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I was in 3rd grade when I immigrated to America. Reading and writing was one of my weakest, I could speak English but reading and writing was challenging. I was placed in ESL (English as Second Language) throughout my elementary school. In those 3 years in my elementary school, I trained myself good enough to pass the ESL exam. Starting 6th grade I was placed in regular English. I enjoyed writing a lot more than reading, I don’t know why but I find almost nothing interesting to read. I seem uninterested in almost every reading I was given. I only finished my reading assignments given by the teacher if I was forced to read. Every time I was given a reading, I tried to find ways to avoid reading the entire passage and jump to summaries. Sometimes I had no choice but to read. However, writing was something I could do and not realize how much I have written, I actually enjoyed it. As I grew older and eventually went to high school, I realized I have to make reading my best friend. I can’t just avoid it forever, so I started to read more. Started slow but currently if I look at the past, I read more than before. In 10th grade my creative writing teacher gave us an assignment, she said to write about one thing about yourself. It can be anything, and as easy as it sounds it was actually so hard for me to write about just one thing. It was hard for me to think about one thing out of all the other things that have occurred in past. When it comes to writing, I hate writing about myself. I find it hard to think about a specific event. However, once I get an event and start writing I would go on and on about that topic. So after my teacher gave us that assignment, it took me the entire period to decide on what to write about, then I had to finish it at home since I wasted my entire period thinking. When a teacher gives me exactly what to write about, it makes my life so much easier.

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