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@realDonaldTrump as I speak out to you I also voice my opinion for the other women out there who cannot. Your choice for banning abortions is unreasonable and this isnt something that you should have a say on. 

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Domanique King


@realDonaldTrump As a female being told what I should and shouldn’t do to my own body is offensive and degrades us. We shouldn’t have to live with a fear of being told to do something when we have no control over how it happened. 

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@realDonaldTrump A lot of females cannot financially and or mentaly take care of baby, many females get pregnant due to rape and some are too young to even take care of themselves. Its extreme to penalize them for the decision they want to make.

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@realDonaldTrump you once said in an interview that your view on abortions were shaped because of when you use to live in manhattan and the abortion rights “overwhelmingly favored”

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@realDonaldTrump facts over opinions! And the fact is that just because you felt that a borough in NYC didnt feel the same way as you about abortions does not entitle you to start enforcing it!

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To all the women who are scared about the future of their lives and are even scared to enjoy intimacy with their partner i want you to hear me and listen. There is no reason to second guess your decisions, it’s your life and your body!

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Us females don’t tell men what they should do with their body so why is it ok for them to tell us what to do and create a law?!

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We must step out and talk loud, in order to prevent things from getting too far we have to make a movement NOW! #ourbodyourrights

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 Michael Tackett May 16, 2019


Ritu Prasad BBC News, Alabama 18 May 2019


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Looking back at my annotated Bibliography there are a few connections and similarities that I can make between my chosen sources. Each source holds a dep meaning behind their “horror” the way that the authors choose to write theses stories reflect on their emotional background and personal desires. From this writing assignment, ive learned a few things about each story and why they were written the way they were. Horror becomes an easy genre to stereotype because it is one of the darkest genres. By being a dark genre, audiences often make Gothic or tragic assumptions as to why the author would write a murder instead of a love story. People who write horror don’t purposely want to write it because they have an “evil” mind or whatever the case may be, they write it because they are interested in it and that’s how they embrace the genre. Something i would still want to learn from my topic is what motivates the writer to create such dark stories. Throughout this assignment I realized a lot of things about myself , I take an interest in scary “horror” themed scenarios. The moral background and the way suspense builds is what grabs my attention. My strengths as a writer is having an open mind about the story and the path it will eventually take build the story line. 

Domanique King

English 1101


Horror feeds on audience’s deepest terrors by putting life’s most frightening and perplexing things death, evil, supernatural powers or creatures, the afterlife, witchcraft at the center of attention. There are many authors who make stories based on this genre for many reasons and purposes.

In Stephen King’s fictional book “Carrie” he describes a teenage girl who has telekinetic powers and later uses them as revenge for those who bullied her. The story line has a deep message and a thrilling breakthrough. “Carrie” was Stephen King’s first published book ever. The spark to his horror and thriller writings was when he was young and went through a shocking experience. Stephen childhood friend was killed by a train where they use to play and he didn’t find out until years after . One of the greatest abilities Stephen King has as an author is being able to understand the fears of his readers and to translate those fears into a work of fiction.


Entertainment by Jack Godwin, September 12th 2017. 


In “the raven” by Edgar Allen Poe Every component of the poem, he said, was “logically chosen for effect.” “The Raven” is a poem written by a man who’d lost many loved ones, and was soon expecting to lose one more. He was know for his short stories too, he had a collection of different genres for his stories. One being horror/ ghost. Poe’s writing reflects his literary theories and he wrote to express his feelings.         


 9 Mournful Facts About Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”. BY JOY LANZENDORFER. OCTOBER 26, 2015


“American Horror Story” is a horror anthology TV series,the creators of the series being Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The series nown for its odd humor and grotesque charm. The authors created each series from a reality based situation and twisted it a little more to add the “horror” effect.  In one of the seasons “Hotel” it was inspired by a hotel that was built by H. H. Holmes in Chicago.



