Ángel D. Torres

Ángel D. Torres 

Research Topic

“ How some laws limit services to immigrants in the U.S ” 

Immigrants have limited access to helpful resources and services in foreign countries they travel to for a better lifestyle and care.

Communities Affected-

The communities that will be affected are the important governments, lawmakers and immigrants, with important programs that help immigrants reach the American Dream. People who travel away from their own country can be for a lot of reasons such as war, economy, refugees, better life and for a better future for their families. This web site immigration.procon.org explains all reasons to why immigrants come to a more stable and wealthy country, which in this case is the U.S because it’s closer and can be reached by land The law makers from other countries are people who keep control of communities and rules that should be followed. The two audiences for this research topic are the people who immigrated to the U.S and the lawmakers of the country. The people who immigrated to other countries for a better lifestyle. The law makers are people who work for the government in making rules that can be beneficial for them to control but limit immigrants in the country. The web site www.weforum.org states that the U.S has the most immigrants than any other country in the world, more than immgrantion rates in Europe and Asia.


People who immigrated to the U.S should be at least get some care from the country and there are limits to this. The reason for immigrants to come to this country is for them to have a better life and yet the law make their life hard as well because they can’t receive proper care and higher status services like healthcare, insurance,  services and other insurance services. The law makers make this hard for them to live well and for them to live in danger of not being able to gain benefits from insurances and services that can help them a lot. The immigrant Lawyer help out the people that need a lawyer. The web site www.alllaw.com states that there are lawyers that help and deal with immigrantion policies and help the immigrants reach a better future and life.


What I have learned here from the research topic I choose is how presidents and governments can help change people’s lives should as DACA, immigration support and some lawyers help immigrants as well. 














Ángel D Torres

The speeches of Martin Luther King, Robert F. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth and Joseph Goebbels all have in common to change their home countries to become the best they can be for the people and for the future generations. Some speeches are different from other speeches and from the points of view of the people or from the leader of the group to change the future. One similarity between all the speeches is that they all have a motivation sentence for the person giving it to the audience and using giving the best voice for the countries. Another similarity between the speeches is the person’s purpose to change the country for the better of everyone in the country and for better things. Another similarity between is how the speeches affected the people and made them think like Abraham Lincoln’s speech and Martin Luther King’s speech. This affected how someone’s speech can change people to thinks of there surroundings and other people around them. Another similarity of all the speeches is that person who gave the speech all were standing up for what’s right for the their countries and for the people, also the person who gave the speech is also a person remembered by the country they were from and changed the country. One other similar trait in the speeches is the tone of voice the person was saying it to the people and how it changed people’s minds about hearing and reading a speech or how the writer used different examples to enhance their work it make it more interesting and sound important to a good audience to hear and support them on the purpose. 3 of the speeches were related to war and how it can save a lot of people who are in danger and make a country be feared by other and to unite countries against a common enemy.  3 other speeches were about freedom and getting rid of segregation and racism. Also to create unity between the people and countries. One speech was delivered and helped the economic issue in the country and helped it save money and increase in the country’s main economic growth.
what I learned about the genre of   speeches is that not only can I be but leaders or higher class people, but normal people can stand up to what right for them and change people’s lives and the country they are in. I also learned the value of how words can carry wisdom to people to make them think straight and to reason that it’s for the better of themselves and others around them as well. Speeches help a lot to inspire people to stand up and help people and also for people to have a voice of there own and help other who don’t have or can’t stand up to. Also thing is how speeches changed over the reasons given for like civil rights movements, racism, war related events and for elections for further leaders of the countries.

Ángel D. Torres Speeches

Martin Luther king Jr
”I have a dream” speech

The speech Martin Luther king Jr gave to the people in Washington was to make them see that people are still treated the same as that was a long time ago. The speech he made was to end racism and segregation in the nation and for people to be united, no matter the race or culture. In his speech he repeats the words ,” I have a dream”. This means that he had a dream that the nation could and should be better and get rid of all the racism.


Abraham Lincoln
Gettysburg address

The speech Lincoln made was to stop the civil war and to be heard that the civil war can end the nation. Also that the civil war can be the end of the nation. The speech he made was to also express himself how the nation has become from having freedom into civil wars. Also spoke for some people who also thought that war was wrong and trying to avoid the civil war. One of his quotes from his speeches was “We shall either nobly save, or meanly lose, the last great hope of mankind.” This explains that Lincoln’s idea is that the nation should avoid all threats that can destroy the nation and live in peace as one. Lincoln also stated that the speech was a test whether the nation will survive in the future or the nation gets destroyed.


