thoughts made the process so much easier and definitely made my writing better than it would’ve been if I rushed without care. I tried my best with putting things in my own words and adding my own opinions so that the reader knew I was interested and engaged in my genre. I chose horror films because they really interest me and I was curious to see how the directors of these famous horror films made them so great and thanks to this assignment I taught myself a lot and I never even bothered looking into how they were made before but now I know. I think one thing I’m really good at when writing is being able to express my thoughts and whenever I write anything I like to make sure that I’m getting the reader engaged because it’s never fun to read something that’s  uninspiring. I feel like if I was to practice writing my own stories it would expand my mindset and imagination to be able to apply in future writings. I feel like my imagination is what plays a big role in my writing because I like to think and make up scenarios and being creative is what makes writing fun.

Annotated Bibliography/Horror films

Lauren hau 

Professor Jewell 

English 1101 


Annotated bibliography  

Fusco, Jon, “watch: How the conjuring director James Wan dilivers the perfect jump scare” , october 28, 2016 

 In the movie The Conjuring, director James Wan knew exactly how to scare the audience with his famous and well known jump scares. When jump scares are used effectively, this causes the audience to feel like they’re stupid and didn’t see it coming. James wan directed movies such as Insidious and Saw and through his experience he’s created plenty of famous jump scares including the ones in the conjuring. When trying to scare the audience you have to come up with new ways of doing so. James Wan follows the philosophy of fully engaging his audience so that it is easy to scare them while they’re lost in the scene. He believes that if you can use these strategies and scare the audience unexpectedly than you’ve earned it as a film maker.            

“Analyzing the Ways the Director Builds Suspense and Scares the Audience in the Film Jaws.” 28 Oct 2019  

In the movie Jaws we are well aware of a killer shark on the loose and this shark is the main reason for the movie and what makes it terrifying. Director Stephan Spielberg creates suspense by using both camera and music very effectively. The audience is led to assume that the shark is looking for something because the music gets louder every second until it reaches its crescendo. This is what makes the audience sit at the edge of their seat wondering what might happen next. Stephan Spielberg built the suspense in the movie by the percussion of volume and different sounds that might startle the audience making them think that something is going to occur. Stephan Spielberg starts the movie off with music and as it picks up the tempo so does our heartbeat and he wanted us to feel the tension right away.                                                                                                            

Rodriguez, Ashley “one of the creepiest scenes from Annabelle:creation came from a dream the director had” August 15, 2017 

Director David F. Sandberg had dreamt one of the scariest scenes from Annabelle creation and wrote it down once he woke upon In this scene there’s a little girl named Linda and she shoots a ball through a bedroom doorway and when she attempts to reel it back, finds that it has been seized by the darkness- presumably by the demon haunting her home. Sandberg found this scene to be suspenseful for the audience and felt he had to include this scene from his dream. Maxine Alexandre, cinematographer states, “Annabelle never moves. There is this rule about Annabelle, so basically the darkness is the shadows of the demon moving through the space. And you are totally scared or freaked out about that”. This shows how Director David Sandberg and cinematographer Maxine Alexandre came together and built this great suspension throughout the movie for the audience. 

The selvedge yard “The shining, Kubricks masterpiece of suspense, symbolism, sets and steadicam” March 10, 2017 

In the filming of The shining, director Kubrick turned Stephan king’s novel into a film masterpieace. In the making of this movie Kubrick was very picky in how he wanted this film to be presented. The first steps was to go around America photographing hotels which might be suitable for the story. Kubrick wanted the hotel to look authentic rather than the traditional spooky movie hotels. He wanted the audience to get a different feel and show them what not to expect because in this way they would get a different sense of fear. “The hotels labyrinthine layout and huge rooms, I believed, would alone provide an eerie enough atmosphere. This realistic approach was also followed by lighting.” Kubrick took things even further when he smoothly glided the audience through the halls and the treacherous hedge maze of the overlook hotel. Garret Brown made some steadicam inventions that Kubrick used for the filming of this film and he says “The shining was an opportunity to bear down on technique that you wouldn’t find anywhere else”. You could tell that there was a significant amount of time and effort put into this movie so that the audience could stay in a state of shock after watching the film. It was well put together and is still considered one of the scariest horror movies today. 


Adamson, Connor “from book to screen: Children of the corn” June 4, 2018 

Children of the corn is one of Stephan Kings popular novels and it takes a different turn than most horror movies take. The author states “The story uses many themes present in kings work; religion gone crazy, the fever of group mentality, and supernatural demonic entities. King likes to follow children as well, and they are obviously a big part of this story.” I find children of the corn to be somewhat exotic in a sense because it’s not every horror film you have religious/ demonic children wanting to kill every adult they see. In this film what really sparks the audience is how a group of kids come together and form a cult and follow this religious sequel in which once they turn into an adult which is the age of 18, they must sacrifice their lives and kill themselves for “He who walks behind the rows”. Stephan king chose to have children as the protagonist in this film because most horror movies have scary monsters and killer adults. Children are usually seen as innocent and delicate human beings but king turns them into the monsters and this gives the audience a feeling of shock and feeds into their fears. 



