Emmanuel Williams Annotated Bibliography

Emmanuel Williams 

English 1101

Annotated Bibliography

Genre: R&B Music

10/ 29/ 19  

             R&B music has a deeper meaning behind the lyrics than people think it does. Different from Hip-Hop, R&B is more about love stories or even relationships between a special person and the singer that is built up or broken up because of a certain situation. “The memory’s stalking me, uh. It’s getting hard for me, uh ‘.Cause you’re a part of me, uh. And I know we can’t get caught up”. (https://genius.com/Her-couldve-been-remix-lyrics). The lyrics here from Tone Stith represent a deep connection that he has to a partner, but he can’t let himself or the partner to get too close with each other because they can both get into deep trouble with their original partners. And the verse where ”The memory’s stalking me” shows that he can’t ever forget the memory of them being together the night that they were hooking up. The artist here is getting at how much they miss the person they were with because he knows that they can become a good couple or even have a good relationship, but they both have separate lives to get back to. This connects to R&B listeners who also may have had this kind of issue at least once in their lifetime while in another relationship. The artist’s decision to choose those words specifically about the situation was to come off as something that was just deeper than just having a good time. He was having one of the best moments of his life, but he knows the costs of what he’s doing so he doesn’t want to actually go through with it. 

            Another R&B song that shows that R&B music has a deeper meaning to it than people think is ”Medicine” by Queen Naija. This song was made based on a situation that she personally experienced in a relationship, and she put her pain through the beats of music. She also mentions that she wants to change ”perspectives and letting them know they’re not alone in whatever they’re going through, ” (http://www.iamqueennaija.com/about/). She wants to let people, who listen to R&B music, to know that they aren’t ”alone” as much as they think they are. The point of the song was to also to show the audience that men are not the only ones who can make one person in the relationship feel less than the other, but women can do it also. This is ultimately to get at the emotions not only to provide sympathy but it can also provide courage to other women that there is still hope for them to keep their pride. 


          H.E.R and Daniel Caesar made an R&B song together called ”Best Part” and that song has a lot of metaphors and deep meanings that were included. In one verse H. E. R was singing about how her partner to her, as she said, ” You’re the coffee that I need in the morning” (https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/danielcaesar/bestpart.html). Another line, including Daniel Caesar, with a deep meaning, would also be ”You know that I see it I know you’re a star”. The meaning behind both of those lines lies deep within the certain words that were chosen to represent their partners, such as ”coffee” which was used by H. E. R was meant to represent the great importance that her partner is. Because coffee is used to re-up someone’s energy she is then comparing her partner to the coffee to send the message that he is her re-up. And the part where both singers said that their partners were a ”star” shows that they both take in how bright their partners shine on their lives. Because a star is a shining light in the night, the singers want their partners to know that they are the brightest person in their lives, showing the comparison between the star and their partner is how bright they are. For the audience, this creates an emotion where they feel to take their partner seriously towards how far they can go in their relationship it’s built on beautiful metaphors that adore each other

         Another R&B song that had a lot of meaning inside of it was a song by Usher called ” There Goes My Baby”. In this song, he is singing about women that he\\\ has a real connection and vibe with, as he explains that, ” The feeling of it is if you have a true connection with somebody, no matter what happens in life, it will always come back” (https://www.songfacts.com/facts/usher/there-goes-my-baby). The meaning behind the song is to show that there is a ”real connection” with the person that you’re with and that it won’t go away from each of them. Because the song is showing that there is a real connection that you can find with someone, then that can give the audience hope that they can also find a connection that they have been missing for a while with someone who will be special to them. This also creates an emotional breakthrough for audiences who are in relationships that seem to be broken because now those people in the broken relationship can take a deeper look at their connection and see that no matter what they will come back to each other. 

           The second to last R&B song that has a lot of meaning behind the verses is a song called “Busted” by the Isley Brothers. In this song, the meaning behind the verse there is a deep metaphor that goes beyond just emotion, but more on how a girl tried to play him like he’s a fool. Based on the line where he said, ”Trying to slick a can of oil who you think you fooling”(https://genius.com/The-isley-brothers-busted-lyrics). Based on that line the metaphor that Ron Isley sang, he wanted to compare himself to a ”can of oil” that JS was apparently ”Trying to slick”, all to show that she was playing with him and taking him for a fool. Little does she know that he is smarter than he may seem to her, which makes her look worse in the situation where she cheated on him. This can also create a means for men to know how to handle their emotions when their partner cheats on them, which is to make their partner look more foolish about what they committed, especially when they’re caught. 

             Finally, one more song that has a deeper meaning based in the verses is a song called “When a Woman’s Fed Up” by R.Kelly. In this song, he sings about how it looks when a woman has had enough of a man, and with this overall message, the verses in between the lines are to show the effects of how a man might react if he were to see that a women’s done with him. As sung in these few lines he said, “You can cry a river. ‘Till an ocean starts to form, yeah. But she will always remember. ‘Cause she’s a woman scorned”(https://www.lyrics.com/lyric/2332276/R.+Kelly/When+a+Woman%27s+Fed+Up). Based on that verse the deeper meaning behind the lines is that when women have been bruised then they don’t even want to be bothered by the man who hurt them. R.Kelly even says ”You can cry a river. Till an, ocean starts to form”, based on that line it shows how a man might react to losing their partner might actually react to their women being fed up with them. Because of how exaggerated the crying would be for men when a woman leaves them for being fed up then there is a deeper meaning towards why women will get fed up and how a man might react to that but the women won’t care too much. 

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Annotated Bibliography Hip-Hop

Thierno Diallo

Professor Jewell

ENG 1001

30 October 2019

Annotated Bibliography Hip-Hop

DaBaby.”Intro.” Kirk , Interscope Records, 2019. 


          “Intro” is the opening track to the DaBaby’s album kirk it send a strong message that with   hard work and dedication you can outcome any challenge to reach your dreams. In the song the north Carolina rapper reminisces about his past and reflects on his rise to fame. In the song he talks about his poor upbringing and the challenges he faced to reach success. He mentions that he was broke most of his life and at one point he was living with a friend because he couldn’t afford a place. Then his debut album Baby on Baby went number one and his whole life change.His songs went viral entered the billboard hot 100 opening up huge opportunity for him like being able to perform the the 2019 BET awards which he talks about in the song. In the song he mentions that at the same time his album went number he got the bad news that his father had passed. He able to bounce back from the lost of his father and write a new album and dedicated this song “intro”to his father. Through the song he talks about his family and how its is the most important thing in his life and how he is thankful to be in a position to take care of both his friends and family. DaBaby was able to overcome the challenges he faced and reach his dream of becoming and rapper.    


NBA Youngboy. “Lonely child.” AI Youngboy 2 , Atlantic Records, 2019 https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/lyrics/8539990/youngboy-never-broke-again-lonely-child-lyrics

           On “lonely child” Youngboy wants people not judge a person without knowing what that  person has been through in life. The 20 year old Louisiana rapper vulnerable bars speaks to how his fame has put him on this pedestal and he feels as if this pedestal has isolated him stripping him of his human status. In the song he talks about how he misses his grandmother who raised him and that miss all the friends he has lost to gang violence. He talks about his rise to fame how he grew up with nothing and was able to make a name for himself but it was painted in a bad image people believed that he was this violent and heartless kid but . He wants people to know he has feelings and he has been through a lot of  pain in his life he’s lost friends and has had people hurt him. 


