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All my sources share some similarities of how they can catch the audience’s attention and how we should use our technology in our society. One of my sources was about how we use technology as a negative way in our daily lives. Charita Goshay talk about students that include teens or kids are being distracted by using their cellphones for doing their work in class. Goshay trying to tell the readers that we should focus more of our work than using our phones or play video games. The rest of my sources talk about technology in a good way and they also share potential experience of how designer can develop better technology that can improve our society. For example, these sources “Op-Ed Education for an Age of the technology”, and “Technology broadens Approach to Healthcare in Trenton”, talk about how developing new system can make our lives much easier such as making new medicine to people with their illness and the satellite that can tell us what the weather is going to be like. All my sources share formal tone to explain their argument and some of them have more than one tone that includes, joyful tone, serious tone and optimistic tone. What I learn from my topic is that all these authors (Roba Abbas, Albert Lee, Charita Goshary, Wm. A Wulf, Alice Grossman and Natalie Terens) wanted the readers to understand that we can gain knowledge if we use technology as a advantage that can help us to move on in life such getting our education, making new medicine and finishing our work on time that involved with homework or doing our jobs. One thing that I still like to learn is that how designers come up new improve system that can still help our society today.

What I learned from doing this assignment is that annotating can help me to look back what each paragraph from the reading is about and it allow me to find what the author’s argument is. Annotating is a good strategy to use to remember and to get a clear image what is the reading is about. I believe that reading op-ed is one of the best genres to write about an argument because I learned that op-ed is a newspaper, or an article were writers share their opinion to explain their important issues or agreement of what their argument is about. I think my strengths as a writer is that I able to create example to explain the author’s agreements. For example, going back to Goshay agreement that students are addicted to technology, many kids like to play their video games or using their phones because many kids are more interesting being online than getting an education. I need to work on is my imagination because when I read, most of the time, no ideas come to my mind. I believe I need to read more in depth because reading in depth can help me what the character and author is feeling or thinking.

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  1. I learned that the authors of Justin’s sources all try to convince the reader that technology can help us gain knowledge. This is important because nowadays technology is an important factor in our lives and it can both benefit and harm us.

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