Research/Audience Assignment

Thierno Diallo

Professor Jewell

ENG 101

25 November 2019


          There has been an increase in violence in america. Mass shootings have become a common thing and government officials and politicians are blaming it on video games . Video games are not a cause of violence in america. Throughout the years video games have become more and more popular.There billions of gamers around the world. Video games connect people from all around the world allowing them to meet new people and make new friends.The video game industry is growing industry making billions of dollars and opening up many career opportunities for people all around the world. I have chosen to write a letter two both President Donald Trump and Parents speak to them about why video games aren’t a cause of violence in America.



     Dear Donald Trump

            Following the mass shootings that happened at Paso , Texas and Dayton, Ohio that claimed the lives of 31 people you addressed the public and suggested that video games where a cause of these violence. According a NBC article In the speech you said “We must stop the glorification of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace. It is too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. We must stop or substantially reduce this and it has to begin immediately,“.Before that you made a similar comment after the parkland shooting to Florida’s attorney general. The Times article stated You said “I’m hearing more and more people say the level of violence in video games is really shaping young people’s thoughts,”.These comments caused a big controversy between people who believe video games are a cause of violence and people who believe they aren’t and that your using it as a scapegoat instead of addressing what really is the cause of violence in america.This topic was trending for a couple of days and got many people talking and discussing the issue.The majority of people disagree with you, they don’t believe that video games are a cause of violence in america. Your comment angered many people in the gaming community.These people whose career and hobbies revolve around playing video games believe you are using their community as a scapegoat for the cause of these massacres. Many of these gamers were quick to point out that there are billions of gamers all around the world and that other countries aren’t facing the same problems america is . There are millions of gamers in america alone if gaming is a cause the cause of violence then there be way more violence in america then it already is. According to an article on CNN previous research done had suggested that video games were a cause of violence but newer research found out that because previous researchers lacked experience with the new technology that research was done poorly. A LA Times article states that research done in current time found that there is no evidence to link video games to real-world violence. Video games aren’t the cause of these massacres mental illness, bullying, abuse are just a couple that are the real cause of violence in america . Implementing  restrictions on video games it will not stop the violence in america because video games aren’t the problem


 Dear Parents

          I know most of you have heard about the comments by politician and president trump blaming the violence in america on video games.I know most of you are worried that these comments  and that video games might cause your children to become violent. I can assure you that video games are not a cause of violence in america. Countless researcher show that video games have no links to real life violence. Video games have opened up many amazing opportunities for people. It has allowed billions of gamers for all parts of the world to connect and meet new people and make friends. It has allowed people to travel around the world and compete with each other to huge amounts of money. It has opened up careers for people earning them millions of dollars a year playing video games. Video games are a great way to relax after a hard day’s work. Research also shows there positive health effects contributed to gaming . According to a blog post by Art Bamford  Ph.D. student in Media Studies “studies have shown that gaming can improve hand-eye coordination, complex problem solving, memory, and a young person’s ability to pay attention for longer periods of time”.He also states that video games also help foster friendship allowing people to open up and talk to people .Video games have brought many people together and is not to blame for the increased violence in america.



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