    Polo G .“Finer thing” Die a Legend , Columbia Records, 2019


            On “Finer things” Polo G wants listeners to not let their past define who they become. In the song he talks about what it was like being raised in the north side of Chicago. At a young age he had to hang around gang members and sell drugs to survive. He mentioned there was no heros to look up to where he lived and how they look up to the villains. He talks about the pain he felt losing his friends to gang violence. He decided he was going to leave the streets and focus on music while in jail. He talks about how he was able to use the pain and struggles he faced and turned it into a passion to write music.He made a name for himself become a successful rapper and leave the things went through in the past. 


Nas. “ Hate Me Now” I Am , Columbia Records , 1999


          On “ hate me now “ Nas wants the listeners to not let hate and criticism bring them down but use to make them stronger . In the song Nas recalls all the hate he received following his success in the rap industry. He talks about how people dislike him because he had flashy clothing and expensive jewelry he wore. He talks about how other rappers hated him because he was known to be one of the best rappers at his time. He states that he didn’t let this hate get to him but it made him stronger . It motivated him to work harder and make more music earning him critically acclaimed titles and huge record sales. Nas used this hate and criticism to improve his career and make himself more successful.


2Pac. “Keep Ya Head Up”  Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z, Interscope Records, 1993


        On “Keep Ya Head Up “ 2Pac wants his listeners to respect women and embraced the strength and importance of women.In the song he talks about how women are so often stereotyped, and scapegoated in hip-hop culture but they are the ones who fuel man and make them a better person. He mentions how grateful he was for his mom and that he wouldn’t be where he is now if it was for her. Throughout the song he questions how people can hurt women and disrespect them when at least one point in their life they have been loved and taken care of by women. 2Pac states that his listeners should stand up for women and treat them well . He also wants to send a message to women to keep their heads up and keep thriving.   


J.Cole “Love Yourz” 2014 Forest Hills Drive , Columbia Records 2014


   In the song “ Love Yourz” J.cole delivers a powerful message that you should be grateful for the life you live. He explains in the song how he had once believed that being successful would bring happiness to his life but one he achieved it, he realized  he had lost sight of the people and blessings he had around which was what brought happiness in his life. In the song the line “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours” repeats over and over to emphasize his message that how important it is to be aware of the blessings around  you , no matter what you believe you are lacking. He talks about how there will always be things in others that you can compare yourself to and that can’t control what others have in their lives, but you can control how you view what you have. He wants his listeners to understand that money can’t bring happiness and to be grateful for the things in their lives. 




Sci-Fi books

Xavier Beltran

Professor Jewell

English 1101

Annotated Bibliography 


Sci-Fi Sources


In Flowers for Algernon (1959),the author Daniel Keyes argues that intellect doesn’t make up anyone’s identity. In this book, the main character, Charlie, undergoes an experimentative surgery to become more intelligent (he already has an IQ of 68) and it successfully works. Before Charlie, Algernon was the first animal test subject and this mouse showed dramatic improvements in its mental performance which lead to Charlie being chosen as the first human subject. Keyes uses pathos as a way to connect the reader to Charlie as he tries to rediscover who he is when he becomes smarter. In progress report 8 (each chapter is called progress report since this is technically Charlie’s diary), Charlie writes “But the deeper I get tangled up in this mass of dreams and memories, the more I realize that emotional problems can’t be solved as intellectual problems are”. Here, the author uses emotion to connect the reader to Charlie because Charlie starts having relationship problems with his friends which makes him unhappy. He thought that by being smarter, his problems would go away and that his life would get easier and the readers would feel bad for him and/or feel similar to him because even before the surgery, Charlie’s friends would treat him bad and make fun of him. This shows that the intended audience for this book is to younger people who have yet to discover their own identity, or have yet to discover themselves, and so they would be able to emotionally relate to this character. Keyes also uses Algernon’s death as a way to affect readers emotionally and to be able to sympathize even more with Charlie.


Keyes, Daniel. Flowers for Algernon. Harcourt Brace, 1966.


The Martian (2011) by Andy Weir is a sci-fi novel based around Mark Watney, a NASA astronaut who gets stranded on Mars and has to get back home to Earth. After accidentally being left stranded by his crew members when they left the planet, Mark has to overcome intense challenges to get back home. In this novel, Weir demonstrates that perseverance is what it took to get Mark home. He argues that if you don’t have perseverance, you will never be able to accomplish your task. The author uses the rhetorical appeal of pathos in his book in chapter 14 when the Hab (Mark’s base/home on Mars) accidentally explodes, causing his food supply to be destroyed as well. Then Mark’s suit rips, he gets trapped and realizes the situation he’s in and says “ I’ve got a few minutes before I run out of air and I’ll be damned if I spend them playing Mars’s little game”. Here, the readers can feel Mark’s pain because after everything, after being able to make contact with NASA after three months of isolation, after creating a food supply that can possibly last him four years, after somewhat figuring out a plan to get him back home to Earth, his dreams are all crushed because of this explosion. Either way, Mark’s perseverance allows him to keep on going because after this he figures out a way to overcome yet another challenge in repairing the Hab and coming up with another plan for him to get back home. Because of the perseverance shown by Mark to the readers, it is clear Weir targets mainly young people with his argument, showing that if you don’t have perseverance, you won’t be able to accomplish your goals.


Weir, Andy. The Martian. Ebury Digital, 2016.


In The Hunger Games (2008) by Suzanne Collins, the main character, Katniss volunteers to take her younger sister’s place in a kill-to-survive competition set up by her government. Throughout the novel, Collins argues that sacrifices must be made to accomplish your goals, to show that life has meaning. The author shows the final example of sacrifice in the end of the novel, when Katniss and her partner are the only ones left in the games and they decide to eat poisonous berries to go against the Capitol (the government in this novel). The author writes “I spread out my fingers, and the dark berries glisten in the sun. I give Peeta’s hand one last squeeze as a signal, as a good-bye, and we begin counting. “One.” Maybe I’m wrong. “Two.” Maybe they don’t care if we both die. “Three!” It’s too late to change my mind. I lift my hand to my mouth, taking one last look at the world. The berries have just passed my lips when the trumpets begin to blare”, and when the author writes this, she tries to make the readers sympathize with Katniss and her partner, because after everything they went through in the games, killing the other contestants and the sacrifice of an ally, they were ready to sacrifice their lives in opposition to the government. Using pathos as a rhetorical appeal, the author connects the reader to Katniss emotionally and establishes the idea that sacrifices are necessary to show that life actually has meaning.


Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games. Scholastic, 2011.


