Haiku poems are short and sweet that leave their readers smiling. Few common things in all haikus are that they follow the same pattern of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. They are meant to portray images of a specific event in life that the author lived. These events are usually beautiful events that stand out compared to normal events. Most include love for nature and others include love for something else, however they all include a sense of love. In just three lines, the author gives a vivid description of the event for the readers to visually see what the place looks like and at what time is the event taking place. They connect the moment with the readers to share a similar sense of love. Often readers agree with what the poem is trying to portray. One thing for sure, haiku’s rules of the pattern are always to be followed. Few things I learned are that haikus were originated in Japan by famous Japanese poets of 16-1800s. Originally the pattern was five, seven, and five moras but since moras can’t be converted into English, they were replaced with syllables. Also, haikus are meant to be short and sweet, to the point. Anyone is able to read or write them in minutes. I have one question, what happens if you break the pattern? Would it still be a haiku as long as it contains all other aspects other than the pattern? Writing a haiku sounds fun, as much as reading them. Although it may seem easy to write, it’s difficult to think of a loving moment to which your audience can relate to. As a writer, my strength is definitely the ability to imagine and create a vivid picture of what I’m going to write. For example, if I’m writing a haiku on a summer morning, I would have a picture of the beautiful sunrise with a long hot day awaiting. I can also imagine the happiness on people’s faces. I personally enjoy writing because it creates this peaceful environment around me. It puts me in a good mood, reminding me of the great moments I have had as I write about them. I would like to learn more about my hidden strengths as I only learned about my imaging strength through my annotated bibliography. I think learning more about yourself and what you are good at when it comes to writing can definitely grow you as a writer. Doing more annotated bibliographies but on different genres can help me learn more about my hidden strengths. Not only strengths but also my weaknesses. Just doing what I like and over coming the weakness as a change will help me grow as a writer. 

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