Our body has been an issue to all of us and I think taking care our health is important because it can help us to be educated. Many parents argue about how games can bring a harm to their kids’ mental health. Video games develop kids’ mental health such as understand, learning, problem solving that can help them pass their subject with high grades.

“We ignore our Illness”
Speech by Justin Bartholomew

I am happy to speak to you today about why health is dangerous thing for our society. I believe students that include kids, teenagers and adults should focus on their health because having a good health can help student to stay educated. To be educated, we must improve our social health and prevent us from getting any disease. Having a health issue also cause us to pay on our health care that could give us a negative decision on how we be paying for our classes in college in the future.
Students will be able to focus better in class if they have no health issues. In “why you should take care of your body and health” Elizabeth Scott. MS argue that a health issue can bring harm to your everyday life. This tell us that health can really affect our happiness that can lead to a certain stress level. I have been seeing many students having a habit for being sleepy. That’s why is important for us humans to eat breakfast because it can build up our energy and help us to stay focus. Stress that include aches, sleepiness, having a cold or other health diseases could distract student from not going to school and from doing their homework or classwork. This prove that students today need to make a healthier habit to prevent any health issues or diseases.

We in a world that many of us be paying for our health and our children healthcare. Doing this low down our chances to get their degree. In “Our Food Is killing Too many of us” Dariuish Mozaffarian and Dan Glickman stated that “instead of debating who should pay for all this, and can we reverse this so we need less health care?” this information tells us that we shouldn’t rely on doctors to take care of us or telling us what to do to stay health. We must treat other self-healthy by improving other diet and exercise. Students been missing their school day from getting sick that could cause to miss out their assignment and their study sections. In “Getting sick in college: How to tech your child to couple on their own” Joanna Nesbit says that “ there is literature suggesting that college students who are immunized against flu miss fewer days of school those who don’t”, this indicate that many researcher find out that student who are healthy are able to get better grades than the ones who are that healthy. Students who have low grades lose their opportunity to use their finanaial aid that could affect you from losing some of their money.
Many of us doesn’t realize that the way we communicate can affect us on how we act. Social health can affect our personal control, mental health and physical health. For example, according to “Social Relationship and health: A Flashpoint for health policy” Debra Umberson and Jennifer Karas Montez stated that “social ties influence health behavior, in part, because they influence or control, our health habits,” having a self-control behavior can prevent student from smoking and from drinking too much alcohol. Students with good social health get their work done faster by communicating with their friends. For example, if a student need help in a certain subject the can text or talk to their friends from their cell phone. Good health behavior will allow us to communicate better.

Middle school through college, I been seeing many students failing their test grades because they haven’t fully recovered from of their illnesses. This make me feel that health can be a dangerous thing in life because it can stop us from doing many things such as going school, not being able finish our work and cause us to send our money for our health.

New York Times Opinion Article
Tittle: Video Games is Good for Our Brain
By: Justin Bartholomew

Many adults that include parents say that gamers have a lack of health that includes a lack of brain growth and have a bad eyesight. Parents shouldn’t talk about any negative comments about gamers because gamers that involve with kids or teenagers, can lead them to have a positive impact on their daily life that can help them to maintain focus, and it can improve their strategic thinking. Video games can help gamers to be more comfortable with using new technology.

Video games such as computer games or playing a game system can boost gamers strategies According to “Playing video games can Boost Fast thinking” Janice Wood stated that “ playing a fast paced strategy video games can help the brain to become more agile and improve strategic thinking”, doing something in a fast paste will allow people to think better and it help them to finish their work on time. For example, if a student is taking an English exam, reading in a fast paste can allow them to have more time and to think about multiple ideas to write down their thoughts. Wood also stated that “real time strategy games can promote our ability to think on the fly and learn from past mistakes” this indicate that having to speed up your thinking, learning from your our mistakes from developing your our strategy can help you to be more creative for problem solving in real life. For example, being a technology designer required a to make a lot of mistakes that can help them to form a better plain on how they can fix their problem. This information proves that parent shouldn’t argue about their kids about how video games stop them from doing their work that could cause them to have a lack of brain growth. Video games can get their kids to finish their work before their work is due that can lead them to look back to find any mistakes or add more detailed to their work that includes math or English.

Gamers were able to stay focus of their surroundings. In “Video Games Improve Vision, Study Says” Brian Handwerk says that “previous research gaming improves other visual skills, such as the ability to track several objects at the same time and paying attention to a series of fast-moving events”, having a good vision can help gamer to focus on multiple of object at ones. For example, having a good eyesight will allow the driver to find any traffic issues such as car accidents and traffic jams. Visual skill can help gamers in everyday life that include reading, writing and math. Many parents don’t realize that playing video can improve kids visual ability and it can develop their understanding, learning, and their memory.

Technology is now important to our society and I believe parents should try to play video with their kids. In “Curious Kids: why do adults think video games are bad?” Joanne Oriando stated that many adults think that spending more time with animated characters is unhealthy and “they know it’s important for kids to spend more time with real people and learn good social skills”. Playing video games doesn’t make them unhealthy, it helps them communicate better with people who play similar games. Joanne also says that adults are not sure that children are getting any learning experience from playing video games. Playing video games such as puzzle games can help kids to can higher grades in math, sciences, reading and other subjects. Play video games is fun and it can be one of best ways to improve our mental health.

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