Video Game Addiction – Research/Audience Assignment

Mohammad Andha


Video game addiction is a big issue, it’s a major concern for most parents. It’s about their children’s life after all. It’s important for both parents and young children to understand the meaning of what addiction is and how it can affect them in the long run. I chose to write to the parents who are concerned, teaching them how they can prevent this addiction and I wrote to the gamers, trying to awaken them before it’s too late. Gamers think video game is not an addiction and it’s nothing to worry about. But it’s important they understand how lethal it can be. I chose to write my audiences a letter because I want to create a sense of personal sympathy and express the importance by publishing it everywhere to quickly rise attention. 


Dear Parents, 


    I’m sure every parent is concerned about their children. Every parent is worried about what their future might be. Every parent has a dream to see their children succeed in specific careers. Some children succeed and fulfill their dream but the rest don’t succeed. The ones who succeed are the ones who try, the ones who care, and the ones you can make smart and responsible choices for themselves. The ones who fail are the ones who don’t care and who are ignorant of the world outside. One of the biggest issues in youth today is video game addiction. Parents that have children who play video games have concerning questions such as, “Does this addiction affect our youth today? If so, in what way?” And “How far can this addiction go?” 

    Children can become addicted to many things and gaming is one of them. What harm could this give, you might ask? According to an article called “Negative Effects of Video Games” states that “Video games can negatively affect the brain, memory, and vision. They can cause stress, anxiety, and even isolation if the addiction gets severe enough. Video games can even kill brain cells and interrupt a person’s sleep.” The amount of time spent into gaming can affect your brain in long term effects which can lead to many other problems. Kids get so involved in gaming that they don’t sleep or go outside and exercise. For example, playing shooter games can affect your hippocampus part of the brain. As the article states, “Studies show that people playing “shooter games” damage the hippocampus area of their brain.” This part of the brain controls spatial and long-term memories, being harmed, it can cause depression and anxiety. This addiction can also affect your sleep. Same article states, “Use of video games before bed does make it difficult for many children to get a good night’s sleep. 18% of parents in a recent study cited sleep issues with their children who played video games at night.” Now there are many ways it can affect your sleep. It can give nightmares, or staying up late playing leads to less hours of sleep, or hard to fall asleep. An article called “Violent Video Games and Aggression” states “Studies have shown that playing violent video games can increase aggressive thoughts, behaviors, and feelings in both the short-term and long-term.” Youth that grows addiction in such violent games can have a noticeable increase in their aggression. This can lead to many social problems. Such as, not feeling empathy for people around them. Also, yelling or screaming at almost anyone in public which can lead to violent action. 

    Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior. Parent’s actions lead to their children’s behavior. You parents must control your children because as weird as it may sound, they will become addicted to video games. You might ask, how can I tell if they are addicted to gaming? Answer is very simple, an article called “Video Game Addiction” states few symptoms of an addict. These symptoms include, “Not being able to quit or even play less” or “Not wanting to do other things that you used to like” or “Having problems at work, school, or home because of your gaming.” All of these are signs of video game addiction. Look at the amount of time they spend playing video games, if it’s more than a few hours a day then try to lessen it. Don’t completely remove video games from their life, this will make the situation worse. Video games are a key factor of mind relaxation. Obviously too much is harmful but a little bit of it is needed. It’s never too late to break the addiction. Just like any other addiction, it can be cured. Consult a doctor or therapist as soon as possible. It’s a parent’s duty to get any help necessary because the child might now even feel he’s addicted.


Dear Gamers,


    Video games can be addicting. It’s a lot of fun to play, relaxes your mind. Great temporary distraction from school work. Even I play video games for about 1-2 hours every weekend to relax my mind and to enjoy my free time. However, letting gaming become an addiction can be a really a horrible thing. It can go from relaxing your mind to killing your mind. Temporary distraction to permanent distraction from school work. Playing more than a few hours a week is considered addiction. If not addiction then definitely a start to one. First it will be 3-4 hours then 4-6 and then 10+ hours. Eventually, you will start to skip sleep or school so you get more hours to play. This will affect you in the long run. You won’t be able to progress in school because you won’t feel like doing any of the given work. Instead, you’re going to find yourself playing video games. Then after you graduate from school, you’re going to end up working in a fast food restaurant but still playing video games. That’s not even the worst part. Video game addiction will affect your marriage life. 

