Annotated Bibliography/Haiku Poem

Mohammad Andha

Professor Jewell 

English 1101 



Holmes, Paul. “October’s Gold.” Family Friend Poems, 14 May 2019,


Here is why fall should be your favorite season. “October’s Gold” is a haiku poem written by Paul Holmes which describes the beauty of the fall season in just 3 lines and the title. That’s what’s interesting about a Haiku. Paul Holmes isn’t too famous for his poems but this one stood out to me. Tree leaves that fall in October are a symbol that it’s fall. Paul compares these leaves to cornflakes showing the crunchy resemblance. First two lines of the poem reads “Like crunchy cornflakes, Gold leaves rustle underfoot”. He claims that those leaves are valuable for October by describing them as “Gold” leaves. Those gold leaves create the beauty of the season. The last line says “Beauty in decay”. The season of fall is most people’s favorite, because he describes a factor of the season as “Gold” and who doesn’t love gold. 


Fox, David. “One Day Of Summer.” Family Friend Poems, 18 July 2019,


Summer is everyone’s favorite season of the month. Especially the kids, the beautiful sunshine keeps them running. “One Day of Summer” by David Fox is a haiku describing the eagerness in one to view the season of summer. David Fox isn’t famous for his poems but he claims summer is everyone’s favorite and who doesn’t like summer? He starts by saying “Beautiful Sunrise” creating this imagery in his audience’s head to give an idea of what’s coming. He describes the morning as beautiful and warm. First two lines read “Beautiful sunrise, on a warm summer morning” explaining what summer is in just a few words. He goes on and says “I wait for days start” to finish his poem. He empathizes the eagerness within him for his day to start in the season of summer. He expresses his love for summer connecting to his audience knowing everyone loves this season.


Jones, Savannah M. “Autumn Love.” Family Friend Poems, September 2018,


Haiku “Autumn Love” by By Savannah M. Jones summarizes what the poem is about just in the title. Savannah uses imagery to describe the love for the season and the outfit of people during Autumn. First line reads “Coolness fills the air” to describe what the weather is like, to express what Autumn feels like. Author uses imagery in her next line to vividly show what Autumn looks like. Second line reads “Scarves and sweaters everywhere”. People are cold, so they need colorful scarves and sweaters to warm them up. He also says “Fall weather is here” in his last line to portray senses of Autumn and how to detect it’s that time of the year. His last line also has a sense of that excitement of the arrival of this season. He connects to the audience by sharing the same chilly feeling. The need of a scarf and a sweater. 


Matsuo, Bashō “Examples of Haiku Poems.” YourDictionary, 24 May 2019,


Matsuo Bashō is the all time famous japanese poet. He has written many different haikus, most of them are about nature. His haiku about a frog and pond is one of his most famous writing. It stands out because it vividly shows the nature of a swamp. In his poem he claims that swamps are nothing but an empty pond with just frogs. It starts off by saying “An old silent pond…” which immediately creates an image of a swamp. Swaps are old with ponds. He goes on and says “A frog jumps into the pond” describing the wild life of the swamp. Only animal at a swamp you would find is a frog. The swamp is a quiet place with nobody around. He finishes his poem by stating “splash! Silence again.” His last line creates an image of the emptiness of a swamp with very little noise. Frogs move, create a sound, and back to quiet. He creates the sense for a swamp in his audience. 


Short, Ethan L. “Love For Mom.” Family Friend Poems, May 2018,


Have you ever told your mother how hardworking she is or why she’s the best mom? “Love For Mom” is a haiku by Ethan L. Short written for Mother’s Day to express how amazing and hardworking they are. Ethan starts the poem by simply describing his mom as “the best”. His first line reads, “Mom, you are the best.” By saying that he’s trying to convey that there is no one like her. She’s simply unique in every way. He continues the poem by saying “You work all day long” to give an example of why she’s the best. His mother works all day, showing a sense of hard work. His last line furthermore expresses the load of work of a mother. “I think you deserve a rest”, showing she works all day nonstop, no breaks and she simply deserves one. With this poem, he is not only speaking to his mother but to all the moms out there. Because they all do the same, work work and work. Author connects to the audience by showing resemblance in his mother with the readers. 


Maloof, Sandy. “Forever Love.” Family Friend Poems, 18 July 2019,


Do you know what it’s like to feel true love? True love is a never ending and forever lasting love. “Forever Love” is a haiku by Maloof Sandy which shows what is a forever lasting love. The title itself says the claim, love is forever or at least should be forever. Author starts by saying “Friends forever in time” vividly showing the future of your friendship, showing that it still exists in the future. His next line explains what keeps the love and friendship strong. Second line reads “Bonded by our hearts and souls” showing the connection between you and your friends and what keeps your love together forever. “Our hearts and souls” shows how friends communicate with this love. By connecting your heart and soul with someone else, you can feel what they feel. This haiku targets all friends as audience and shows the deep meaning behind the love. His last line “Love forever lasting” simply repeats his claim of the never ending friendship. 


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