“Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros

I have always wondered what it’s like to be the only child in the family or more specifically only son in the family. Being isolated from your siblings must feel lonely and separated from family benefits. I thought being lonely would come in your way of succeeding in life but looking at Cisneros, it varies from family to family. I always wanted to experience what it would be like to be the only son in the family but after seeing Cisneros go through, I don’t think I want to experience that anymore. You would always be so upset that it would take a lot of courage for you to do anything. For example, when Cisneros says “Each time, my father would seek out the parish priest in order to get a tuition break, and complain or boast: I have seven sons.” Cisneros clearly doesn’t get the same respect as her brothers, making her doubt herself. Cisneros liked one thing about being a girl though, she had freedom to major in anything she wants because her father told her, she is only getting education to get married. She enjoyed writing and since she was lonely she had no one to bother her while she did her writing. Her father read her stories she wrote and really enjoyed reading them. Clearly she made a good success out of her isolation from her siblings. 

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