Ángel D Torres

The speeches of Martin Luther King, Robert F. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth and Joseph Goebbels all have in common to change their home countries to become the best they can be for the people and for the future generations. Some speeches are different from other speeches and from the points of view of the people or from the leader of the group to change the future. One similarity between all the speeches is that they all have a motivation sentence for the person giving it to the audience and using giving the best voice for the countries. Another similarity between the speeches is the person’s purpose to change the country for the better of everyone in the country and for better things. Another similarity between is how the speeches affected the people and made them think like Abraham Lincoln’s speech and Martin Luther King’s speech. This affected how someone’s speech can change people to thinks of there surroundings and other people around them. Another similarity of all the speeches is that person who gave the speech all were standing up for what’s right for the their countries and for the people, also the person who gave the speech is also a person remembered by the country they were from and changed the country. One other similar trait in the speeches is the tone of voice the person was saying it to the people and how it changed people’s minds about hearing and reading a speech or how the writer used different examples to enhance their work it make it more interesting and sound important to a good audience to hear and support them on the purpose. 3 of the speeches were related to war and how it can save a lot of people who are in danger and make a country be feared by other and to unite countries against a common enemy.  3 other speeches were about freedom and getting rid of segregation and racism. Also to create unity between the people and countries. One speech was delivered and helped the economic issue in the country and helped it save money and increase in the country’s main economic growth.
what I learned about the genre of   speeches is that not only can I be but leaders or higher class people, but normal people can stand up to what right for them and change people’s lives and the country they are in. I also learned the value of how words can carry wisdom to people to make them think straight and to reason that it’s for the better of themselves and others around them as well. Speeches help a lot to inspire people to stand up and help people and also for people to have a voice of there own and help other who don’t have or can’t stand up to. Also thing is how speeches changed over the reasons given for like civil rights movements, racism, war related events and for elections for further leaders of the countries.

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  1. Interesting genre, speeches can be universal. Meaning it can be about anything to any type of audiences. Most are to raise a point, to awaken the audience or to bring change. But one thing I learned is that all speeches share a same tone. Which has the power to change peoples minds. This is really interesting because writers have the power to raise their voice. And speeches have the power to change people’s minds to bring about change.

  2. This was a quite informative reflection on your topic on Speeches. I learned that speeches all mainly have a commonality that focuses on improving one’s home for the better with a change in mind. I think it’s interesting that speeches are never or rarely used in a time of peace and overall being positive. They mostly seem to be from a negative situation trying to become positive.

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