    An article on the New York Post, called “Video Game Addiction Ruined My Life” gives an example of a wife tired of her husband playing video games all the time. The wife says “I would go to sleep, and he’d be up gaming”. No life partner wants their partner to be away while they sleep all alone. They probably won’t have any kids if her husband doesn’t leave video games even when it’s bedtime. She also says “He just wasn’t around, he wasn’t there … I was a video-game widow.” She felt lonely, so lonely that she describes herself as a widow. This was just the start, the wife got so sick of it that she hammered his computer. I’m sure the husband wasn’t very happy about it. They will have arguments and fights daily. Why? All because he decided to play video games day and night. It may even lead to divorce, which you better hope doesn’t happen. 

    You might ask, how can I tell if I’m addicted? It’s very simple. According to an article called “5 Signs of Video Game Addiction” there are 5 ways you can tell if you’re addicted to video games. These are anger, problems socialising, neglecting other activities, lying about gaming, and physical neglect. As the article states, “Irritable when they have to stop playing to engage in another important activity.” If you see yourself getting angry because you’re losing or you have to stop playing, it’s a sign you’re getting addicted. According to the article, “addicts to video games do not have close social relationships, and often become isolated from society, preferring to spend long hours in front of the screen.” If you find yourself playing video games all day and not socializing with anyone in real life, it’s a sign you’re addicted. Refusing to do any other activities such as hanging out with your friends and family or to focus on your studies is also a sign you’re addicted. According to the same article, “people with a video game addiction usually end up neglecting other aspects of normal life such as their studies or their work, in addition to their family and friends.” If you are lying to your parents about the amount of hours you play video games to defend yourself, then it’s another sign you’re addicted. For example, playing 8 hours a day but telling your parents you played 2 hours. Also stated in the article, “people with an addiction to video games try constantly to defend themselves, and lie about the number of hours they spend playing games.” Finally, not doing any form of exercise or cleaning yourself or taking care of your health is another sign you’re addicted. According to the article, “addiction can lead them to stop paying attention to personal hygiene.” This isn’t the time to panic, you can still divert from this addiction, you may not even be addicted yet. Having one or two symptoms doesn’t mean you’re addicted but it does mean you’re getting there. Even if you’re addicted, you can still eliminate this addiction. 

    You still have time to change yourself, you’re not alone in this. Article from the New York Post, called “Video Game Addiction Ruined My Life” gives an example of a man named Tim Walrod who overcame his addiction. He says, “It felt so much easier to go home, flip a switch and play a game, instead of dealing with real-life issues.” He’s not wrong, playing video games is easier than dealing with real-life issues but you shouldn’t hide from them. According to the article, “Things “spiraled” out of control four years ago: He was so engrossed in his video games that he missed a deadline to apply for nursing school. It was a “big wake-up call,” says Walrod, who was unemployed at the time and dreaded breaking the news to his mom.” He played so much that he forgot about his deadline to apply for nursing school, he was unemployed and scared to tell his mom. It says it was his “big wake-up call”, it reminded him of his career and dreams. He started by cutting down an hour a day as the article stated, “he cut back on his game time to just an hour a day and was eventually accepted into a nursing program from which he graduated earlier this year.” He also reveals his secret to success. Article says, “He’s now game-free and credits his success to therapy and pursuing other interests such as meditation, guitar lessons, learning Spanish and running.” Consult a doctor or therapist, they will guide you. Do something else you like, you don’t have to do what he did. Therapist will help you find what else you like if you can’t figure it out. Before gaming gets even worse and harder to control, it’s your job to make sure you handle it. 




