How Social Media Affect mental health and social relations.

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  Effects of Social Media  By “TIM BONO” March 10 2018, New York Post. 

             The author demonstrates writes about how social media affects student educational activities. The more time you spend on social media is the worst for your education activities . It can also change  your life from good to worse by creating jealousy and can lead to social isolation. By taking a break from social media it can help you with psychological problems.Social media is a big distraction for students and it affects their grades negatively. Pictures and posts can spread more negativity in your mind. 

     The Effect Of Social Media from the Text Page 6  by ‘’Chen and LIang (2011)’’  

The author states  that social networking is absolutely affecting student effectiveness as well as their grades. Therefore, educators need to be worried about this problem and attempt to find better ways to solve it  although, framed within an academic context,the concepts outlined here can be used to investigate the use of communication technology. In the home workplace and many other settings. in for a diversity of different we were like teenagers young adults the elderly or families” this evidence indicates that social media does hurt their academic performance and grades most of the young generation spent most of the time on social media tools like Facebook and not focusing on their studies. We use social media at every place even when we are in class .

  Social Media Hurting Your Mental Health “TEDx Program.” TED, Bailey Parnell, 22 June 2017,

Author tells how social is making people sick like  , Stress’. It’s not just her getting depression because of social media it’s her family and friends and everyone around her. She also says how back in the 90’s people were use to talk to each other with friends and family but now on their no family no friends.They just just spent enough time with their family.There are so many people in the world who face social media harassment people lose their lives because get exposed by their friends their pictures and their private life. ‘Tayler Clementi’ Gives up  on his life because his friends posted his private pictures on social media because they think it’s just funny and they will get some likes.    

“The social media is overcoming us” by Tysons Virginia, Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TED Tysons June  2016.

 The author tells us about the use of social media and how it’s growing faster. New generation people use social media as a source of entertainment.Sometime it comes in the way of your education . Social media is the biggest distraction in our study for example you are studying and your friend texts you and you start talking to them.When you try to study it makes you to think about videos and posts that you missed. We always check our phones  before sleep to just do is quick check if somebody texted. We spend a lot of time on social media even up late at night and feel sleepy in class so this why you get sleep disorder. Before using social media you never think that its harmful for you. Without social media it could be hard for two weeks like you are missing something in your life but it could be very productive. 

     Charles, Shamard, and M.d. “Social Media Linked to Rise in Mental Health Disorders in Teens, Survey Finds.”, NBCUniversal News Group, 15 Mar. 2019,

         The author apprise that social media linked to rise in mental health disorders in teens. In addition, people suffering with mental issues like Anxiety, Depression and other mental disorders which gets complicated in today’s world. According to the text, “Young adults born after 1995 are experiencing more mental health issues. Researchers point to lack of sleep and the rise of social media”. This Quote illustrates that young adults who were born after 1995, suffering from mental issues because social media takes place and how people get addicted to it. Aslo, it become need for them. Moreover, “We found a substantial increase in major depression or suicidal thoughts, psychological distress, and more attempted suicides after 2010, versus the mid-2000s, and that increase was by far the largest in adolescents and young adults,” said lead author Jean Twenge, author of the book “iGen” and professor of psychology at San Diego State University”. This quotes shows that increase in usage of social media lead to harmful psychological health issues, and more suicides happen in 2010. Therfore, how digital communication versus face-to-face social interaction influences mood disorders and suicide-related outcomesmore social media use is associated with increased reported symptoms of social anxiety, social isolation, and feelings of loneliness. As a result, Social media is harmful for all ages because it’s addictive which destroys life, time, and maintenance of health. Make imbalances in your life.


Global FocusNorth America. `.Jonah Berger “”The Impact of Social Media: Is It Irreplaceable?”Knowledge@Wharton,           

    The author demonstrates that  “Social media has plenty of detractors, but by and large, do Americans agree with Brown’s sentiment? In 2018, 42% of those surveyed in a Pew Research Center survey said they had taken a break from checking the platform for a period of several weeks or more, while 26% said they had deleted the Facebook app from their cell phone”. The author says people deleted facebook app because it’s very addictive and a waste of time.  Social media is a big problem for nowadays generation for example it creates problems in your social relationship. In addition, teens do self esteem about themselves because when people start valuing themselves on number of followers or likes, it creates a situation that requires more and more likes or followers in order to achieve the same feeling, and it’s not healthy or sustainable. As a result, I can say for myself that Social Media and Instagram in particular have sometimes been damaging to my mental health, and as a result of that I’ve had to take time off from the app to get back into my own life and away from watching others.


Annotated Bibliography

Album Reviews

Rolling stone My Beautiful Dark twisted Fantasy


According to Rolling Stones the Album “My Dark Beautiful Fantasy” by Kanye West is one of the most influential albums ever. The writer Rob Shieffielld claims that no other artist could have made this album. This album is coasting on heroic levels of dementia, pimping on top of Mount Olympus they say. Many of the audience would come to agree with this album review because of the overall great reviews this album has gotten. The writer says this album is a mixture of multiple genres of music from hip hop to RNB. The author says he broke the rules of making of a hip hop album. As he combines many elements of music together. Overall from all these statements the author tries to prove that this is Kanye’s best album yet.


Sheffield,Rob.My Dark Beautiful twisted fantasy.The rolling stone

November 25,2010 5:45 AM ET


Pitchfork The Life of Pablo 


According to pitchfork the album “The life of pablo” is unique to Kanye West’s other projects. It has freewheeling energy that is infectious to the discography. The album had a chaotic rollout which was likely. The writer Jayson Greene compares Pablo Picasso and Kanye wests and claims that they have many similarities. The album supposedly doesn’t have many major statements like his earlier projects. Instead of worrying about a theme Kanye wanted the concept of the album to be top notch the writer Greene claims. Many of the audience that have listened to this album would say it is very diverse and well put together. Overall Pitchfork would say that the album The Life of Pablo was diverse and very creative.


