Class Info

  • Date: Friday 11/11/22

To-Do Before Class

Assignment 2, Editorial Illustration Assignment 2, part 5

Sketchbook/Reading Exercise Week 10 : Listening and Drawing

Field Trip
Society of Illustrators

The Original Art 2022


Writing assignment during the field trip. Email small photos of the art chosen.

Due Next Week

  1. Homework:
    Make a list of at least 5 classic movies you enjoy. Preferably, movies older than 5 years. Don’t include animations. Our final semester assignment will be an illustrated movie poster. More info to come.
  1. Sketchbook:
    LISTEN! Part 2 (this is a little different from last week’s sketchbook assignment because this assignment is based more on what you hear for the starting point.)
    Eavesdrop and listen to conversations you hear at school, at the park, coffee shop, bus/subway, etc. Do the sounds of the city inspire you? Or listen to music. Fill three pages in your sketchbook inspired by the conversations, sounds, or music you hear.
  1. Make sure to have your editorial illustration posted on Openlab completed and your printed image ready for class next week.

We will have another Professor observing our class next week.