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Horror feeds on audience’s deepest terrors by putting life’s most frightening and perplexing things death, evil, supernatural powers or creatures, the afterlife, witchcraft at the center of attention. There are many authors who make stories based on this genre for many reasons and purposes.

In Stephen King’s fictional book “Carrie” he describes a teenage girl who has telekinetic powers and later uses them as revenge for those who bullied her. The story line has a deep message and a thrilling breakthrough. “Carrie” was Stephen King’s first published book ever. The spark to his horror and thriller writings was when he was young and went through a shocking experience. Stephen childhood friend was killed by a train where they use to play and he didn’t find out until years after . One of the greatest abilities Stephen King has as an author is being able to understand the fears of his readers and to translate those fears into a work of fiction.


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In “the raven” by Edgar Allen Poe Every component of the poem, he said, was “logically chosen for effect.” “The Raven” is a poem written by a man who’d lost many loved ones, and was soon expecting to lose one more. He was know for his short stories too, he had a collection of different genres for his stories. One being horror/ ghost. Poe’s writing reflects his literary theories and he wrote to express his feelings.         


 9 Mournful Facts About Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”. BY JOY LANZENDORFER. OCTOBER 26, 2015


“American Horror Story” is a horror anthology TV series,the creators of the series being Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The series nown for its odd humor and grotesque charm. The authors created each series from a reality based situation and twisted it a little more to add the “horror” effect.  In one of the seasons “Hotel” it was inspired by a hotel that was built by H. H. Holmes in Chicago.



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R.L Stine wrote Children’s, horror dark fantasy , thriller stories and his main famous books are his ‘Goosebumps’ series. It was his humorous stories and jokes that later on sparked his fame. R.L Stine took inspiration from many pop culture references to create his characters, his settings, and his storylines. Stine’s favorite horror novel is Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury. It tells the story of two boys who get tangled in the nightmares of a mysterious traveling carnival. His inspiration branches off of other authors and their creations. 


The movie “child play” was a series created by Don Mancini,John Lafia &Tom Holland.The main character “Chucky” holds a thrilling place as he is known to be the “demon” doll. Any horror stories are meant to be commentary on our fears and the troubles plaguing our society. The way the story line goes is that Chucky may seem sweet and innocent at first, but it’s not long before he’s turned into a killing machine, brutally bumping off anyone who he perceives as a threat to his friendship with Andy. Some downfalls if this film was that it was accused of inspiring violence in children because of the doll being the main character.

The movie/book “Bird box” by Harper Voyager was another horror based story. The premise: In a post-apocalyptic world, haunted by beings that cause psychotic behavior in nearly anyone who looks at them, Mallory (Sandra Bullock) tries to protect two small children while traveling to what she hopes is a safe colony. The author wanted to create a story revealing hidden subconscious of the viewer and she wanted to create a sense of suspense for the reader . Throughout the whole movie the characters are blindfolded trying to fight what ever is around them outside of the blind fold.




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  1. me again , your genre is really interesting and it’s deep . in must of your sources you have a lot of details . one thing I would like to see added in your annotated bibliography is appeals .I feel like horror is something that have a lot to do with emotions not only for the readers but also the authors since that’s what they uses to make theirs stories . So adding that will help us understand better this deep genre .
    overall I really liked it

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