My annotated bibliography consisted of different sources of collections of poetry. When gathering my sources and after analyzing all of them, I noticed they shared many similarities. All of the poets used a specific, yet unique book layout, that sectioned their poems in a way to make the reader feel a sense of self-growth. In every book, you can see that each author divided their poems into chapters, typically these chapters represent a different stage or perspective of an experience and the poems would describe the narrators point of view. This leads to the next similarity I found between my sources, and that’s the type of tone they all use. All of the books were focused on overcoming a past trauma and learning to gain self love and growth. They all try to teach the reader that life goes through many changes and hardships before realizing whats really important. The authors maintained a specific writing style, or rhythm in their books. They kept poems short and simple, no more than a page, and also provided illustrations, making the poems physically appealing to readers. Something I learned about my genre when gathering the sources is the type of audience it typically has. They attract the younger generation mainly because how different society is compared to back then. The poems describe traumas and experiences that people face now in the 21st century, like relationships, gender, growth, mental illness, injustice, therefore making it easy to relate to them. During this assignment I discovered many things about myself as a writer. I learned that my strengths are transferring what I had brainstormed in my head to on paper in writing. It was being able to bring whatever I imagined in my head to life. For example, I use to have troubles putting my thoughts into words, I never knew how to start, or continue, or end my writing, fast forward through years of writing to today and I’ve improved.  However something that would assist me to grow as a writer is expanding my vocabulary and being able to transition in my writing. For example, I constantly get stuck on trying to connect certain things and never know if there’s a simpler term to use instead. There’s many ways I can go about this, or enact these changes, one being getting familiar with different genres of writing and analyzing THEIR writing styles. Another major way would be, to learn and be familiarize with the synonyms and antonyms of different words. In conclusion, I feel more aware of the strengths I have as a writer and the weaknesses I can and will overcome.

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  1. What I learned from your reflection is that all the books are focused on past trauma and learning to gain self love and growth. That poems change according to the new generations so that the readers can relate to the poems and the author.

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