Greene,Jayson,The Life of Pablo. Pitch Fork

February 16, 2016


Genius Graduation


According to Genius the album “Graduation by Kanye West” is near perfect as they gave the album a 95/100 rating. The writer Sweatman claims that this album has a lot of popularised electronic sounds. The writer has many different feelings about different songs. He thinks that the song “stronger” is the biggest hit and many of the audience would tend to agree with him. He also brings up that Kanye crushed 50 cent. He crushed 50 cent in album sales and basically made 50 cent retire. Many of the styles in this album is very different. They are different from his earlier albums like “Late Registration”. Overall This album is one of the greatest rap and hip hop albums of all time from genius’s aspect. 


Sweatman,Graduation. Genius

Posted 3 years ago


Billboard Yeezus


According to billboard “Yeezus” is a medley of several genres — new wave, punk, rock, and of course hip-hop. The writer billboard says the album has many vintage soul sounds and is very different from what the audience expected. The author says part of the album is about love. Majority of the album is mostly directed to the naysayers as he is angry while making the music. The author also claims that kanye pronounced himself as the Michael Jordan of hip hop. Songs are different but have many of the same production like “hold my liquor” and “new slaves”. The roll out of the album was very unorthodox. Overall this album was just different according to Billboard.


Billboard,Yeezus. Billboard

June 14, 2013


Variety Jesus is King


According to Variety, The album “Jesus is King” continues flashes of inspiration and is divine. The writer “Andrew Barker” says this album was heavily delayed and the fans were complaining. The album thoroughly is not very good the writer says. The only way you would enjoy the album is if you have a relationship with kanye.  This album has no cuss words and is gospel. Kanye used creating this album to connect with god the writer claims. This album was very highly anticipated and he uses a lot of bible verses while rapping. Overall according to the variety of this album is not very good and is one of the weakest projects kanye has dropped.


Barker, Andrew, Jesus is King. The Variety

October 26,2019 6:03 AM PT


Rolling Stones College Drop out


According to the rolling stones Kanye West made his name off of this album. Many of the audience would tend to agree because it is his debut album. According to the writer “Jon Caramanica” he says that this album has a lot of pop,soul, and gospel to it. With hit songs like “All Falls Down” this album is considered a classic. There were a lot of A listed artist that helped Kanye. Some of the artists that were guests were Jay Z. This Album showed the skill that Kanye had in Music. From production to be mixing drums according to Caramanica. Overall this album is great and is the reason why Kanye is where he is today.


Caramanica,Jon, The College Dropout. Rolling Stones]

March 4,2004 5:00 AM ET

Ángel D. Torres Speeches

Martin Luther king Jr
”I have a dream” speech

The speech Martin Luther king Jr gave to the people in Washington was to make them see that people are still treated the same as that was a long time ago. The speech he made was to end racism and segregation in the nation and for people to be united, no matter the race or culture. In his speech he repeats the words ,” I have a dream”. This means that he had a dream that the nation could and should be better and get rid of all the racism.


Abraham Lincoln
Gettysburg address

The speech Lincoln made was to stop the civil war and to be heard that the civil war can end the nation. Also that the civil war can be the end of the nation. The speech he made was to also express himself how the nation has become from having freedom into civil wars. Also spoke for some people who also thought that war was wrong and trying to avoid the civil war. One of his quotes from his speeches was “We shall either nobly save, or meanly lose, the last great hope of mankind.” This explains that Lincoln’s idea is that the nation should avoid all threats that can destroy the nation and live in peace as one. Lincoln also stated that the speech was a test whether the nation will survive in the future or the nation gets destroyed.


Barack Obama
2008 presidential election victory

The former president Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election in November 4, by most votes and he had the most of popular votes. Barack Obama worked really head to earn his place at one of the most important thing to do in the country. He changed a lot of people view of America and for younger people. It was a very important moment in American history because Obama became the first black president and changed the world and changed how people can reach their own dreams and goals. He talked about how he can change the country to make it better for everyone. One quote from his speech is “ If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy , tonight is your answer.”This quote was to tell people that he can change the country just how people want to to be and the unified all hope and dreams together to come true.

Queen Elizabeth
Golden speech

The golden speech was a letter delivered by Queen Elizabeth to stop the increase of prices in the country due to the economic issues they have with the country. The speech was to fix and make people earn more money and balance the money the country had. The speech was delivered to the Palace Council Chamber, to the 141 Members of the Commons on November 30, 1601.


Franklin D. Roosevelt
Infamy speech

The infamy speech was to have the US congress come to an agreement to accept the declaration of war against the Japanese forces. The declaration was good and bad at the same time because World War 2 was happening. The meeting was one day after the attacks on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 8, 1941. The speech was a form of saying that the US should accept the declaration of war from the Japanese forces and attack japan as well. The speech was  motivational because Japan attack without declaring war on the U.S and did an surprise attack on the Pearl Harbor bay in Hawaii. 


Joseph goebbels
Total war speech

The total war or sportpalast was a speech delivered by Joseph and it was for a special purpose. The speech was delivered on February 18, 1943. The speech was to turn nazi Germany allies against them in Europe. The speech made many countries turn the tide of World War II and made them turn against Nazi Germany and its Axis allies. Also explaining why the nazi should be eliminated because they were a huge threat in WW 2 and for near by countries as well.


