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Interested in extra credit?
Participate in Inktober in October. You will need an Instagram account which is pretty simple to start. If you can’t post every day which can be hard with other obligations I suggest doing at least 10 of the 31 prompts. Do your best to post on the day of the prompt. However, if you are late by a day I think that is fine.
How do I know if you post. Tag me in your caption @dianaschoenbrun

What do I write in my post?
You can write a brief description or materials you used. Or keep it simple and write something similar below.

Day 1: Gargoyle




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Check out the themes for this month’s Inktober calendar.


Next Thursday, Sept 29th (this is a MONDAY schedule) we will host: Alitha Martinez

The Eisner award-winning artist of Black Panther, and current artist of DCs Nubia! Is there a right way to break into the comic book industry? How did she get the attention of major publishers? Learn what it was like to enter the comics when in her words, “Women in the industry were as rare as tiger’s in the wild.”

Get answers to these questions and more from this comics industry expert!

Join us in room P117 for a conversation and a meet & greet!!!

See ya there

PS, thanks to Prof Wooley and the Ink Club for this connection.

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