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Poverty has been a worldwide issue for as long as existence and its important to address mainly because lower income individuals have experienced high rates of illness, diseases and disabilities than of those who  have higher incomes. poverty weakens families as they struggle to pay bills and make ends meet and can’t properly give their kids their necessities. One of my audiences was of all the governments nationwide. I chose to target them because most of them haven’t done much to help poverty or have done very little in which they barely helped the vast majority of them. I wrote my message to them in letter format because they are very busy individuals and seemed like the more proper thing to do. My idea was to duplicate the letter and send them out with their specific language so that they would obviously understand it. My other audience was all of humankind, reason being is because poverty is happening nationwide, not only in one specific country or state but everywhere and the whole point of this is to try and get everyone together as a team to try and decrease these poverty rates and give a helping hand to the people who really need i. I decided to do a TED talk that was “broadcasted live” for the world to see, almost like a commercial to try and persuade them to help with little donations that would make a big difference.


Dear all Governments nationwide,

I would like to enlighten you all about one of the major issues we’re  facing today which is poverty. Nearly 10 percent of the worlds population is under poverty, that’s almost one billion people living below the world bank poverty line of one point ninety says the article “poverty around the world”. Children are extremely affected when it comes to poverty, many are born into it and poor mothers don’t have the income to be able to provide for their infants and this is what causes health issues for them. In the article Global poverty from world Vision, they state how the number of children dying are from poverty, hunger and disease. This shows how poverty and having no actual income can affect the lives of the people and their life is on the line due to the diseases they may get especially for the homeless people living out on the streets. This is getting out of hand and we need to focus on important topics such as this one and find more ways to help the less fortunate. If the government of the united states just alone helped the US, that would be a big help, there are about 43.1 million Americans living in poverty and the number of people living “near poverty” puts the number to about 100 million. So i’m here to ask you to lend a helping hand because you all have the power to make a change and it would make a difference in our world today. Think about the children and put yourselves in their shoes as well as everyone else living in this extreme environment. If you weren’t informed or ignored the worlds poverty line, I hope I educated you all enough about it so you could now make a difference. Thank you.

Sincerely, Lauren Hau



Ted talk broadcasted nationwide (Live)

As we all know, poverty has been one of the major down factors of the world today and I’d like to talk to you about how we can make a difference. There are about 7.53 billion people in the world and out of the 7.53 billion, one billion of them fall under the poverty line. Just imagine if the rest of the 6 billion were to donate some kind of money to them, it would help increasingly. life is generated off social class, there’s an upper class, a middle class and a lower class. All of these classes involve economic status. The majority of people don’t fall under the poverty line because we’re all too afraid to ever let it happen to us. And if you really think about it , money does make the world go round. It is so sorrowful to think about the indigent people struggling today all around the world. Not many got the chance to work or have the proper education. Think about how much better the world would become if there were less people dying from lack of food and water, less diseases and health issues. This could be stopped if we really tried to stop it. Our voices and ideas are so powerful yet we don’t all seem to use it because we don’t ever put ourselves in their shoes and sometimes it is what we have to do. We don’t know real pain till we’re the ones going through it and if you’ve ever experienced this then you would know that giving a helping hand is more than generous. Want us to fight for their rights and give them a home and make them feel like they have a second chance at life. So if you could all donate even if its just a quarter, you would help many families, starving children and single mothers with no hope. You would be a hero. My name is Lauren Hau and thank you all for listening.




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