Renee V, “How Wes Craven prepped his audience for pain in ‘A nightmare on elm street’, September 29, 2016 

Wes Craven, director of the famous film A nightmare on elm street made sure that the audience was in a state of shock during and after watching the film. He wanted the audience to actually have nightmares about it and maybe have the character himself pop up in their dreams. The author states “We already know what makes a horror film scary, a ghoulish face, blood and guts, a loud sound, but how do we build up the tension that precedes those scares?”  Wes craven creates suspense by using sound and visual motifs in A nightmare on elm street to subtly communicate “pain infliction” when Freddy sliced and diced his way through his sleepy teenage victims. Craven used several elements to tap into fear of physical pain, like bold white imagery, striped motifs that mimicked Freddy’s sweater, the color red and materials that served as metaphors for flesh. When sounds and imagery fit the scene it creates tension for the audience and specific colors like red will automatically make us think about blood and there isn’t anything pleasant about blood unless you’re donating it. 

Horror movies: Malcom Turvey “why do we like horror movies”

There’s just something about horror movies that makes a person want to watch it all the time or not at all. It could be the adrenaline rush we get after getting scared or there’s just something about it that terrifies you to even lay an eye on it. Malcom Turvey, director of the film and media studies program explains why we like horror movies so much and what about it petrifies people as he quotes “Some theories argue that for a work to be classified as horror, it has to be threatening, in some way, shape or form ,the monster is often otherworldly or violates the laws of nature” and this could be the reason why people aren’t comfortable watching it because it’s not the norm. But some do enjoy watching it and Marvin Turvey quoted that “Horror films can put us in touch with what we’re really afraid of, which are often socially constructed fears”. This may be the reason we like it so much because we get out of our comfort zones and prepare our minds for the unusual.

A powerful message

My personal experience shaped my relationship with reading and writing because it made me realize that books could be very interesting and they really make you imagine the story in your head. The book that I had read that shaped me into a different reader today was “The child called it” by David Pelzer. This book was both harsh yet very touching to read because it carried a message in which sort of expressed that you could prove people wrong and with the right mindset you could do anything in life no matter your background history, you take those harsh moments and turn them into a beautiful reality. I wasn’t really the type of person to open up a book and start reading because I sort of found reading pretty boring but I gave it a try and this book gave me a different perspective on reading. I guess I found reading boring because in school we were made to read books we weren’t really interested in and I feel like reading would’ve been so much more interesting if we were able to pick and choose what we wanted to read as a class. Now I actually don’t mind reading anything because I sort of learned to like it and I found that it really helped shape my mind better with new vocabulary and a better understanding of things in general. I learn a lot when I read and that’s what makes me want to read even more. Reading gives you knowledge and you’re sort of feeding your mind and it makes you think and create images in your head, it’s like exercise for the brain. Books are a getaway and I was in my own world when I read this book because I wanted to know what was going to happen next and I just couldn’t put the book down. I think opening up a very interesting book could be very stress relieving because you block out the rest of the world and forget all your problems and all you’re focused on is the book. While I was reading “A child called it” (which was based on a true story) I sort of had weight on my shoulders because of all the harsh moments the little boy in the story had to go through but at the end of the story I realized that the same boy in the book was actually the author  of the book. When I found that out, it lifted all the weight off my shoulders because someone who suffered so much made it great in life to prove to himself that life could really be beautiful. Books/writings could send very powerful messages and it’s a form of expression. My experience with this book was very emotional and I cried while reading it because I felt like I was in the little boys shoes, the author wrote it as if he wanted us to imagine every detail in the book and it was as if I was watching a movie because of all the pictures it made me create in my head.

Sandra Cisneros “Only daughter”

In Sandra Cisnero’s “only daughter” she emphasizes the fact that shes the only female sibling in a family of six male brothers. Throughout her early life all she wanted to do was be recognized by her father and prove to him that she didn’t have to get married in college to be successful. I felt really touched by this reading mainly because she was determined to show her father that she had achieved something great in life that shes proud of. Just because she was the only girl, her father didn’t really seem to give her the same attention as her brothers. But it really touched me at the end of the story when she had recently had one of her stories translated into spanish  and had her dad read it, and when he finished it he seemed to be very proud of her and actually wanted more copies for the relatives. This was proof that her father finally gave her some recognition and realized how successful his daughter turned out to be. This sort of gave Cisnero some peace and weight off her shoulders to know that she had achieved the goal of making her father proud.

My personal experience with reading/writing

One personal experience that i had with reading or writing was when i read the book “A child called it”. Before i continue with anything, this book was about a boy that would get very mistreated by his own mother and it was actually very devastating to read. I read this book about a summer ago mainly because i had nothing else to do. I remember one of my friends telling me that this book was amazing to read so i decided to give it a try. I remember that i had started reading the book off my phone at midnight and the first couple of chapters weren’t so bad but as i went on i was reading about how his mother would make him starve and wouldn’t give him any food. But then it got way worse to the point where she would torture her son leaving him mentally traumatized and physically hurt. The reason i bring this personal reading experience to attention is because while i was reading this book i just imagined myself in this little boys shoes and just think about all the harsh things he had to deal with all alone made my heart ache. He had other siblings but he was the only one being tortured because his mother hated him for no apparent reason. It made me very emotional and i cried more than three times. And then to find out that this story was based on a true story and was actually written by the little boy that was being tortured. I was in complete shock that a boy that came from such a harsh back round made it big in life and became an author. This was a powerful message to all the readers especially me. I think this reading was really a message to tell us that no matter what happens there is always a bright side.