Barack Obama
2008 presidential election victory

The former president Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election in November 4, by most votes and he had the most of popular votes. Barack Obama worked really head to earn his place at one of the most important thing to do in the country. He changed a lot of people view of America and for younger people. It was a very important moment in American history because Obama became the first black president and changed the world and changed how people can reach their own dreams and goals. He talked about how he can change the country to make it better for everyone. One quote from his speech is “ If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy , tonight is your answer.”This quote was to tell people that he can change the country just how people want to to be and the unified all hope and dreams together to come true.

Queen Elizabeth
Golden speech

The golden speech was a letter delivered by Queen Elizabeth to stop the increase of prices in the country due to the economic issues they have with the country. The speech was to fix and make people earn more money and balance the money the country had. The speech was delivered to the Palace Council Chamber, to the 141 Members of the Commons on November 30, 1601.


Franklin D. Roosevelt
Infamy speech

The infamy speech was to have the US congress come to an agreement to accept the declaration of war against the Japanese forces. The declaration was good and bad at the same time because World War 2 was happening. The meeting was one day after the attacks on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 8, 1941. The speech was a form of saying that the US should accept the declaration of war from the Japanese forces and attack japan as well. The speech was  motivational because Japan attack without declaring war on the U.S and did an surprise attack on the Pearl Harbor bay in Hawaii. 


Joseph goebbels
Total war speech

The total war or sportpalast was a speech delivered by Joseph and it was for a special purpose. The speech was delivered on February 18, 1943. The speech was to turn nazi Germany allies against them in Europe. The speech made many countries turn the tide of World War II and made them turn against Nazi Germany and its Axis allies. Also explaining why the nazi should be eliminated because they were a huge threat in WW 2 and for near by countries as well.


Adventure. Ángel Torres

My chosen genre is adventure because at the end of a journey, it mostly tell you who you are and what you have done represents the type of person you are and how everything around you is effected. An example of an adventure will be traveling a long trip or simply looking at your life as a long journey to enjoy new discoveries and people around you. Also being adventurous makes you understand yourself more and how an adventure can change your life.

A Teacher’s Advice

Angel Torres

The final advice my teacher told me in my last class of elementary school was, “I was in your shoes when I was younger, if I can do it, you can too.” The reason was because the way she grew up was almost the same as me, I didn’t know any english in my early life since I was the first generation here in the United States, my parents came from Mexico and didn’t know any english at that time, so I grew up with spanish as my first language. It was really difficult for me to speak, read and write English in my classes and some teachers helped me thought out the school years. But the words my teacher told me were like a huge motivation to continue my journey and a guide for me because we both had similares in our early years. The words she told me that I can reach my goals and dreams for my future. She was a great example for her students in her classes because she was on her way to having her own career and guided students to be the best they can be for future classes and education. She was also a very trustworthy person and someone to talk to when you needed her. Some examples were at I always asked for help when I needed it and every time I had a chance I would stay after school with a few other friends to get extra help and learn more advanced  english. At first it was really difficult, then hard, then normal and over time it became easy for me with patience and practice. My friends and I used to meet up for group presentations or group work after school and teach each other the english language and help on what we didn’t understand. Also with homework help and prepare for upcoming tests and essays. With the amount of years that pasted learning and mastering every skill and basic rules, my friends and I all became really good at the english language and made our teacher so proud of us. Now that I’m older and understand the bright future she saw in me was to see myself as a student to can accomplish anything with commitment, motivation and pride. The sad part of my life was leaving those that taught me the english language and how they changed the lives of others students and my own life as well. Thanks to her, I taught my little brother and my little sister the english language. They both learned a lot quicker and easier then me, and they gave a lot of thanks for that, I also taught my parents and now they speak, write two languages and I keep teaching them up to this day. Now this motivates me even more now that I have changed my family’s life and now they all know english thanks to me. Specially my teacher that changed my life first and now I follow that path to changing my family life.

Personal Experience Essay

Angel Torres

Back then in 2006, I was a small kid in elementary school with big dreams of my future. I had good times with my friends and teachers thought out my 5 years of elementary school. My family guided me into having good times with friends and teachers. I spend great times in that school every time I past by, memories come and happiness, joy and surprises come to my head. Specially one teacher that I had and changed my life was back in her class when I started to learn and fill my little brain with knowledge. She was inspiring because she helped me a lot in school but learning the english language. I would stay after school to practice with her and do homework and class notes to get  better at reading and writing english. She was hispanic and learned english kind of the same way I did which is why she was committed to teach me, along with other students having trouble with english. Now she has a career and helps out many students in schools as a teacher for a bright future. In my last elementary school day, she told me this, “ I was in your shoes when I was younger, if I can do it, you can too”. She say those final words to me because she saw something me me that can change  my life and that of others. I was really sad that I had to continue my journey without her, she taught me the language required for my future. Thanks to her, I now know the language and mastered parts of it and I have the motivation and pride to continue my journey to my dreams and goals to help my family and prepare myself for life.