Annotated Bibliographies ; Collections of Poetry

Kaur, Rupi. “The Sun and Her Flowers”. Andrews McMeel Publishing. October 3, 2017.

“The sun and her flowers”, by Rupi Kaur, is a collection of poetry structured in a specific order to create an effect on the reader using rhythm.The book talks about grief, self-abandonment, love, honoring one’s “roots”, and empowering oneself. She divides these themes into five chapters which she titles them wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. The book is filled with short poems starting with the first chapter “Wilting”, this chapter includes poems describing the narrator trying to move on from a relationship while still being in love with the person who left. She describes her life to be sad and lonely without this person and finds it extremely difficult to readjust, making the audience feel sorry or sympathetic for the narrator. As the book progresses each chapter describes her slowly healing and the hardships that came with it, as if the audience is growing and experiencing it all with her. She uses a lot of symbolism in her book starting with the flowers in the title. Then symbolizing her healing process as the stages of a growing flower, which are also the names of each chapter. Not only did she make the book physically appealing to readers by dividing each life experience by growing phases, giving the reader options between chapters.  But made the audience feel a sense of growing or changing throughout the book.

Kaur, Rupi. “Milk and Honey”. Andrews McMeel Publishing. November 4, 2014.

“Milk and Honey” is another collection of poetry structured in a specific order to create an effect on the reader using rhythm, by Rupi Kaur that talks about the experience of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity. These experiences are split into four chapters, all with short poems serving  a different purpose. The four chapters are titled ‘the hurting’, ‘the loving’, ‘the breaking’, and ‘the healing’. The book starts off with poems describing an experience involving sexual abuse and broken relationships. She portrays the childhood of a girl who was raped and left hopeless, and the destruction it caused. Kaur lets her emotions flow freely as if the words are pouring out from her heart rather than her mind. In “the hurting”, it is described that the pain being felt is deep within the heart of the victim and shatters their purity. “The loving” shifts the tone of the book, as the poems become intimate and sensual, she describes the power love has to change the soul completely. “The breaking and “The healing” go hand in hand both describing the journey of heartbreak to happiness. She is aware of her younger audience, a group of lovers who may have been abandoned and broken for the first time. The pain is told with innocence and passion, making it relatable for the readers. Finally, the speaker encourages readers to feel a sense of beauty and radiance within themselves and the meaning of independence and identity. Despite the change in subject matter, Kaur maintains her voice and keeps the rhythm of her poems short and simple.

Robinson, K.Y. “The Chaos of Longing”. Andrew McMeel Publishing. September 26, 2017.

“The Chaos of Longing”, by K.Y Robinson, is a poetry collection structured in a specific order to create an effect on the reader using rhythm. The book explores what it is to want in spite of trauma, shame, injustice, and mental illness. She organizes these topics into four chapters and titles them ‘Inception’, ‘Longing’, ‘Chaos’, and ‘Epiphany’. In the chapter ‘Inception’ she explains her need for affection and affirmation that someone needs her due to feeling unappreciated by her parents. In ‘Longing’ she describes the foundation of the relationships being made were built in lust instead of love. Along the way she felt alone and questioned if God gave up on her, making the readers feel sympathy for her. ‘Chaos’ was a chapter of realization, she finally saw how messed up love could be. She shows how finally moving on was a lot scarier than being used to the heartbreak it caused her. Finally, in the last chapter ‘Epiphany’ there was a change in tone, it was time for change and take action. She got tired of denying that all she needed was self-love and to know her worth more than anyone or anything. This collection of poems don’t just tell a story but takes the reader through a journey that was personal and powerful to the author. She allows the reader to know her, invading her private space and thoughts and be a part of her road trip to self-love. 

Cook, Alicia. “The Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately”. Andrew McMeel Publishing. April 11, 2017

“The Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately”, by Alicia Cook, is a collections of poems structured in a specific order to create an effect on the reader using rhythm.It is designed like an old-school mixtape. The book is broken up into two parts side A and side B. Side A features poems talking about the aspects of the human conditions such as life, death, love, trauma and growth. It covers a variety of different topics and experiences without feelings all over the place. Not only does she provide short poems but a soundtrack along with them. After every poem she includes a song that she had listened to, giving the book a personal feel similar to a diary. The songs also symbolize what the author was feeling when the words were written. Side B however is blackout poetry, which is where the author blacks out words from within a story to create another. In this case, the author used her poems from side A to recreate a haunting black-out remixes of those poems. The author makes her collections of poems not only creatively but relatable, symbolizing there’s always two sides to things and to remind you that your feelings are valid. 

Lovelace, Amanda. “The Princess Saves Herself In This One”. Andrew McMeel Publishing. February 14 ,2017

“The Princess saves herself in this one” ,by Amanda Lovelace, is a poetry collection structured in a specific order to create an effect on the reader using rhythm. The poems are about the authors important moments in her life and also the ‘weakest’. The book is broken down into four sections: the princess, the damsel, the queen, and you. The first section ‘the princess’ focuses on her early life where she takes the reader on a journey including how she developed a deep interest in books, her relationship with her mother and sister, her battle with an eating disorder and self harm, and her first kiss and the assault that followed. Lovelace didn’t fail on giving the reader a sense of bravery and courage when explaining her hardships. ‘The damsel’ contains more fairy tale analogies comparing her difficult experiences as dragons and the big bad wolf. This section really focuses on the power of self empowerment and rising from certain situations. ‘The Queen’ talks more about how she handles grief and what it feels like to fall in love with the right person. Finally in the section ‘You’, it consists of poems of encouragement and inspiration to the reader. Lovelace takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster filled with highs and lows from start to finish. She makes sure it’s clear to readers how different each section is and how each serves a different purpose by comparing her life moments to fairytale stereotypes.

