Personal Experience

I remember when I was growing up in middle school I didn’t really have much of a taste for reading. Let alone writing, even though when I did write the ideas were great but my grammar was completely off. It was a time in my new middle school where we had to take reading tests to see what level of reading you are on. I was new to the school and the system so I didn’t have much knowledge on what I was reading and what the real purpose it was for. Unfortunately it turned out I wasn’t so great when it came to reading, and in that moment when I got back the results I didn’t think I was so bad. I kept making mistakes and I didn’t like myself for the time because how bad I was. The thoughts that came to my head was that I wouldn’t get much better in the future. In the school they would also test me on my writing skills during class and even then I was bad. I had so many grammatical errors in my sentences and I didn’t know how to make use of my punctuations like I should which ultimately didn’t even allow my sentences to make sense or seem interesting to readers. I had a lot of trouble making long sentences with no periods or commas or even having emotion in the sentence too. I was all over the place and that mainly stemmed from not reading. Ultimately, my experience reading and writing is one of the worst where I didn’t have much sense in it and I didn’t do so well in it thinking that I couldn’t get better. Until I did get better with the right motivation and right people along my side to help me get better.

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