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Final Poster is due by our final class on December 16.

Final Project: Part 3

1. The poster should be in color unless you can make an argument for a black-and-white version.
2. The poster should be posted on Openlab and also printed in color.
3. The poster should include the title and director’s name. You can use lettering or typography. Or a mix of both.

Final Project: Part 2

This was Week 13 homework. But you should still do a color study upon completing your final art.

Color Study

  1. Work on a color study to decide on your color palette. Do 2 color roughs.
  2. Work on typography and lettering for the film title and director’s name.
    I suggest using Illustrator or Indesign to add type. You can use a placeholder font for now and talk to me in class about a font to use.
  3. Bring in your color your mock-up with type roughly placed for next week.
    You will have additional time to work in class so bring your files.
    Remember the final poster can be traditional media or digital.
  4. Post to Openlab>Activities>Final Project>Film poster, Week 13

Final Poster is due by our final class on December 16.

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