Campbell, Courtney. “Pillow Thoughts”. Andrew McMeel Publishing. August 29, 2017

“Pillow thoughts”, by Courtney Peppernell is a collection of poems structured in a specific order to create an effect on the reader using rhythm.This collection is divided into ten different sections , no need to read them consecutively. They’re each intended to be read while the reader is in a particular state of mind. They all start in ‘If you are ..’ and there’s one for wistfulness, love, heartbreak, loneliness, sadness, emptiness, encouragement, soul-searching, finding reasons to live, and the final part is dedicated to her partner. Poets like Peppernell use very different metaphors to convey similar themes of heartbreak, self- love, inner strength, and finding beauty in the world around them. The author gave the reader not only the ability to read freely throughout the book ,with the consecutive storyline out the way, but  made the reader feel connected and validated. These poems are the sort that readers can truly relate to and each person’s interpretation will be different.

Movie Review – 6 Reviewers, 6 Movies

Any form of media, such as newspapers, music, videos, books and even movies are things people enjoy, as well as things some people don’t enjoy. There are also people who can’t decide and may need help with that. Luckily, there are people that help them decide by not just telling them, but explaining it, in great detail. Either by writing in a newspaper or a prompt on a website online. Sometimes, one person’s writing can change the minds of no one, or a million. It really depends on the audience they are trying to reach out to the most, and tell them how this one thing is good or bad.

A.O. Scott (Joker 2019):A.O Scott has been reviewing movies since 2000 and was later picked up by the New York Times where he can give his insight on movies to whatever audience the movie is towards. Joker is currently at the top of the box office as of October 10th, 2019, and people are saying it’s one of the best movies they had ever seen, some saying the opposite, with words such as bland or bleak and others saying not to take your kids to it. One reviewer opens up with “Are you kidding me?” As said in a post on the New York Times, the reviewer states that the title is at first just a boring title. Expecting the Joker to be much more dangerous and “clowney”, but instead says that it’s: “an empty, foggy exercise in second-hand style and second-rate philosophizing”. Also saying that the movie doesn’t come out of its shadow or is too scared to. He just finds the movie to be unfunny and boring, and wonders if that’s the joke hidden within the movie. Despite his claims on the movie being uninteresting, it went on to become the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time.

Roger Ebert (The Lost World: Jurassic Park 1997): Roger Ebert is one of the most famous movie reviewers looking at old and modern movies. He sadly passed away in 2013, but is still seen as the best that the industry had to offer. Back in 1997, Jurassic Park had received a sequel to the original Jurassic Park movie in 1993. On his website, he starts off by saying that the movie doesn’t start with the same awe that the first movie had, how it doesn’t have that same feeling as what would happen if dinosaurs still roamed the earth and that how the humans in the movie didn’t deliver the same amount of input as they were just there for plot conventions or cheap action shots. He found the structure to be weird and didn’t enjoy it, thinking one thing was over but it wasn’t. He saw this movie as a disappointment to the first movie and thought that Steven Spielberg didn’t have enough time to revise it. Either way, he shows that he didn’t like it as much as the first movie and wished it could have been done better.

Justin Chang (Terminator: Dark Fate 2019): Justin Chang is a known movie critic for the L.A Times, getting early showings of movies that aren’t out yet to give some early insight to those who may want to see the movie or not. Beforehand, he worked for Variety before being picked up by the L.A Times. Recently, he reviewed the newest Terminator: Dark Fate movie that is set to come out on November 1st, and says on the L.A. Times, probably the best Terminator sequel in 20 years. He says that the movie is a tie in to the 2nd movie back in 1991, almost 30 years later giving it the proper sequel that it deserves. He goes on to explain that it is a good movie in which Schwarzenegger is once again back onto the acting scene with his signature terminator character.

Michael Cavna (Finding Dory 2016): Michael Phillips is reviewer for the Chicago Tribune, in which here reviewed Finding Dory, which is a sequel to Finding Nemo released back in 2003. On the Chicago Tribune,  he explains how he saw the movie in his own words. To start off, he found it to be a satisfying follow-up, explaining that bringing back old movies can still bring back good memories to the original, even if it’s bad. He also finds the personality very vivid and bright but not so much with story with some errors, stating that going from a  marine institution to dry land was a weird change of pace for some action. Which was absent in Finding Nemo with only the ending having to do anything with dry land. He finds the movie fantastic and a great follow up from the 2003 movie, as well as him stating that it deals great with those who have disabilities in a charming way. This is a good movie for those with disabilities as it shows how they can impact one’s life in a good and funny way and not in a patronizing way, making them seem annoying and unpleasant. Here? They do it in a good way according to Michael. 

Leonard Maltin (Toy Story 3 2010): Leonard Maltin is a well known critic for his work on reviewing old popular movies. In reviewing Toy Story 3, on his own website, he begins by saying that it is one of the greatest movies of its time. The amount of work, creativity and imagination that is possible with it is what made Toy Story 3 great in his eyes. He finds its strongest aspect to be the main stars, Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Mr. Potato Head, all the familiar characters from previous movies, still the same and funny as ever. Even finding the ending quite dark and pulling on people’s heartstrings, he found it to be a really good tie in towards the Toy Story series. Even with the story changing tones very fast along with new characters having a bad meaning, it always seems to come out with a wholesome or good ending to leave a movie with. Maybe even the whole series as people thought 3 was going to be the final one. Leonard Maltin does review the 4th one, but that’s for another time. He gives the movie a good rating with its amazing plot and ending. 