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Haiku poems are short and sweet that leave their readers smiling. Few common things in all haikus are that they follow the same pattern of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. They are meant to portray images of a specific event in life that the author lived. These events are usually beautiful events that stand out compared to normal events. Most include love for nature and others include love for something else, however they all include a sense of love. In just three lines, the author gives a vivid description of the event for the readers to visually see what the place looks like and at what time is the event taking place. They connect the moment with the readers to share a similar sense of love. Often readers agree with what the poem is trying to portray. One thing for sure, haiku’s rules of the pattern are always to be followed. Few things I learned are that haikus were originated in Japan by famous Japanese poets of 16-1800s. Originally the pattern was five, seven, and five moras but since moras can’t be converted into English, they were replaced with syllables. Also, haikus are meant to be short and sweet, to the point. Anyone is able to read or write them in minutes. I have one question, what happens if you break the pattern? Would it still be a haiku as long as it contains all other aspects other than the pattern? Writing a haiku sounds fun, as much as reading them. Although it may seem easy to write, it’s difficult to think of a loving moment to which your audience can relate to. As a writer, my strength is definitely the ability to imagine and create a vivid picture of what I’m going to write. For example, if I’m writing a haiku on a summer morning, I would have a picture of the beautiful sunrise with a long hot day awaiting. I can also imagine the happiness on people’s faces. I personally enjoy writing because it creates this peaceful environment around me. It puts me in a good mood, reminding me of the great moments I have had as I write about them. I would like to learn more about my hidden strengths as I only learned about my imaging strength through my annotated bibliography. I think learning more about yourself and what you are good at when it comes to writing can definitely grow you as a writer. Doing more annotated bibliographies but on different genres can help me learn more about my hidden strengths. Not only strengths but also my weaknesses. Just doing what I like and over coming the weakness as a change will help me grow as a writer. 

Annotated Bibliography/Haiku Poem

Mohammad Andha

Professor Jewell 

English 1101 



Holmes, Paul. “October’s Gold.” Family Friend Poems, 14 May 2019,


Here is why fall should be your favorite season. “October’s Gold” is a haiku poem written by Paul Holmes which describes the beauty of the fall season in just 3 lines and the title. That’s what’s interesting about a Haiku. Paul Holmes isn’t too famous for his poems but this one stood out to me. Tree leaves that fall in October are a symbol that it’s fall. Paul compares these leaves to cornflakes showing the crunchy resemblance. First two lines of the poem reads “Like crunchy cornflakes, Gold leaves rustle underfoot”. He claims that those leaves are valuable for October by describing them as “Gold” leaves. Those gold leaves create the beauty of the season. The last line says “Beauty in decay”. The season of fall is most people’s favorite, because he describes a factor of the season as “Gold” and who doesn’t love gold. 


Fox, David. “One Day Of Summer.” Family Friend Poems, 18 July 2019,


Summer is everyone’s favorite season of the month. Especially the kids, the beautiful sunshine keeps them running. “One Day of Summer” by David Fox is a haiku describing the eagerness in one to view the season of summer. David Fox isn’t famous for his poems but he claims summer is everyone’s favorite and who doesn’t like summer? He starts by saying “Beautiful Sunrise” creating this imagery in his audience’s head to give an idea of what’s coming. He describes the morning as beautiful and warm. First two lines read “Beautiful sunrise, on a warm summer morning” explaining what summer is in just a few words. He goes on and says “I wait for days start” to finish his poem. He empathizes the eagerness within him for his day to start in the season of summer. He expresses his love for summer connecting to his audience knowing everyone loves this season.


Jones, Savannah M. “Autumn Love.” Family Friend Poems, September 2018,


Haiku “Autumn Love” by By Savannah M. Jones summarizes what the poem is about just in the title. Savannah uses imagery to describe the love for the season and the outfit of people during Autumn. First line reads “Coolness fills the air” to describe what the weather is like, to express what Autumn feels like. Author uses imagery in her next line to vividly show what Autumn looks like. Second line reads “Scarves and sweaters everywhere”. People are cold, so they need colorful scarves and sweaters to warm them up. He also says “Fall weather is here” in his last line to portray senses of Autumn and how to detect it’s that time of the year. His last line also has a sense of that excitement of the arrival of this season. He connects to the audience by sharing the same chilly feeling. The need of a scarf and a sweater. 