In Divergent (2011) by Veronica Roth, the main character Tris lives in a futuristic/post-apocalyptic society that is divided into 5 different factions based on specific virtues. When Tris turns 16 and she is tested to see which faction she belongs to, she realizes she is “Divergent” meaning she doesn’t fit in with any specific faction (but a combination of them). Throughout the novel, the author tries to argue that someone’s identity isn’t so simple to figure out, since a big part of someone’s identity is trying to see where they fit in. Roth uses Tris as her main example, showing she belongs to 3 different factions (Abnegation, Erudite & Dauntless) and how she has to figure out who she is on her own, without the results of a test. Using pathos as a rhetorical appeal, Roth tries to make the reader sympathize with Tris because she hasn’t figured out who she is . Because of this, it could be inferred that Roth’s main audience is young people trying to figure out their own identity, as in, their own place in the world. This can also be from the fact that Tris is a 16 year old with issues about her true self. For example, when Roth writes “ I stare at my plate of food. I just grabbed what looked good to me at the time, and now that I take a closer look, I realize that I chose a plain chicken breast, a scoop of peas, and a piece of brown bread. Abnegation food ”, the readers can sympathize with Tris because while she does just tries to live her life, her “divergence” will follow her everywhere she goes which makes her question her identity within her society. Another example would be when Tris looks at herself in the mirror “ I step to the side so I stand in front of the mirror. I see muscles that I couldn’t see before in my arms, legs, and stomach. I pinch my side, where a layer of fat used to hint at curves to come. Nothing. Dauntless initiation has stolen whatever softness my body had. Is that good, or bad? ”. The readers can notice how she is conflicted about her new look, how she realizes this is a completely different girl than the one from the beginning of the book. Roth uses this to make the readers sympathize with Tris about their own identity, establishing the idea that someone’s identity isn’t a simple thing you can figure out.


Roth, Veronica. Divergent. Katherine Tegen Books, 2011.


In Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, the author argues that good things never come from manipulating others. This book follows the journey of Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, who is a “third” child in a futuristic Earth with a two-child policy. From early on, Ender is put on a Battle School (a school that trains gifted kids to become commanders in their war against the ‘buggers’, which are an alien race), where he was admitted after a colonel saw Ender beat up a bully because he didn’t want the bully to escalate the problem even more, even though the bully dies due to his injuries. Ender excels at the Battle School which puts him in simulations against the buggers. The author demonstrates the horrible manipulation at the end of the book, when Ender defeats a simulation of a battle between his troops and the buggers, in which he sacrifices all his troops to destroy the alien’s homeworld. The author wrote “It had to be a trick or you couldn’t have done it ” after Ender was told that he in fact was not in a simulation, but that he was leading actual human spacecraft against actual alien troops, meaning he just committed mass genocide against a whole planet without him knowing. Here, the author connects the reader to Ender by trying to empathize the reader with the main character. Knowing he destroyed a whole alien race, Ender realizes he was manipulated the whole time which is why the colonel told him he had to be manipulated or he wouldn’t have done it. Because of this, it can be inferred that the intended audience are young people who don’t have a sense of who they are and that since they are young, they can be easily manipulated by other people which can cause chaos. 


Card, Orson Scott. Ender’s Game. Tor, 2017.


In The Maze Runner by James Dashner, the author argues that someone’s identity is very important. This book follows the journey of multiple children who are sent to the Glades, a maze with lethal creatures called grievers in it, who must find a way to escape the maze. Every month, an elevator in the glades brings the children food, supplies and a new kid with just their first name and this book centers around a kid named Thomas, who doesn’t remember who he is when he wakes up in the maze. Throughout the whole book, every character struggles to figure out who they are (what makes up their identity), which hinders their ability to focus on the task at hand (for example, in escaping the maze) and the character uses pathos as a way to sympathize the readers with character. Because of this lack of identity, the intended audience are younger people who don’t know who they are or what there place is in the world. The author demonstrates this in chapter 28 when he says “ Thomas was overwhelmed by a surge of anger. “Fine, so how do we do it? I want to know who I am just as much as anyone else. Obviously. […] Thomas paused, upset and suddenly embarrassed. What did it all mean? Was he different from everyone else somehow? Was something wrong with him?”. By saying this, the author makes Thomas feel embarrassed at showing the frustrations that he has with himself, which leaves him unable to complete the task in that chapter. The readers can connect to this because most young people let their emotions get the best of themselves, leaving them vulnerable. This is why Dashner argues that someone’s identity is important, and that although all the kids there have no idea who they are, they have to work together to accomplish their goals.

Dashner, James. The Maze Runner. Delacorte Press, 2009.

Domanique King

English 1101


Horror feeds on audience’s deepest terrors by putting life’s most frightening and perplexing things death, evil, supernatural powers or creatures, the afterlife, witchcraft at the center of attention. There are many authors who make stories based on this genre for many reasons and purposes.

In Stephen King’s fictional book “Carrie” he describes a teenage girl who has telekinetic powers and later uses them as revenge for those who bullied her. The story line has a deep message and a thrilling breakthrough. “Carrie” was Stephen King’s first published book ever. The spark to his horror and thriller writings was when he was young and went through a shocking experience. Stephen childhood friend was killed by a train where they use to play and he didn’t find out until years after . One of the greatest abilities Stephen King has as an author is being able to understand the fears of his readers and to translate those fears into a work of fiction.


Entertainment by Jack Godwin, September 12th 2017. https://www.google.com/amp/s/vt.co/amp/entertainment/film-tv/truth-behind-literary-icon-stephen-king-started-writing-horror-stories 


In “the raven” by Edgar Allen Poe Every component of the poem, he said, was “logically chosen for effect.” “The Raven” is a poem written by a man who’d lost many loved ones, and was soon expecting to lose one more. He was know for his short stories too, he had a collection of different genres for his stories. One being horror/ ghost. Poe’s writing reflects his literary theories and he wrote to express his feelings.         


 9 Mournful Facts About Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”. BY JOY LANZENDORFER. OCTOBER 26, 2015



“American Horror Story” is a horror anthology TV series,the creators of the series being Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The series nown for its odd humor and grotesque charm. The authors created each series from a reality based situation and twisted it a little more to add the “horror” effect.  In one of the seasons “Hotel” it was inspired by a hotel that was built by H. H. Holmes in Chicago.



By CRYSTAL BELL 12/02/15 http://www.mtv.com/news/2618104/american-horror-story-unsettling-facts/ 


R.L Stine wrote Children’s, horror dark fantasy , thriller stories and his main famous books are his ‘Goosebumps’ series. It was his humorous stories and jokes that later on sparked his fame. R.L Stine took inspiration from many pop culture references to create his characters, his settings, and his storylines. Stine’s favorite horror novel is Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury. It tells the story of two boys who get tangled in the nightmares of a mysterious traveling carnival. His inspiration branches off of other authors and their creations.



The movie “child play” was a series created by Don Mancini,John Lafia &Tom Holland.The main character “Chucky” holds a thrilling place as he is known to be the “demon” doll. Any horror stories are meant to be commentary on our fears and the troubles plaguing our society. The way the story line goes is that Chucky may seem sweet and innocent at first, but it’s not long before he’s turned into a killing machine, brutally bumping off anyone who he perceives as a threat to his friendship with Andy. Some downfalls if this film was that it was accused of inspiring violence in children because of the doll being the main character.



The movie/book “Bird box” by Harper Voyager was another horror based story. The premise: In a post-apocalyptic world, haunted by beings that cause psychotic behavior in nearly anyone who looks at them, Mallory (Sandra Bullock) tries to protect two small children while traveling to what she hopes is a safe colony. The author wanted to create a story revealing hidden subconscious of the viewer and she wanted to create a sense of suspense for the reader . Throughout the whole movie the characters are blindfolded trying to fight what ever is around them outside of the blind fold. 