Pauline Kael (GoodFellas 1990): Pauline Kael was known for her quotes about certain movies, such as the GodFather, JAWS and GoodFellas. For this one, she reviews GoodFellas, a 1990 crime movie loosely based on the GodFather. Some people gave this movie a good rating, however for Pauline, she didn’t find the movie all that great with a number of reasons. On the New Yorker, she first asks the question if it is a great movie. She doesn’t think so, but finds it to be a triumphant piece of filmmaking, having each frame just being active and vivid, as well as knowing that the director loved what he was making when these pictures were moving. She likes how it looks, but not how it is structured with its characters. One point is with a guy named Henry reacts to Tommy and Jimmy’s act of violence with a puzzled expression, and not scared or angry one. Another with Joe Pesci’s character shooting a teenager who was slow with serving a drink. She didn’t like how they were, which is what caused her to not find the movie all that great to those adults who want to see it. 

Scott, A. O. “’Joker’ Review: Are You Kidding Me?” The New York Times, The New York Times, 3 Oct. 2019,

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Cavna, Michael. “How ‘Finding Dory’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ deal beautifully with disabilities” Chicago Tribune, Chicago Tribune, 17 Jun, 2016,

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Annotated Bibliography/Haiku Poem

Mohammad Andha

Professor Jewell 

English 1101 



Holmes, Paul. “October’s Gold.” Family Friend Poems, 14 May 2019,


Here is why fall should be your favorite season. “October’s Gold” is a haiku poem written by Paul Holmes which describes the beauty of the fall season in just 3 lines and the title. That’s what’s interesting about a Haiku. Paul Holmes isn’t too famous for his poems but this one stood out to me. Tree leaves that fall in October are a symbol that it’s fall. Paul compares these leaves to cornflakes showing the crunchy resemblance. First two lines of the poem reads “Like crunchy cornflakes, Gold leaves rustle underfoot”. He claims that those leaves are valuable for October by describing them as “Gold” leaves. Those gold leaves create the beauty of the season. The last line says “Beauty in decay”. The season of fall is most people’s favorite, because he describes a factor of the season as “Gold” and who doesn’t love gold. 


Fox, David. “One Day Of Summer.” Family Friend Poems, 18 July 2019,


Summer is everyone’s favorite season of the month. Especially the kids, the beautiful sunshine keeps them running. “One Day of Summer” by David Fox is a haiku describing the eagerness in one to view the season of summer. David Fox isn’t famous for his poems but he claims summer is everyone’s favorite and who doesn’t like summer? He starts by saying “Beautiful Sunrise” creating this imagery in his audience’s head to give an idea of what’s coming. He describes the morning as beautiful and warm. First two lines read “Beautiful sunrise, on a warm summer morning” explaining what summer is in just a few words. He goes on and says “I wait for days start” to finish his poem. He empathizes the eagerness within him for his day to start in the season of summer. He expresses his love for summer connecting to his audience knowing everyone loves this season.


Jones, Savannah M. “Autumn Love.” Family Friend Poems, September 2018,


Haiku “Autumn Love” by By Savannah M. Jones summarizes what the poem is about just in the title. Savannah uses imagery to describe the love for the season and the outfit of people during Autumn. First line reads “Coolness fills the air” to describe what the weather is like, to express what Autumn feels like. Author uses imagery in her next line to vividly show what Autumn looks like. Second line reads “Scarves and sweaters everywhere”. People are cold, so they need colorful scarves and sweaters to warm them up. He also says “Fall weather is here” in his last line to portray senses of Autumn and how to detect it’s that time of the year. His last line also has a sense of that excitement of the arrival of this season. He connects to the audience by sharing the same chilly feeling. The need of a scarf and a sweater. 


Matsuo, Bashō “Examples of Haiku Poems.” YourDictionary, 24 May 2019,


Matsuo Bashō is the all time famous japanese poet. He has written many different haikus, most of them are about nature. His haiku about a frog and pond is one of his most famous writing. It stands out because it vividly shows the nature of a swamp. In his poem he claims that swamps are nothing but an empty pond with just frogs. It starts off by saying “An old silent pond…” which immediately creates an image of a swamp. Swaps are old with ponds. He goes on and says “A frog jumps into the pond” describing the wild life of the swamp. Only animal at a swamp you would find is a frog. The swamp is a quiet place with nobody around. He finishes his poem by stating “splash! Silence again.” His last line creates an image of the emptiness of a swamp with very little noise. Frogs move, create a sound, and back to quiet. He creates the sense for a swamp in his audience. 


Short, Ethan L. “Love For Mom.” Family Friend Poems, May 2018,


Have you ever told your mother how hardworking she is or why she’s the best mom? “Love For Mom” is a haiku by Ethan L. Short written for Mother’s Day to express how amazing and hardworking they are. Ethan starts the poem by simply describing his mom as “the best”. His first line reads, “Mom, you are the best.” By saying that he’s trying to convey that there is no one like her. She’s simply unique in every way. He continues the poem by saying “You work all day long” to give an example of why she’s the best. His mother works all day, showing a sense of hard work. His last line furthermore expresses the load of work of a mother. “I think you deserve a rest”, showing she works all day nonstop, no breaks and she simply deserves one. With this poem, he is not only speaking to his mother but to all the moms out there. Because they all do the same, work work and work. Author connects to the audience by showing resemblance in his mother with the readers. 


