Personal Essay


FNU Adeel

ENG 1101:English                Personal Essay

composition I C379/D379

                      My experience with English wasn’t too bad. When I recently came into United States i felt like I will never fit into this environment because English is my second language. The first day in my computer class my teacher gave a dictionary then whenever i have problems with English i look words means first in my language. Dictionary was my first thing to start knowing English then i started watching movies to speak with accents. First semester even my English teacher told me that you should go one class back. Then I took evening classes to improve my English. First semester i got failing grades then i start with new beginning and improved my grades up to 85 %. Then English was my favorite subject which i never ever failed. I Also read a book called “A Child Called It”. Every day I come to my school I learned a new thing a new vocab. Then I joined volleyball in my school so I can interact with more people. I spoke my broken English in class and whoever I talked too never feel ashamed because I was there to learn something if i’m wrong teachers will correct me. I Also knew who ever is sitting with me nobody is perfect in English they are here to learn too. I also loved to work in groups so I can learn how each person has a different idea then me. I’m good at learning is when I watch videos. Then I started working at a pharmacy and I wasn’t good at communicating with customers at that time but now i’m very happy to go to work and meet with different people and also help people who don’t speak English because im Trilingual.My experiences with English was good because I wanted to learn English anyone can learn English if you have willing to do something. I think that Malcolm X, story is similar to mine because we had to learn something new which we never did before.

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