Annotated Bibliography: Shonen Manga

Moises Bautista
Prof Jewell
English 1101
Annotated Bibliography
        Manganelo, Masashi Kishimoto. “Naruto Vol.1 Chapter 1: Uzumaki Naruto – Manganelo.” Https://Manganelo.net/, Shueisha’s Magazine, Weekly Shōnen Jump, 21 Sept. 1999, https://manganelo.net/manga-ng99658/chapter-1

      The story of recognition from fellow peers and society itself is what we all seek sometimes. In the Japanese shonen manga series Naruto(1999) written by Masashi Kishimoto; Naruto Uzumaki, a twelve-year-old ninja who is looked down upon others in the village, seeks acknowledgment and respect from everyone in the village with his dream of becoming Hokage(Title bestowed upon village leader). The audience reading Naruto is too young male viewers who are around naruto’s age who are having struggles in life or love a story of a relatable character. The audience is upon the young male adult demographic as well since he is goofball that cried and made many mistakes as a kid which many can reminiscent from their childhood. Readers can relate and sympathize with naruto since he gets an appeal of being a troublemaker to get the attention of everyone(seeking attention). While knowing he is inferior to his classmates, making mistakes and showing his weakness he doesn’t like to lose or give up. The author uses the rhetorical appeal of pathos while trying to have an impact on the audience. For example, when he starts off he starts out the series with the premise in which naruto fails a clone jutsu exam needed for him to graduate and gets tricked by one of his teachers(Mizuki) to steal a scroll that has secret ninjutsu. While disguised as another teacher(Iruka)Mizuki tried killing naruto explaining that he has a demon fox inside him that killed Iruka’s parents and that Iruka was tricking him, Iruka got hurt protecting naruto in which naruto heard him say “The demon fox would do that but naruto is different…He may not be the hardest worker and he’s clumsy so nobody accepts him…he is a member of the hidden leaf village, He’s Uzumaki Naruto!!” to Mizuki. In which naruto learned the clone Jutsu with the scroll to defeat Iruka ultimately proving his graduation from the Ninja Academy. This sentimental beginning of learning that everything wasn’t for nothing and that there are people that understand and care about you in life to the series have made readers attached to Naruto and the world he inhabits.

Manganelo, Yoshihiro Togashi. “Hunter X Hunter Chapter 46 : Nen – Manganelo.” Https://Manganelo.net/, Shueisha’s Magazine, Weekly Shōnen Jump, 16 Mar. 1998, https://manganelo.net/manga-oc102354/chapter-46.

        Pure excitement for the unknown and unyielding unbreakable compassion towards others is what life is all about. In the Japanese shonen manga series HunterxHunter(1998) written by Yoshihiro Togashi follows the young protagonist Gon Freecss after discovering his father left him when he was little to continue being a hunter(Licensed Professional which can specialize in multiple degrees such as studying creatures and hunting down outlaws), is inspired by his father’s strong will to be a hunter even to the point of leaving his son and soon heads out to be a hunter with the goal of meeting his father someday. HunterxHunter is primarily focused on a younger teenage audience that seeks action-based combat and young men who are looking towards constant story development. Readers can relate and look upon Gon for happiness since he is a creative and pure character that is curious about the world. The defining factor of friendship is quite apparent in the series when it comes to Gon because is naturally honest and has a way with words that attract character towards him in a way viewers can look towards upon in their own friendships. The author uses the rhetorical appeal of logos in the story to have an effect on readers. For example, there are seven narratives(story arcs) that are completely different but all interconnect with one another. It starts off with the Hunter exam which can be defined as a battle royale, then to rescue mission on Gons friend and then going towards a training arc in which they had the time to waste since the next event was months apart. It gives readers and a greater sense of time passing by throughout the story. “ “Ren” is one of the four principles of the big training. The four principles of the training are the basis of every fighting technique relying on spirit elevation and its hardening…Finding the “Ten” learning the “Zetsu” succeeding the “Ren” and reaching the “Hatsu and all these forms the “NEN” practice.”(46)The logical sense of the world and how/what they need to learn in order to become stronger makes readers more thrilled and excited to see the end results of all their hard work.

Manganelo, Tsugumi Ohba. “Death Note Vol.1 Chapter 2 – Manganelo.” Https://Manganelo.net/, Shueisha’s Magazine, Weekly Shōnen Jump, 1 Dec. 2003, https://manganelo.net/manga-bv106299/chapter-2.

        Have you ever been in the perspective where you have to make a decision of whether to choose over wanting a villain or hero to win? In the Japanese shonen manga series Death Note(2003) written by Tsugumi Ohba follows Light Yagami, referred genius, when he one day sees a notebook called the “Death Note” fall from the sky that was dropped by a god death, with said ability to kill anyone whose name is written in it. The story focuses on Light doing mass murders with the notebook, alias “Kira”, and with his philosophy of those who are deemed unworthy but an “enforcement task force” led by the greatest detective called “L” who identity, background, and origins are a mystery, are trying to bring justice by putting a stop to Kira’s mass killings. Death Note is intended for a young male audience who wish to keep their adrenaline running and suspense high whenever L and Kira do actions to outsmart each other. Readers will get thoughts like “What would I do in that situation” and “How would I outsmart him?” while constantly reading the manga. The author uses the rhetorical appeal of logos in the story to have a major influence on the reader, making them read each and every word the characters state. For example, when L set up a prisoner to introduce himself as L, creating a new identity, and a mass worldwide broadcasting message stating the Kira must be Japanese and that there is a way to prove he is here. He tempted Kira with word “But what you’re doing is Evil!!” and “So why don’t you kill me!”and baited Kira into killing the imposter.L later explained that it was a lie that the broadcast was worldwide but only in the Kanto region of Japan and that he couldn’t kill without a name and face. The deduction from L from the limited information of the location of people he killed in a short time frame sends shivers down the spines of readers to see who’ll find each other first. Readers will find a change of pace towards the anti-hero protagonist the more we learn of his mindset and the precautions he takes while constant battles of two intellectuals and the constant worry of the unknown are what is awaiting readers.

Manganelo, Kōhei Horikoshi. “Boku No Hero Academia Vol.1 Chapter 1: Midoriya Izuku The Origin – Manganelo.” Https://Manganelo.net/, Shueisha’s Magazine, Weekly Shōnen Jump, 7 July 2014, https://manganelo.net/manga-jq98942/chapter-1.

          We always start with a dream, even when it seems impossible, continue to believe in that dream for one day it’ll come true. In the Japanese shonen manga series My Hero Academia(2014) written by Kōhei Horikoshi depicts the story Izuku Midoriya, a boy who unfortunately wasn’t born with superpowers(quirks), in a society where they are prevalent but who dreams of becoming a superhero nonetheless. When an encounter with “All Might” the hero referred to as a symbol of justice, ultimately leads to him inheriting his quirk(one for all) and enrolling in most prestigious hero highschool in Japan. The audience reading My Hero Academia are too young male demographic that wishes for more in life and to imagine the amazing feeling it’ll be to be someone who went from zero to hero. Readers can relate with Izuku due to him being bullied but still aspired to be a hero throughout his childhood and saw All Might as a role model, always watching the same video of him saving citizens. The author uses the rhetorical appeal of pathos while trying to have an impact on the audience. For example, when his childhood and rival(Bakugo) was being attacked by a villain and All Might was somewhat injured from a previous battle, Izuku without any hesitation came out to try and save him. “Its because your eyes were pleading for help!” Izuku responded to Bakugo as he desperately tried to save Bakugou. Which made All Might feel pathetic and angry towards himself that he couldn’t save them sooner but ultimately does in quick fashion. “There’s something that’s said about top heroes when they were still students. Most of their stories are linked by the following line: “My body moved on its own before I could think!!”…YOU CAN BECOME A HERO.” These words have the sensation that miracles can exist but most importantly if you believe you can become whoever you wish to be.