Maloof, Sandy. “Forever Love.” Family Friend Poems, 18 July 2019,


Do you know what it’s like to feel true love? True love is a never ending and forever lasting love. “Forever Love” is a haiku by Maloof Sandy which shows what is a forever lasting love. The title itself says the claim, love is forever or at least should be forever. Author starts by saying “Friends forever in time” vividly showing the future of your friendship, showing that it still exists in the future. His next line explains what keeps the love and friendship strong. Second line reads “Bonded by our hearts and souls” showing the connection between you and your friends and what keeps your love together forever. “Our hearts and souls” shows how friends communicate with this love. By connecting your heart and soul with someone else, you can feel what they feel. This haiku targets all friends as audience and shows the deep meaning behind the love. His last line “Love forever lasting” simply repeats his claim of the never ending friendship. 


Annotated Bibliography Love Letters

Cash, Johnny. love letter to June Carter, Huffpost,

Johnny Cash took this letter to another level. The most noticeable thing about this letter is that is shaped like a heart a symbol of love. He proceeds to write to June Carter  in valentines day to let her know how much he loves her and that she is always on his mind. The whole letter is just une sentence that says “Valentines is fine.But you being mine is more fine.” He is telling her that their love is even better and beautiful that the day of love this to make her realize all his love. Furthermore, he uses a romantic tone to give his word a sense of sweetness and provoke her to fall more in love with him. Also, his goal was to win her heart and little details like this one do great thing.

Eames, Charles. Marriage proposal to ray Eames, Barnebys,

In this particular letter Charles Eames is telling Ray Eames that he love her and to convince her that it’s true he’s got to tell her how he feels and what he been through. There is a quote that says “ I cannot promise to support us very well.” With this sentence he’s shown her that is very humble and that he’ll do whatever it takes to be with her even if they have to go through a hard time. Charles Eames make this statement in tone of hopeless but at the same time he is like making a promise to her that he will never let her down. Also, when he says “but if given the chance I will shure in hell try.” He is making sure that she gets the point of this letter that he will be by her side no matter what and hell try the best he can. To add, this add credibility to him because it makes him look trustfull if he is down to do all he can to be with her. Another thing that is on his favor is the determination he is showing her. There is a quote that demonstrate that determination that says “What is the size of this finger?” He was trying to be a little bit funny as well and he wrote  little hand in the letter with the ring on that probably gain her heart as soon as she saw it.

Keats,John. Love Letter To Fanny Brawne–13 October 1819, English History,

John Keats wrote this letter to his loved one which actually was his neighbor Fanny Brawne as the title said. He was telling her how much he loved her by describing his emotions and telling her that he was insecure of what she actually felt for him. Furthermore, he wanted her to feel the same way he felt that’s why he wrote with a tone of hopeless trying to persuade her to give him or show the same love he shows her, a quote that shows it says “My sweet Fanny, will your heart never change?” He ask this question to make her realize the insecurity he was passing through thinking about if her love belongs to him. Keats proceeded to achieve his goal by telling her things that as a lover will make him look more credible and will help him achieve his purpose. The ways he ended the letter when he said “My Love is selfish – I cannot breathe without you”. This strategy of telling Brawne that she is his everything works pretty well because he lets her know that he’ll keep loving her forever and this may had help her understand that he was telling the true about how he felt. Also, he made her realize that every single word was real.

Kahlo, Frida. Love Letter to Diego Rivera, K Madison Moore Contemporary fine artist,

Frida Kahlo is writing to Diego with a great security of her feeling and we can sense that because of the words she carefully choose to use to achieve her goal. She proceeds to describe her love like something out of this world something magic. When Frida Kahlo says “I ask you for violence, in the nonsense, and you, you gave me grace, your light and your warmth.” Here, she describes that instead of feeling like in a war full of violence when she thinks of their love she feels a fire that warms her up and the light that guide her deeply into their love. Also, she write with a tone full of confidence showing that she is sure of what she is saying aldo to convince Diego to see that too. To add, there is a lot of trust between Frida and Diego, this is shown by the informal approach she uses to say such lovely things to him. At the end she doesn’t even say goodbye properly she just put the initial of her name “F” and at the beginning she just put “Diego’’. This shows the level of confidence she had on him that he wouldn’t judge her or anything and that he would automatically know that it was her. It build a sense of security among the two of them.

Sartre, Jean Paul. Love Letter to Simone de Beauvoir, For Reading Addicts,


Jean Paul started saying “My dear little girl” with this he was trying to evoke a sense of respect towards Simone de Beauvoir to then introduce the words of love that he was going to describe to her. She was one of his friends but, with this letter he declared that more than a friendship he was in love with her. Also, he tried to explain to her that it was hard to love her because he had to pay attention to other thing around him. This is shown by a quote that says “ Try to understand me: I love you while paying attention to external things.” When he says “Try to understand me”, he added this phrase to create a emotio in Simone that eventually was going to persuade her to believe in what he was trying to tell her. To add at the end of the letter he uses another phrase to persuade her that says “ And search honestly.” He was trying to make her think of their relationship as more than friends and the words he used help him a lot. Furthermore, the farewell “I love you with all my heart and soul.” Lovers always refers to their love to something that comes from their heart but in here Jean Paul mention his soul and that help him the most to accomplish his goal of gaining her heart.

 Tolstoy, Leo. love letter to Valeria Arsenev, For Reading Addicts,

Leo Tolstoy goes straight to the point, short and direct when he writes to Valeria Arsenev. This shows that it doesn’t matter how he writes it she’ll get what he’s saying to her, they have that connection. In this letter Leo Tolstoy tries to persuade Valeria Arsenev that he is starting to love her more than ever and that their love is the most beautiful thing. There’s a quote that says “Believe me, nothing on earth is given without labour, even love, the most beautiful and natural of feelings”. Leo Tolstoy choose to say this words to make her realize that love isn’t something that is just there she have earned it. Even though is the most amazing thing in the world people have to earn it and this may evoke in her a feeling of proudness in her because she have his love. He even says that their love will be eternal as well, Leo Tolstoy have a high level of confidence on his tone and that helped him a lot. Also, when he says “Beauty one could get to know and fall in love with in one hour and cease to love it as speedily; but the soul one must learn to know.” He’s trying to explain why their love is special because it’s not base on beauty it’s a true love and this will make her secure of what she is reading.