Matsuo, Bashō “Examples of Haiku Poems.” YourDictionary, 24 May 2019,


Matsuo Bashō is the all time famous japanese poet. He has written many different haikus, most of them are about nature. His haiku about a frog and pond is one of his most famous writing. It stands out because it vividly shows the nature of a swamp. In his poem he claims that swamps are nothing but an empty pond with just frogs. It starts off by saying “An old silent pond…” which immediately creates an image of a swamp. Swaps are old with ponds. He goes on and says “A frog jumps into the pond” describing the wild life of the swamp. Only animal at a swamp you would find is a frog. The swamp is a quiet place with nobody around. He finishes his poem by stating “splash! Silence again.” His last line creates an image of the emptiness of a swamp with very little noise. Frogs move, create a sound, and back to quiet. He creates the sense for a swamp in his audience. 


Short, Ethan L. “Love For Mom.” Family Friend Poems, May 2018,


Have you ever told your mother how hardworking she is or why she’s the best mom? “Love For Mom” is a haiku by Ethan L. Short written for Mother’s Day to express how amazing and hardworking they are. Ethan starts the poem by simply describing his mom as “the best”. His first line reads, “Mom, you are the best.” By saying that he’s trying to convey that there is no one like her. She’s simply unique in every way. He continues the poem by saying “You work all day long” to give an example of why she’s the best. His mother works all day, showing a sense of hard work. His last line furthermore expresses the load of work of a mother. “I think you deserve a rest”, showing she works all day nonstop, no breaks and she simply deserves one. With this poem, he is not only speaking to his mother but to all the moms out there. Because they all do the same, work work and work. Author connects to the audience by showing resemblance in his mother with the readers. 


Maloof, Sandy. “Forever Love.” Family Friend Poems, 18 July 2019,


Do you know what it’s like to feel true love? True love is a never ending and forever lasting love. “Forever Love” is a haiku by Maloof Sandy which shows what is a forever lasting love. The title itself says the claim, love is forever or at least should be forever. Author starts by saying “Friends forever in time” vividly showing the future of your friendship, showing that it still exists in the future. His next line explains what keeps the love and friendship strong. Second line reads “Bonded by our hearts and souls” showing the connection between you and your friends and what keeps your love together forever. “Our hearts and souls” shows how friends communicate with this love. By connecting your heart and soul with someone else, you can feel what they feel. This haiku targets all friends as audience and shows the deep meaning behind the love. His last line “Love forever lasting” simply repeats his claim of the never ending friendship. 


Memior: Night by Elie Wiesel

Night is a memior about Elie’s Holocaust experience with his father. Elie was only 15 when he was sent to the Nazi German concentration camp in Auschwitz and Buchenwald with his father. Though him and his father were kept seperate throughout, they tried their best to see each other. Elie talks about his experience in great details. He claims that the intensity was of the camp was there every second he lived there. Also mentions the struggle for food, as all they had was bread and soup in very little quantity. Before even entering the camp, everyone had tests ran on them. Medical and physical tests. If they failed, they would be killed. Elie says, “We were told to take off cloths and run butt naked to the other side, with great obstacles. I ran and kept running, not allowed to stop.” One of the tests was to run without cloths to the other side without stopping with great obstacles that try to kill you. This was to test how physically fit you were and that was just the beginning of the camp journey.

Fear of Reading

   I knew very little English from what I was taught in my Pakistan school. Coming to America, I had this fear of not being able to communicate properly with my peers at school here. I was in 3rd grade when I immigrated to America, I remember my first day of school. I walked in class giving everyone this look of fear in my eyes, I didn’t say a word. I was hoping no one talks to me. I was hoping the teacher doesn’t put me on the spot. Since English isn’t my first language and I couldn’t speak it fluently, I was placed in ESL (English Second Language). My teachers knew I was in ESL so they gave it their best to help me advance out of ESL. I was in ESL for 3 years, which was my entire elementary experience. With the help of my teachers, I trained myself to pass the ESL exam.

    Starting 6th grade I was placed in regular English. I enjoyed writing a lot more than reading, I don’t know why but I find almost nothing interesting in reading. It was like my biggest enemy, I hated it more than bullies. I seemed uninterested in almost every reading I was given. I only finished my reading assignments given by the teacher if I was forced to read. Every time I was given a book from the teacher, I tried to find ways to avoid reading the entire book and jump to summaries. Sometimes I had no choice but to read, because there would be a quiz or an exam. Starting high school, avoiding readings became almost impossible. There would be times where I wanted to write an essay or story but my vocabulary was really weak. I think it was in 10th grade when I finally realized the true meaning behind reading. I knew I had to make reading my best friend. I also realized that my vocabulary was weak because I don’t read. It was getting harder and harder to write. Hence, I started to read more. Started slow but if I look at my past, I read more than before.