“VIZ: Read One Piece Manga Free – Official Shonen Jump From Japan.” VIZ Media: The World’s Most Popular Anime, Manga and More!, Shueisha’s Magazine, Weekly Shōnen Jump, 22 July 1997, https://www.viz.com/shonenjump/chapters/one-piece.

          An uncomparable odyssey like no other, where there is a captivating cast of interesting characters and an enthralling plot. In the Japanese shonen manga series One Piece(1997) written by Eiichiro Oda follows the story of Monkey D. Luffy,a boy that ate the power of a devil fruit to make his entire body made out of rubber, and his pirate crew he gathered along his journey, in search of the legendary treasure called “One Piece”.The audience reading One Piece is mainly focused on young male teenagers/adults but isn’t limited to that single demographic since One Piece can be enjoyed no matter what age you are. Readers can relate to Luffy since he is a sort of symbol/representation of freedom for us readers in the real world, disliking authority such as the world government and enjoys the thrills of adventure. The author argues with the life lesson that its ok to need help in life, gaining assistance from others. For example, Chopper(a reindeer who ate the human devil fruit, can communicate in human speech)dream is to “…become a doctor who can cure any disease! Because… because there’s no disease in this world that can’t be cured!” and Nami(a female navigator and former-thief who was threatened by a group of pirates to give them money, later saved by Luffy) who dreams “to draw a complete map of the entire world”.While all the crewmates have completely different dreams and goals in life, they are all getting support from one another to make their dreams come true. These goals are so significant that they need each other to reach them, Strive to have goals so big that you can’t do it alone as well.

“VIZ: Read Dragon Ball Z Manga – Official Shonen Jump From Japan.” VIZ Media: The World’s Most Popular Anime, Manga and More!, Shueisha’s Magazine, Weekly Shōnen Jump, 3 Dec. 1984,

        A story inspired by the legendary Chinese novel Journey to the West with a slice of comedy and jaw-dropping action-packed fight scenes that became a coming of age story for future shonen manga. In the Japanese shonen manga Dragon Ball(1984) written by Akira Toriyama follows the adventures of Son Goku, Saiyan(alien) sent to earth as a child with the goal to destroy it in which he hits his head one day and is raised by an old man in the mountain. The adventure focuses on Goku, from childhood to adulthood, martial arts training and venturing around the world in search of the dragon balls(seven orbs which summon a wish-granting dragon). Dragon Ball’s intended audience is young boys/teens but Dragon Ball is a kinda special case in which any age group can enjoy its unique narrative. The author argues that you have to push yourself to your limits if you want to reach your full potential as an individual. For example, when Goku is training his son to become stronger to defeat a threat to earth he tells his son “Power comes in response to a need, not a desire. You have to create that need.” The author is showing that even if we are all afraid to be challenged sometimes if you work on being the best person you can be, you’ll have the confidence to face challenges head-on and overcome all the obstacles in the way.

Annotated Bibliography – Address To The Nation Speeches

Valeria Cortez

Prof. Jewell

English 1101

Annotated Bibliography

Bush, George. “9/11 Address to the Nation on Terrorist Attacks.” Address To The Nation, 11 September 2001, Oval Office Address, Televised by NBC News.
In George W. Bush speech “9/11 Address to the Nation on Terrorist Attacks.” Bush began his speech with a concerned and serious, yet uplifting tone; stating that the American people and their way of life have been the victims of several terrorist attacks. He then portrayed the victims, stating that they were passengers of the airplanes hijacked by terrorists and workers in the buildings which were attacked. He reminded the audience that they were people from all walks of life. He was trying to call the attention of everyone so we can all get together as one nation. “This is a day when all Americans from every walk of life unite in our resolve for justice and peace” (Bush 6). The Audience of this speech is the American people. Bush used several methods of rhetoric appeals, for the purpose of trying not only to inform his audience but also for them to be aware of what could come in the future. He used ethos into the speech by asking the audience to pray for those who lament. “Tonight I ask for prayers for all who grieve” (Bush 5). And also to provoke unity in the county. He used logos by giving one main example of factual based information. This conveys the message surrounding the sense of urgency and suggests the little information that is available gives a sense of the unfolding tragedy.

Bush, George.“ Outlines Iraqi Threat” Address To The Nation, 7 October 2002, Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati Union Terminal, Cincinnati, OH.
In George W. Bush’s speech “ Outlines Iraqi Threat”, Bush attempted to justify the invasion of Iraq. He claimed that al-Qaida possessed, “chemical and biological weapons.” (Bush 1). Through the whole speech Bush is dedicated as well as determined to protect his country in any way possible. He argued that the vulnerability of the United States following the September 11 attacks of 2001, combined with Iraq’s alleged continued possession and manufacture of weapons of mass destruction and its support for terrorist groups. The audience of this speech is the American people, when he was delivering his speech at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. Outside, approximately 3000 people gathered to were protesting against the upcoming war. To persuade his audience Bush used diction to harness fear to influence his viewers. The tone is consistently assertive and used reason to support the central points. Bush also used an appeal to emotion when he asks viewers why we were only facing the problem at that time. He continued to explain that if action was not taken, al-Qaida would engage in nuclear war. This is a huge statement, but Bush made it work through an appeal to logic, where the threat of nuclear warfare being only a year away felt more possible than ever. “America is a great friend of Iraq.”

Trump, Donald.“Congressional Baseball Practice Shooting” Address To The Nation, 14 June 2019, Televised Speech, White House, Washington, D.C.
In Donald Trump’s speech “Government Shutdown and Congressional Baseball Practice Shooting”, Trump informed the nation that a gunman opened fire on a congressional baseball practice, injuring Rep. Steve Scalise, the Louisiana Republican and House majority whip, along with four others. President Trump purpose of this speech is to inform and call for unity after the shooting. He provided all the information about the shooting by maintaining a calm and serene tone. He used rhetorical devices to convey the idea that the country has to stay together and calmed. He used pathos when he said “He will recover from this assault and, Steve, I want you to know that you have the prayers not only of the entire city behind you but of an entire nation and frankly the entire world,” by causing the audience to feel sorrow for the victims of the shooting. He also used logos by providing the audience with information of what happened to the gunman, “Authorities are continuing to investigate the crime, and the assailant has now died from his injuries. The FBI is leading the investigation and will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available.” this supports his desire to keep the nation calmed and together, because it assures the nation that the shooter is dead and would not be causing any other problems to the country.

