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Looking back at my Annotated Bibliography on Movie Reviewers talking about the different movies they each saw, there are some thing that I noticed that each one had something similar to each other. In most cases, they open up with something to get the reader up to par on what they are going to talk about. It may be on a movie before that one or what the first thought of it before seeing it. Another being how they point out specific people in each review. Among all of the however, they each give out points where the movie was good and where the movie was just down right awful, even sometimes saying that the movie has a whole was either good or bad, despite the actors or the plot. The last thing is that a job of a reviewer is to give insight on a piece of media or item, putting that online for others to see if they plan on seeing a movie, show or buying an item. It can change many minds, or change none. One thing that I did learn about looking about movie reviewers is each of them have their own saying on explaining a movie. None of them are really the same unless it is about what is going on in the movie. What I would still like to learn however is how did these people become well known with just speaking about a movie? Was it from luck? Or was it just spreading around like with the best movies of all time?


As I began typing out the Annotated Bibliography, I did learn that for a time, it looked like that I have kinda slacked towards typing up the Bibliography, as there are a number of stuff that I have left out from people reviewing things and who they were and also how they were able to get a look at it. I didn’t really find any sort of strength, besides having a little plan when writing this, with who I wanted to include in the Bibliography. I am good at planning since I still have the papers in my backpack where I had written who I was going put in the essay and what they have reviewed before hand. There are a number of ways that I would like to continue as a writer. One, I would like to have a better understanding on how to structure things, as I feel like it’s a bit all over the place still. Even with previously having Playwriting classes for about 2 years in High School.  In some ways that I can enact these changes is to just keep writing a little more, day after day. Have a little bit of practice or just write whenever I’m feeling bored. I don’t really need anything to make this happen.  What I do need however, is to invest time into it. Invest as much time into those problems so that I can keep improving and working on anything else that sticks out.

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  1. I learned that movie reviews are actually helpful when wanting to know more about the movie and the background and hearing different opinions about It can really open up your mind about that specific scene that you haven’t thought about or missed.

    1. I found it interesting how movie reviewers all have a different opinion on movies and how that opinion can influence consumers to either watch the movie or not. I learned that movie reviewers have opinions hold a lot of weight on how good a movie does in sales and can either make or break a movie.

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