Personal Experience Essay

When I was fairly young, around 2-3 years old my parents thought I was mute and couldn’t comprehend anything that was being said to me because I barely spoke. Due to this my parents and my teachers decided to put me in a english as a second language class while I was in school, and they also decided to get me a tutor at home. However I understood everything that was being said to me and I knew how to talk, I’ve rarely ever spoke back to my parents and teachers for the simple fact that I was just shy. Eventually they realized I never needed an ESL class because Ive always found it easy and any work that was given to me I would understand it with complete comprehension and never needed anything explained to me. My tutor also realized this. My parents asked me why I rarely spoke to them and I simply told them it was because I was shy and I really did not like to speak. I was always a quiet kid and till this day I still am. I talk to my parents and everyone around me like any normal person would but sometimes I can be really quiet when Im in a bad mood or when Im around people I don’t really know and whom Im not comfortable around. I never had a problem with reading or writing but being forced into doing work that I understood and didn’t need any  clarification made me not enjoy reading or writing. Till this day I don’t really enjoy  reading as I tend to lose focus easily and get uninterested and I procrastinate on every single writing or reading assignment .

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