Response to Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros

In Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros she writes about her life growing up in a big Mexican family, being the only daughter with six brothers. Growing up with all boys and being the only girl. Throughout the story she is trying to impress her father, and just wants him to be proud of his only daughter. I found this story very interesting, especially because she wouldn’t stop trying to make her father proud of her. As the only girl she always felt different in her family, her brothers wouldn’t include her, and what really impressed me was that she became stronger from that experience. All the time that she had by herself really helped her become a talented writer. She even says at the end of the third paragraph, “But that aloneness, that loneliness, was good for a would-be writer – it allowed me time to think and think, to imagine, to read and prepare myself.” She never gave up and continued to pursue her dream, despite all the exclusion she was victim of. The perseverance that Cisneros showed throughout the story inspired me, the perseverance she showed in order to overcome all the obstacles she had throughout her life.

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