Annotated Bibliography

Judith Torres

Annotated Bibliography


                                                           Stephen King Horror Films

Stephen King is a very popular author of horror fiction. Stephen King who is also known as The unchallenged “King of Horror”. In his books, movies, etc. he blends elements of the traditional gothic tale with those of the modern psychological, thrillers, detective, and science fiction stories. As a boy king found a box of fantasy horror fiction books and stories that had belonged to his father, and he read them all. By the time Stephen was seven he had begun writing his own stories. Many of King’s stories are semi autobiographical, meaning that they are taken in part from some of his own experiences. Many of the locations he writes about are based on the places he grew up in and visited. His population comes from him being able to create stories in which evil occurs in ordinary situations. In 1973, King sold his first novel, Carrie, the tale of a tormented teen who gets revenge on her peers.The book became a huge success after it was published the following year.

     (“Stephen King Biography”, //

Some of Stephen King’s horror films are Carrie, IT: chapter 1 & chapter 2, The Shining, In The Tall Grass, 1922, Doctor Sleep, Gerald’s Game and Misery. 

In the ending of Carrie: The house was set aflame due to some of the lit candles falling down. And it eventually sank underground, taking Carrie and Margeret with it. Carrie kills her mother by stopping her heart, but nothing happens to the house. 

                              (Rodriguez, Maddie, “The  Many Endings of Carrie”, Book Riot, //

In the ending of The Shining: It ends with the death of Jack, as well as the hotel that goes up in flames due to an aging boiler with jack freezing to death, and the hotel still in one piece, Kubrik said this ending would haunt the audience.

                            (Paonessa, Rachel, “The Shining Ending Explained.”, Indie 88, //

In the ending of IT: “Chapter 1: Bill can united with the others and together they overcome their own fears — each manifested again in turn by Pennywise — and attack the creature both physically and with their imaginations, wounding it badly and sending it back even further down into the depths beyond the sewers and tunnels underneath Derry. Then after having defeated him, for now, they come back and the promise each other to come back if Pennywise came back by cutting their hand with a rock. Chapter 2: They all go down into the sewers and begin to perform the ritual, which involves chanting and burning tokens, but it doesn’t work. Mike lied about the Ritual of Chüd, not revealing that the Native Americans who attempted it were killed by Pennywise. Pennywise attacks again, this time taking the form of a giant spider/clown hybrid, sending the Losers running. Each once again has to face their worst fears. Eddie is killed by Pennywise after thinking he’s defeated it by stabbing it with the same metal weapon from the first film, but that provides inspiration for the others.” They realize that the best way to defeat the bully is to stand up to it and make it seem small. Pennywise shrinks and shrinks until he becomes tiny. Finally, Bill reaches into it and pulls what it calls a heart of chest, crushing it and seemingly killing it for good.

                       ( Hunt, James, “IT Chapter Two Ending Explained”, Screen Rants,                          //

In the ending of In The Tall Grass: “Whatever “wisdom” the rock gave Travis allows him to send Tobin out, back to the church on the side of the road. There, Tobin is able to warn Becky and Cal to ignore a past Tobin’s cries from the grass. He stops them from ever entering the grass by showing Becky the charm Travis gave him, after Travis took it from a dead Becky earlier. The nonlinear nature of time in the grass makes it so everything is happening at once, and since those trapped in it are reborn again and again, it gives Becky a chance to take a different path entirely. This time she chooses to turn around and go home to raise her baby with her family. Travis is also saved, even though he dies. We see the fate of those who succumbed to the rock’s evil when Becky gives birth in front of it. The ground opens, and it’s revealed those damned souls were absorbed into its roots where they were made to suffer for eternity.” They will never escape the grass. They were not redeemed. 

             (Walsh, Michael, “The Ending of Netflix’s In The Tall Grass Explained”, Nerdist, //

In the ending of 1922: “Wilfred discovers this not through the papers but from the ghost of Arletter; she, flanked by rats, corners him in the house’s basement and she “whispered secrets to me only a dead woman could know”. The farm falls into disrepair, with a massive hole in the roof letting snow pour in and a cow taking up residence in the living room. While the police wrongfully solve the mystery of Arlette’s disappearance, that doesn’t draw a line under it either; Wilfred end up selling the farm for a much lower price than Arlette ever wanted (the reason he killed her) and leaves for work in the city he once despised, only to keep having to move on after feeling hunted by rats. At the end, as he writes his story (the film’s framing device), rats pour in through the walls and surround him.” He begins to realize that everything bad that has happened to him and those around him is a result of his single, selfish, short-sighted decision. It’s a very dark version of the “grass is always greener” adage, telling a story where things can only possibly get worse from the start. 

                              ( Leadbeater, Alex, “1922’s Ending Explained”, Screen Rant, //

In the ending of Misery: “Despite being mortally wounded, she managed to escape the bedroom and died in her barn with her hands on a chainsaw, which she presumably intended to use on sheldon. In the movie, sheldon kills her by ramming a metal statue of her pet sow pig – names Misery after his stories – into her head.” Paul can’t write and has horrible visions of Annie coming to attack him, though he learns the troopers that they found Annie died from her injuries in her barn.