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R.L Stine wrote Children’s, horror dark fantasy , thriller stories and his main famous books are his ‘Goosebumps’ series. It was his humorous stories and jokes that later on sparked his fame. R.L Stine took inspiration from many pop culture references to create his characters, his settings, and his storylines. Stine’s favorite horror novel is Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury. It tells the story of two boys who get tangled in the nightmares of a mysterious traveling carnival. His inspiration branches off of other authors and their creations. 


The movie “child play” was a series created by Don Mancini,John Lafia &Tom Holland.The main character “Chucky” holds a thrilling place as he is known to be the “demon” doll. Any horror stories are meant to be commentary on our fears and the troubles plaguing our society. The way the story line goes is that Chucky may seem sweet and innocent at first, but it’s not long before he’s turned into a killing machine, brutally bumping off anyone who he perceives as a threat to his friendship with Andy. Some downfalls if this film was that it was accused of inspiring violence in children because of the doll being the main character.

The movie/book “Bird box” by Harper Voyager was another horror based story. The premise: In a post-apocalyptic world, haunted by beings that cause psychotic behavior in nearly anyone who looks at them, Mallory (Sandra Bullock) tries to protect two small children while traveling to what she hopes is a safe colony. The author wanted to create a story revealing hidden subconscious of the viewer and she wanted to create a sense of suspense for the reader . Throughout the whole movie the characters are blindfolded trying to fight what ever is around them outside of the blind fold.




Ghost stories/poems by Edgar Allan Poe

The raven was a very symbolic ghost story/poem written. The sounds of the tapping on his door and the wind rustling fear him for the slightest  but. He calls out wondering and asking who is out there , he yells out “Lenore” who is someone he lost. That shows he’s still in grief about the absence of his loved one. The one word that stood out more throughout the whole poem is “never more” the raven was a sign that could be interpreted in many different ways.  The narrator uses similar words. The bird’s “nevermore” is to the narrator’s  “nothing more,” except that he used “nothing more” to assert rationality, while the bird’s “nevermore” was exactly the opposite.

Reading to the soul

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Reading helps develop the brain and keeps the mind flowing with thoughts and ideas and imaginations.Reading with a purpose helps the reader to direct information towards a goal and focuses their attention. My little sister has been reading many books and discovering many different things because of her reading. Every night she’s introduced to a new story that places a smile on her little face. The way she loves to read along and point out things is what brings me true happiness. This gave me a feeling of satisfaction because i knew that was educating her and teaching her skills that she will need once she starts school. From reading short stories to baby novels and then skill teaching books  it helps the mind to grow and expand. Pointing out what the characters are doing, wearing, eating , and even memorizing their names is what is most important to me because I know that she is learning more and more. Reading new things opens up imagination and the first time she had touched the hard cover or soft cover books and was amazed by the multi-colors of the cover and pages I knew she would enjoy reading. Hearing her sound out the words and understanding the meaning behind the words, even if it was just doing the simple action of the word was amazing. Everytime we read a new book it is the start of new beginnings. This shapes my own relationship with reading because truthfully I never use to read as much books when I was younger like how my sister does, not many people get an opportunity to read or write and knowing that any one even if it’s yourself, family and or friends get to do this everyday makes me happy. At such a young age and starting to read and write is what is mainly important because she is learning younger and becoming wiser each and everyday. Reading helps you get more connected with your inner thoughts and more in depth with yourself , so does writing. When people write in diaries and their own personal version of a short story it’s because of the connection they have prior to reading. It helps you express your thoughts on a page and see what you think , that’s why it is so important to read and educate yourself. Her favorite book to read is her peppa pig collection book, she always calls out the characters and objects and the actions that she observes them doing. Comprehension is also a major part in reading and writing, she’s very clever when it comes to comprehending what is going on in the story. A lot of people lack the knowledge of certain criteria and that is because they don’t read enough to fully understand. From the start of your life like my little sister to the ending reading and writing will always teach you new things about life. If you don’t have a desire to want to read and or write you will never learn.