Trump, Donald.“Government Shutdown and the Proposed United States-Mexico Border wall” Address To The Nation, 8 January 2019, Pressed Conference, Oval Office, White House, Washington, D.C.
In Donald Trump’s speech “Government Shutdown and the Proposed United States-Mexico Border wall”, Trump declared a “growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border.” He also stated that he had the authority to declare a national emergency to be able to build the wall. By using a determined tone, he implored Congress to take up immigration reform and asked citizens to press their lawmakers on the issue. President Trump strategically used rhetoric appeals to persuade congress and also american citizens. He used pathos by saying “Over the years, thousands of Americans have been brutally killed by those who illegally entered our country and thousands more lives will be lost if we don’t act right now” to convey the idea that illegal immigrants are guilty thousands of deaths, by causing the audience to feel sorrow and guilty of the deaths caused by illegal immigrants. Trump also used ethos by saying “To every citizen, call Congress and tell them to finally after all of these decades secure our border,””This is a choice between right and wrong, justice and injustice.” to make his audience reflect and reconsider their moral beliefs, what could be good and bad for the nation.

Obama, Barack.“Immigration Reform” Address To The Nation, 20 November 2014, Pressed Conference, Oval Office, White House, Washington, D.C.
In Barack Obama’s speech, “Immigration Reform” Obama stated that America was built by immigrants and that today we as a country are facing a broken immigration system (Obama 10). By using a respectful and determined tone, Obama claimed that this problem should be handled with a fix that is modern and one that works with the new era of immigration. Obama claimed that he was doing what he could to improve the immigration policies. President Obama was cautious in his speech, as he used ethos to seem relatable.”As my predecessor, President Bush, once put it: “They are a part of American life.” He quoted former President George W. Bush in an attempt to relate to the republicans who constantly oppose him, as an attempt to persuade the conservatives to consider his ideas. He also used emotional appeals when he stated, “For more than 200 years, our tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world has given us a tremendous advantage over other nations.” (Obama 1). This line remind the audience that we Americans too, one day were immigrants. Also when he points out that “undocumented immigrants who desperately want to embrace those responsibilities see little option but to remain in the shadows, or risk their families being torn apart.” (Obama 1). The idea that people work hard every day and still are not respected for their labor brings a sense of heartbreak. Obama used pathos as his strongest tool to make his argument because he did not deal with politics and it is made of the issue just as a human being.

Obama, Barack.“The Killing of Osama Bin Laden” Address To The Nation, 1 May 2011, Pressed Conference, White House, Washington, D.C.
In Barack Obama’s speech, “The Killing of Osama Bin Laden” Obama announced the death of the person responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Osama bin Laden in a Special Forces operation. By using a determined and confident tone, Obama kept the details limited, focusing on the reasons for targeting bin Laden and the process by which he and his team assessed intelligence and found the leader’s compound. In his speech, the president used powerful rhetorical tools to effectively deliver different, yet equally powerful messages to multiple audiences. The main rhetorical appeal from this speech is ethos, while the title of President of the United States carries its own credibility, being known as the president who killed Osama Bin Laden greatly builds the man’s validity. He also used pathos by retelling of the destruction of 9/11, which is followed by a powerful summoning of the ghosts of the past: “The worst images are those that were unseen to the world: the empty…leaving a gaping hole in our hearts.” These images provoke all the emotions that every American felt on September 11, 2001. Obama does this so he can call the American people to unify and become “one American family”, as they did on that fateful day. He creates the feeling of hope as he calls the death of Osama Bin Laden the “most significant achievement to date” for the War on Terror.

Annotated Bibliography

Ain’ t I a woman by sojourner truth

“Ain’ t I a woman “was a speech delivered in 1851 at the women’s right convention Akron Ohio by sojourner truth who was born into slavery. “Ain ’t I a Women” became one of the most popular speeches in women empowerment and the author as well. In her speech we can see how she explains to the audience several times that there is no inequality between women and men example when she says “I could work as much and eat as much as a man – when I could get it – and bear the lash as well! And ain’t I a woman?”. We can also see how she tells her audience that women are as important valuable as men, so they deserve the same rights for example when says” Then that little man in black there, he says women can’t have as much rights as men, cause Christ wasn’t a woman! Where did your Christ come from? Where did your Christ come from? From God and a woman! Man had nothing to do with Him”. In her speech she uses ethos as when she said” i have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother’s grief, none but Jesus heard me! And ain’t I a woman?” also ethos because for her its logic for women to have the same rights as men in her speech she repeats the sentence “ain’t i a woman “to prove that inequality between women and men is something that shouldn’t exist because she’s a woman and she is able to do everything men can do.


<<Sojourner truth ,women’s right convention ,1851 , Akron Ohio ,national park service publisher https://www.nps.gov/articles/sojourner-truth.htm>>





Was a speech delivered on the day of the girl child October 12 2017 by Lakshmi Puri UN women executive director during the UN commemoration of the international day of the girl child.  In this speech Lakshmi Puri explain through fact and statistics how many girls around the world are in difficulties need help empowerment and how the un women is planning to fix that. Her audience on that day was women but she is generally trying to reach everyone interested in helping through that progress for young girls .With a firm serious and interested tone she uses a lot of logos the show how many girls around the world need help example :“every 10 minutes, somewhere in the world an adolescent girl dies because of violence >”she uses pathos as well to have the maximum support on this journey of helping young girls <”Together we will unleash girls’ power in all its dimensions”. The fact that she repeats the word together several times at the end of her speech shows that she wants her audience and everyone to join her in her fight for young girl rights and safety around the world.


<<Laksmi Puri ,Unicef child day of the girl child, October 12 2017, publisher UN WOMEN, https://www.unwomen.org/en/news/stories/2017/10/speech-ded-puri-day-of-the-girl>>


Women’s rights are human rights by Hillary Clinton

“Women’s rights are human rights “was a speech given in 1995 by the former first lady of the us Hillary Clinton at the 4th world conference on women in Beijing. in her speech she deliver the stereotypes the injustices that happen to women everyday around the world but also the way some women in foreign countries are coming together to Help change those injustices her tone throughout this speech was precise direct and clear her primary audience was adults women and men .She uses  ethos  as when said ”if  women are free from violence their families will flourish

“  also a lot pathos example :”I’ve met women in India and Bangladesh who are  taking out small loans to buy milk cows or rickshaws or thread in order to create a livelihood for themselves and their families” through those words she shows that women are very important in the community their rights safety health … is something that should be taken serious because women can change the way the society lives.

Hillary Clinton , 4th world conference for women ,1995 ,Beijing ,publisher Americanrhetoric.com, <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V9mHmeK7XM>


Madonna billboard women music

This speech is given by Madonna at billboard women music 2016 in New York city.  in her speech she explains the difficulties the barriers that women go through in the music industry. her audience is women in general her main argument is women rights. Women can be what they want whether in the music industry or anywhere else. her clear tone was undercut with choking heaviness that even forced her to pause sometimes even though her voice sounds sad her statements were very clear and direct to understand. Madonna ‘ speech is a pure definition of pathos mostly because she uses her own experience as examples ,opens up about the difficulties she went through and how they made her who she is .Example when she said at the end of her speech ”you have no idea how much your support mean to me , “to everyone who gave me hell and said I could not that I would not that I must not your resistance made me push harder made stronger made me the woman I am today”. Atfer that statement you could read in the audience eyes  the compassion they had for her .