(“Misery Summary and Study Guide”, Super Summary, //


For a good portion of his career, King wrote novels and stories at a breakneck speed. The film The Shining  released in 1980 and became a renowned horror thriller that has stood the rest of the time. King also wrote Joyland in 2013, a pulp fiction style thriller that takes readers on a journey to uncovering whos behind an unsolved murder. Then surprised the audience by releasing Doctor Sleep in 2013, a sequel to the Shining, with Sleeping hitting number 1 on the New York Times bestseller list. 


Annotated Bibliography/Horror films

Lauren hau 

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English 1101 


Annotated bibliography  

Fusco, Jon, “watch: How the conjuring director James Wan dilivers the perfect jump scare” , october 28, 2016 

 In the movie The Conjuring, director James Wan knew exactly how to scare the audience with his famous and well known jump scares. When jump scares are used effectively, this causes the audience to feel like they’re stupid and didn’t see it coming. James wan directed movies such as Insidious and Saw and through his experience he’s created plenty of famous jump scares including the ones in the conjuring. When trying to scare the audience you have to come up with new ways of doing so. James Wan follows the philosophy of fully engaging his audience so that it is easy to scare them while they’re lost in the scene. He believes that if you can use these strategies and scare the audience unexpectedly than you’ve earned it as a film maker.            

“Analyzing the Ways the Director Builds Suspense and Scares the Audience in the Film Jaws.” 28 Oct 2019  

In the movie Jaws we are well aware of a killer shark on the loose and this shark is the main reason for the movie and what makes it terrifying. Director Stephan Spielberg creates suspense by using both camera and music very effectively. The audience is led to assume that the shark is looking for something because the music gets louder every second until it reaches its crescendo. This is what makes the audience sit at the edge of their seat wondering what might happen next. Stephan Spielberg built the suspense in the movie by the percussion of volume and different sounds that might startle the audience making them think that something is going to occur. Stephan Spielberg starts the movie off with music and as it picks up the tempo so does our heartbeat and he wanted us to feel the tension right away.                                                                                                            

Rodriguez, Ashley “one of the creepiest scenes from Annabelle:creation came from a dream the director had” August 15, 2017 

Director David F. Sandberg had dreamt one of the scariest scenes from Annabelle creation and wrote it down once he woke upon In this scene there’s a little girl named Linda and she shoots a ball through a bedroom doorway and when she attempts to reel it back, finds that it has been seized by the darkness- presumably by the demon haunting her home. Sandberg found this scene to be suspenseful for the audience and felt he had to include this scene from his dream. Maxine Alexandre, cinematographer states, “Annabelle never moves. There is this rule about Annabelle, so basically the darkness is the shadows of the demon moving through the space. And you are totally scared or freaked out about that”. This shows how Director David Sandberg and cinematographer Maxine Alexandre came together and built this great suspension throughout the movie for the audience. 

The selvedge yard “The shining, Kubricks masterpiece of suspense, symbolism, sets and steadicam” March 10, 2017 

In the filming of The shining, director Kubrick turned Stephan king’s novel into a film masterpieace. In the making of this movie Kubrick was very picky in how he wanted this film to be presented. The first steps was to go around America photographing hotels which might be suitable for the story. Kubrick wanted the hotel to look authentic rather than the traditional spooky movie hotels. He wanted the audience to get a different feel and show them what not to expect because in this way they would get a different sense of fear. “The hotels labyrinthine layout and huge rooms, I believed, would alone provide an eerie enough atmosphere. This realistic approach was also followed by lighting.” Kubrick took things even further when he smoothly glided the audience through the halls and the treacherous hedge maze of the overlook hotel. Garret Brown made some steadicam inventions that Kubrick used for the filming of this film and he says “The shining was an opportunity to bear down on technique that you wouldn’t find anywhere else”. You could tell that there was a significant amount of time and effort put into this movie so that the audience could stay in a state of shock after watching the film. It was well put together and is still considered one of the scariest horror movies today. 


Adamson, Connor “from book to screen: Children of the corn” June 4, 2018 

Children of the corn is one of Stephan Kings popular novels and it takes a different turn than most horror movies take. The author states “The story uses many themes present in kings work; religion gone crazy, the fever of group mentality, and supernatural demonic entities. King likes to follow children as well, and they are obviously a big part of this story.” I find children of the corn to be somewhat exotic in a sense because it’s not every horror film you have religious/ demonic children wanting to kill every adult they see. In this film what really sparks the audience is how a group of kids come together and form a cult and follow this religious sequel in which once they turn into an adult which is the age of 18, they must sacrifice their lives and kill themselves for “He who walks behind the rows”. Stephan king chose to have children as the protagonist in this film because most horror movies have scary monsters and killer adults. Children are usually seen as innocent and delicate human beings but king turns them into the monsters and this gives the audience a feeling of shock and feeds into their fears. 



Renee V, “How Wes Craven prepped his audience for pain in ‘A nightmare on elm street’, September 29, 2016 

Wes Craven, director of the famous film A nightmare on elm street made sure that the audience was in a state of shock during and after watching the film. He wanted the audience to actually have nightmares about it and maybe have the character himself pop up in their dreams. The author states “We already know what makes a horror film scary, a ghoulish face, blood and guts, a loud sound, but how do we build up the tension that precedes those scares?”  Wes craven creates suspense by using sound and visual motifs in A nightmare on elm street to subtly communicate “pain infliction” when Freddy sliced and diced his way through his sleepy teenage victims. Craven used several elements to tap into fear of physical pain, like bold white imagery, striped motifs that mimicked Freddy’s sweater, the color red and materials that served as metaphors for flesh. When sounds and imagery fit the scene it creates tension for the audience and specific colors like red will automatically make us think about blood and there isn’t anything pleasant about blood unless you’re donating it.