My Topic for the Annotated biography Assignment was hip-hop.While I was researching sources for this topic I found many similarities between them.One of the similarity I found between the sources was that they were all through the artist’s perspective throughout the songs the rappers would use “I” and describe how he viewed and felt about different things and topics.Another similarity I found between the sources was that they all talk about their life before becoming rappers and what they went through to get to where they are today. Also the sources talks about the street life and how it got them into making music.In all the sources the rappers deliver a message to their fans either to motivate them or give them a view into their lifestyle and challenges they face.Through this assignment I was able to learn how each rapper use life experiences and turn them into hit songs that delivery a message.What i would like to learn from this topic is how each rapper finds their different flow and style and how they are able to implement it into their music 


Throughout this assignment I felt like had a difficult time finding the right sources i wanted annotated for my topic hip-hop after researching for a while I was able to find sources i was familiar with and it made it easier to annotated. I believed that my greatest strength when it comes to writing is being able to imagine through the writer or author perspective and understand what they are trying to say. I would like to continue to grow as a writer and be able to write more in detail explanations in my assignment by brainstorming ideas. I can achieve this by participating writing  more and expend my view my writing about different topics which will helping strengthen my writing skills.    

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    1. Also what I found interesting was how hip hop artist think about what the audience can relate to and make it into a song, I feel when the audience relates to their songs it makes listening to it enjoyable. Also depending on how the person is feeling there’s a song that goes with their mood.

  1. I learned that artist’s uses their own perspectives when producing there hip hop songs, I would’ve normally thought that they would be controlled by a corporation to do a certain topic or will find a topic to connect to the audience he is trying to gain. It’s interesting that all the authors gave messages to their fans probably for them not to make the same mistakes as themselves and/or to learn from your previous mistakes in the past.

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