<<Madonna , billboard women music, 2016, New York city , publisher WOMEN’S, https://women-s.net/womens-empowerment-speech/>>


“I’ m a feminist” by Emma Watson

“I’m a feminist “was a speech given by the actress Emma Watson at the united nation at New York in 2014. Her main argument in that speech is the fact that nowadays people think being a feminist fighting for women mean you are against men which is not true. And to prove that EMMA Watson gave the formal definition of feminism which I quote “feminism by definition is the belief that men and women should have equal rights”. beside that she also speaks about the injustices she had at the beginning of her career because she was a girl. For example when she said “I think it is right socially i’ m afforded the same right as men”. Emma Watson uses a lot of ethos as when she said “when at 14 I started to be sexualized by certain elements of the media” all that shows her audience which was mostly adult women the unfair emotions she went through growing and the emotions many young girls are going through because of inequality of sex and society judgment

Emma Watson, united nation, 2014, New York, publisher CNN




“A message to all women” by Jon Jorgenson  

“a message to all women was a speech given by Jon Jorgenson in july 2013. in his speech he uses very specific poet words to put women in confidence. His main argument is that all women are worthy and unique in their way as when he said “you are beautiful you are kind you are smart you are funny you are unique”. He uses theses specific words for a raison and that raison is to empower women around the world to show them they are worthy. with a very confident and trustable tone Jorgenson uses ethos throughout the whole speech because his main point is uplifting women and for that he has to reach their emotions for them to believe in his words but mostly to believe in themselves.

Jon Jorgenson , 2013, Publisher  JonJorgenson

Annotated Bibliography: Myth

Noah Smith

Prof Jewell

English 1101

Annotated Bibliography

Wilford, John Noble. “Greek Myths: Not Necessarily Mythical.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 4 July 2000, https://www.nytimes.com/2000/07/04/science/greek-myths-not-necessarily-mythical.html.

This article discusses how mythology may not have been all ‘myth’. Noble uses research done by Adrienne Mayor in order to create this article. Noble speaks about how Mayor found that places used in stories of greek myth seem to be fossil sites. These fossil sites are most likely the reason as to why these myths came along and were made into stories. The greeks could have been inspired by these findings or the creatures/people themselves causing them to make up such stories which seem to have evidence of having existed just not in the way that they portray it. It was also found that the story of Heracles (known hero) who saved Hesione (trojan princess) where he slayed a monster resembles a fossil that seemed to have belonged to a giraffe which is now extinct. More fossils had also been found belonging to other large mammals and such which was further connected to other stories that were made in greek mythology. The author in this text uses the fact that the sites that were spoken about in greek mythology seemed to have fossils that were heavily connected to the stories that were spoken about. Since there are facts to back up these myths it doesn’t deny the fact that the greeks were not too far off seeing as they were able to use these animals in stories without any real knowledge on paleontology. Thus, the author is speaking in a formal tone using logos by stating facts that are connected to greek mythology stories, such as the case with Heracles saving Hesione from the extinct giraffe.

Padilla, Mark W. The Myths of Herakles in Ancient Greece: Survey and Profile. University Press of America, 1998.

Padilla speaks about the twelve labors that Hercules, who is also known as Heracles carried out. Padilla tells us how Hercules was a popular figure due to him being seen in all sorts of artwork. In this book Padilla continues to speak of the myths that Hercules is represented in and what he is known for. Hercules was a symbol to many people in greece and many were inspired by the stories told about such a person. Padilla goes on to use multiple sources that explain the origin of Hercules. Padilla says how these stories use appeal to the beliefs of the greeks due to the ‘mythology’ that they had believed in. Some greeks saw this as a true religion which is what makes it have such an impact on how they learned and passed down these stories. Also by stating how Hercules was seen in all sorts of artwork and using him as a symbol put on shield and weapons greatly impacted how all of this was perceived. 

Cartwright, Mark. “Greek Mythology.” Ancient History Encyclopedia, Ancient History Encyclopedia, 29 Oct. 2019, https://www.ancient.eu/Greek_Mythology/.

Cartwright states that ‘myths’ is a bad term due to the negative thought around it being fake. Cartwright speaks about how greek myths were used for educational and religious purposes, as well as the intention for entertainment. Myths were passed down through many forms. One of them being orally which was just telling the story and then the people hearing that story passing it on to the next. It was then put in the form of a poem which was put in written form. Lastly, it was passed down using pottery and such. Buildings were decorated in order to celebrate some of these beliefs of the stories that were told. The stories that were told were also to explain how things came to be, one example would be how the world was created. Cartwright also speaks about how stories about heroes and such were used to give an idea of how poor behavior could lead to something tragic and such, so people would not end up doing anything rash and learn from these stories. Thus, Cartwright is stating that some logos and ethos was used in these stories in order to provide reasons as to how the world was made as stated earlier, and as well as those reading the stories to feel connected and learn from any mistakes that the characters made in order to not make the same mistakes. 

Gwen, et al. “Greek Mythology, Origin of Greek Mythology.” Greek Myths & Greek Mythology, 3 Nov. 2010, https://www.greekmyths-greekmythology.com/greek-mythology/.

Gwen starts out speaking about what greek mythology is about, and how it opens people up to a whole new world. Greeks were polytheistic due to the many Gods that were believed in. The origin of greek mythology came from two very old poems created by Homer which is the first text that was made that depicted stories of greek mythology. Using these beliefs lead to it being passed down in other forms. These stories began to be depicted through plays and such and art. This gives an idea to how big of an influence greek mythology as had on history. For it to have been passed down for so many years and impacting both culture and history. Gwen also speaks about how philosophers, scholars, and such use greek mythology to try and give explanations about the world and its ethics. Overall, for greek mythology to be such a huge influence it has appealed to many types of audiences causing them to want to continue passing down such stories may it be through writing, movies, or even artwork. 

Sakoulas, Thomas. Greek Mythology, https://ancient-greece.org/culture/mythology.html.

This author talks about how what we now call mythology was the culture of ancient Greek. They had many beliefs spiritually and traditions that were taken place. One of them being telling the stories that were passed down. Sakoulas gives a list of heroes and important characters that were spoken about in these stories. It also gives a brief summary of who they were and what their role in the story was as well. Ancient Greek culture also gave headway to what we call now Pagan religion. Pagan religion refers to those who are polytheistic otherwise known as those who believed in more than one God. He also goes on to state how even though religions like this one were suppressed in order for other ones to become more known, it was still passed down showing how much the audience it was passed to believed in the stories and heroes. It is fascinating to see how these stories have impacted many people and it still does today seeing as there are popular books that have been made or are still being made and people go on to read them.

The Labors of Hercules, http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/Herakles/labors.html.

Although there is no true author for this, it is one of the many stories from greek mythology. This story gives an idea to how the people who it was told to were impacted and truly believed in these stories which lead to implicating it into their culture, making it a religion, and etc. This story speaks about how Hera, whom is a Goddess, aimed to make trouble for Hercules. Hercules ended up losing his mind which caused him to kill his wife and children. Hercules asked for forgiveness from the Gods and was tasked with punishment for twelve years. The twelve labors consisted of Hercules over the course of twelve years, to go on and slay very strong monsters and carry out impossible tasks. Hercules ended up succeeding in all tasks. Through these struggles it is said that Hercules was the symbol of pathos seeing as how many people became influenced by this story convincing people to see it as a true story. Thus, this story gives an idea to how it made people feel seeing as they connected to Hercules by reading or hearing about his struggles which most likely made them feel some type of way that made them want to continue passing these stories on.

