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Assignment 2, Part 1: Everything Sucks in Streaming Animation Right Now

The article I choose to research and illustrate for an Editorial Illustration was “Everything Sucks in the Animation Community Right Now,” by Vice. It discusses how animators who works for Warner Bros Discovery, Netflix or any Streaming Animation are struggling to animate projects due to tons of cancelation animation projects they neglected after announcing. One of the Showrunner from a cancelled project, Dino Daycare by Chris Nee, tweeted that Netflix was a Killing Spree as soon as the ink is dry, they move on to the next project and it’s saddening to hear. The CEO of Warner Bros Discovery cancelled upcoming animation projects like Driftwood, Batman: Cape Crusader, and the sequel to the Scoob! film.

I create a word web to demonstrate how HBO Max remove animated shows like Infinity Train, Mao Mao, Summer Camp Island, and many more. This is important to talk about this as so many animators are working overtime and either getting their budgets being cut to lower salary or not getting paid at all thanks to greedy CEO’s of Streaming Animation not giving animators a raise, gives up on them to move on something else, and mocks their animation workers. That type of conduct can make them lose business quickly. And for those who wishes to work in the animation company as part of their career. They are reconsidering to change their career after hearing that their dreams of being an animator has been crushed due to lower budget. This is what not a lot of folks understood that animation takes plenty of time to work on and money. Give that animation project and the team a chance and a raise too.

Assignment 2


Overall Project Description:

Create an Editorial Illustration for an article in a magazine printed or online.
You will be choosing the article.

Work will be judged on the clarity and cleverness of the overall concept, thoughtful utilization of composition, the use of value, and of course the skillfulness of overall technique.

The final illustration may be traditional or digital.

Note the faster turnaround time for this assignment! Illustrations meant for publication in Magazines and Newspapers, digital or traditional, have very quick deadlines.

So does this project. Work efficiently.


50 % project grade Submit a PDF PROCESS BOOK guiding us through the project from inception to conclusion.

  • Carefully SCAN/photograph all your process work. This should include a link to your article, or scan of article in print, Brainstorming notes or word web, Thumbnails, Concept Sketches, Value Roughs, Color Roughs, Related Sketchbook Work, and Final Art.
  • Carefully Label all of your work so that your thought process is CLEAR.
    Be sure all of it is presented well: facing the right way, no shadows in the picture, good contrast, etc.

50 % project grade Submit a publication ready 300 DPI JPEG of Final ART


  • The final color illustration must be created using a limited palate.
  • It can be made using a combination of traditional and digital drawing,
    inking and coloring skills.
  • Final art should be made to fit the real magazine’s specs if there is a print version, 8″x10″ approximately. Discuss size with professor.
  • Students will be required to present the illustration alone, as well as a digital mock-up of the illustration with the Magazine Masthead or logo if it makes sense.
  • Work in Progress should be posted for feedback to the OPEN LAB, (categorize as work in progress)

Due Date(s)

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