    Reading wasn’t my favorite thing to do but I truly enjoy writing. It was something I could do and not realize how much I have written. In 10th grade my creative writing teacher gave us an assignment to write, she said to write about yourself. It can be about anything, maybe something that occurred in the past that changed your life. As easy as it sounds, it was actually so hard for me to write about just anything. It was hard for me to think about one thing out of all the other events that have occurred in the past. When it comes to writing, I hate writing about myself. I find it hard to think about a specific event. However, once I get an idea and start writing I would go on and on about that topic. If a teacher gives me a specific topic to write about, it makes my life so much easier. 

    I had many events in the past. First I had to divide all those moments into the events that were interesting. Then I had to choose just one to write about. It took me the entire period to think about an event to write about, so I had to finish it at home. The next day during editing, my teacher read my writing and said that my use of vocabulary is very weak. She said I was using small words to describe the event and that I should expand my vocabulary. At first I was so confused. I thought to myself, how do I expand my vocabulary? Completing the assignment became really hard, not because I couldn’t write or couldn’t think of the topic. It was because I was told to expand my vocabulary and I had no idea how I can do that. My teacher asked me if I read books and I replied, “To be honest I don’t like books or to read.” She said that I would have to make books my best friend if I want to get better at writing. I completed the assignment but it became uninteresting after I used the wrong words to describe the event. I couldn’t learn new words in a day, so I decided that I will read more in hope that over time my vocabulary grows stronger. 

Personal experience

I was in 3rd grade when I immigrated to America. Reading and writing was one of my weakest, I could speak English but reading and writing was challenging. I was placed in ESL (English as Second Language) throughout my elementary school. In those 3 years in my elementary school, I trained myself good enough to pass the ESL exam. Starting 6th grade I was placed in regular English. I enjoyed writing a lot more than reading, I don’t know why but I find almost nothing interesting to read. I seem uninterested in almost every reading I was given. I only finished my reading assignments given by the teacher if I was forced to read. Every time I was given a reading, I tried to find ways to avoid reading the entire passage and jump to summaries. Sometimes I had no choice but to read. However, writing was something I could do and not realize how much I have written, I actually enjoyed it. As I grew older and eventually went to high school, I realized I have to make reading my best friend. I can’t just avoid it forever, so I started to read more. Started slow but currently if I look at the past, I read more than before. In 10th grade my creative writing teacher gave us an assignment, she said to write about one thing about yourself. It can be anything, and as easy as it sounds it was actually so hard for me to write about just one thing. It was hard for me to think about one thing out of all the other things that have occurred in past. When it comes to writing, I hate writing about myself. I find it hard to think about a specific event. However, once I get an event and start writing I would go on and on about that topic. So after my teacher gave us that assignment, it took me the entire period to decide on what to write about, then I had to finish it at home since I wasted my entire period thinking. When a teacher gives me exactly what to write about, it makes my life so much easier.

“Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros

I have always wondered what it’s like to be the only child in the family or more specifically only son in the family. Being isolated from your siblings must feel lonely and separated from family benefits. I thought being lonely would come in your way of succeeding in life but looking at Cisneros, it varies from family to family. I always wanted to experience what it would be like to be the only son in the family but after seeing Cisneros go through, I don’t think I want to experience that anymore. You would always be so upset that it would take a lot of courage for you to do anything. For example, when Cisneros says “Each time, my father would seek out the parish priest in order to get a tuition break, and complain or boast: I have seven sons.” Cisneros clearly doesn’t get the same respect as her brothers, making her doubt herself. Cisneros liked one thing about being a girl though, she had freedom to major in anything she wants because her father told her, she is only getting education to get married. She enjoyed writing and since she was lonely she had no one to bother her while she did her writing. Her father read her stories she wrote and really enjoyed reading them. Clearly she made a good success out of her isolation from her siblings.