Annotated Bibliographies

Abbas Roba. (Editorial & Opinion) “From Good ideas to Practical Solution”, September 20th, 2018, https://technologyandsociety.org/from-good-ideas-to-practical-solutions/

In “From Good ideas to Practical Solution” Roba Abbas agrees that good designers should develop their skills to solve technology solution. Abbas writes that “negative or undesired solution needs to be recognized and celebrated”, indicating that is important to find any issues within the system. Identifying any negative solution can be solved that can led to make better improvement. Though to Roba (op-ed), she indicates that “ dangers associated with secondary uses of robotic systems, which we perceive as issue that requires attention early in the design” this tell us that designers need to set up their celebration before they start to design their system. Even though people have educated their self to be a design, is still important to have a high-level math skill to find any issues before building a new system. Though to her argument she tries to tell designers that this generation, it hard to develop new technology that is better than what we have today. Therefore, she uses a formal voice to explain the designer why is important to develop our “technological ideas” to solve solution. Her decision is to include to the designers that if they want to develop better technology, they need to improve their skills such as math or problem solving that’s involve with solving solution. Based on her information, it seems like she is working on is to persuade her audiences that include with the designers that having to solve solution can led them to develop better technology. This publish in technology and society which is opinion editorial in September 20,2018.

Lee Albert. “DIY ethos the Maker movement” Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 12, 1997, https://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-maker-convention-20141112-story.html

In “DIY ethos fuels the Maker movement” Albert lee states that what is being a part of technology maker means to them. He explains his idea by saying that “makers are part of a community believes in open source culture of helping each other with projects” (paragraph 7). For example, electrical engineers develop new systems that can help scientific to calculate the weather. This indicates that designers help the community by helping other subject to improve our society. Lee also mentions that makers use “object like PVC piping into motion controllers for their video games” (paragraph 3). This evidence shows that designers like to use everyday things to make something new that can come in handy for in the future such as making a watch or a robot. In paragraph 1, lee explain “Makers Movement” by indicating that creators learn better by doing it by their self. Based on his information, he persuades to the audiences that are the creators. Lee uses a joyful tone that includes action or a feel of joy by explain how makers like to design things that can be useful in everyday life. This (op-ed) appear in Los Angeles Times, Nov. 12, 1997.

Goshay Charita. “Op-ed: We’re all addicted to technology” Burlington Country Times, Burlington Country Times posted Aug 25, 2019, https://www.burlingtoncountytimes.com/opinion/20190825/op-ed-were-all-addicted-to-technology

In “We’re all addicted to technology” Charita Goshay argues that many of us are being distracted by technology. Goshay writes that “five-years-old don’t work, so where are they getting cell phones, video games and iPads”, this shows that to many young people spend too much time our internet that they for to do their homework. This information tells us that this new generation stop student from doing their work such as homework or classwork. Goshay explain that prohibiting cellphones in the classroom is like “cats and mouse” that adults is trying to catch the student for using their cellphones. He also believes that “banning phones during school can only be a healthy thing”. By employing this information, he tries to argue that students should focus more on getting their education than the things that doesn’t related to their classwork. Goshay also explain why adults also can get addicted to technology. Parents use their cellphone to commutcate their kids to keep track what they are doing in school. Based on Goshay argument, he uses a serious tone includes a strong voice to the students. This seem like he is working to persuade his audience that includes the young people, to spend more time on their work for school than technology such as video games, iPads or cellphones. This opinion editorial appears in Burlington Country Times posted Aug 25, 2019.

Wulf Wm. A. “Education for an Age of Technology (op-ed), National Academy Op-ed Service, June 26, 1998, https://www.nae.edu/11948/EducationforanAgeofTechnologyop-ed

In Wm. A Wulf (op-ed) “Education of Age of Technology” Wulf believe that we live in an area that technology is now important to our society. Wulf agrees that “scientific and mathematical literacy are seen as important educational objective in the United States”, without math or science we wouldn’t be able to develop any technology (paragraph 5). Without math or science, we wouldn’t able to do our jobs that includes being a dentist or doing construction. He writes that “the Earth circles the sun in one year is part of the body of knowledge”, based on his argument, this evidence shows us that without science we wouldn’t know what is going on in space (paragraph 9). For example, scientific uses the satellites to help astronaut to estimate the outside from the earth such as the moon, the sun, the stars or other planets. Through to his (op-ed), he trying to persuade his audiences that involve with the scientific and the people who use technology for their everyday lives. He uses a formal tone that includes a long-range voice to explain why is important to use technology. He tries to explain his argument that using technology help us to be educated and make our lives mush easier. Going back to the information were he mention that science and math seem to be an “important educational objective” he stating that without these subjects our society would be health. This op-ed appears in National Academy Op-ed Service, June 26, 1998.

Grossman Alice. “Op-Ed Communication the Role of technology in Transportation” Enotrans, September 20, 2018, https://www.enotrans.org/article/op-ed-better-communicating-the-role-of-technology-in-transportation/

In “Better communicating the Role of Technology in Transportation” Alice Grossman argues that transportation networks need to be improve that includes safety and congestion. He explains that technology is important role for transportation system. Grossman writes that “federal transportation policy is not to build for sake of building or advance technology” this indicating that the purpose to build good technology is to help to improve safety. Useful tools can provide better focus to solve congestions. Grossman states that our technology be missing the opportunity to communicate “with decision- makers and their offices”. This show that our technology can’t handle far away networks so that a group of transportation professionals can better make safety decision. Today people still got issues with their cellphone “tracking travel” such as the late nesses of trains and buses. Though to his information, he is working on to persuade the audiences that include with transportation professional that we need to develop better technology to prevent congestion and improve safety travels. He uses an optimistic tone so that later in the future we should see better improvement for our safety a prevent congestion. This op-ed appears Enotrans, September 20, 2018.

Terens Natalie. “Op-Ed: New Technology Broadens Approach to Healthcare in Trenton”, NJSPTLIGHT, September 5, 2019, https://www.njspotlight.com/2019/09/19-09-04-op-ed-new-technology-broadens-approach-to-healthcare-in-trenton/

In Natalie Terens “New Technology Broadens Approach to Healthcare in Trenton” Terens believe that new technology can help people with their economic and social conditions. Terens explains his argument by indicating that we now for the system to provide social needs. Terens writes that “NowPow can be used to alone, or integrated with our Health Information Exchange”, this healthcare company system can communicate people to help to get well and send medicine to care for diseases (paragraph 7). Having a company that provide a system to communicate with others makes it easier for people who not feeling well to go to the doctor. Natalie also mention that NowPow have a tool to help people to access to “housing transportation, food insecurity and other social needs” (paragraph 12). Having to provide better tools to healthcare professionals can build up better healthy food and medicine. Based on Terens information, patients can now live a longer healthy though to their new technology. Terens makes an argument with formal voice to the people who are going to die. This seems like he tries to persuade his audience that are the patients. This op-ed appears in NJSPTLIGHT, September 5, 2019.