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Assignment 2, Part 2: Sketches

10 Concepts of Editorial Front Cover Illustrations based on Vice’s Article: Everything Sucks in Streaming Animation Right Now. Giving the idea of some fanart characters being taken away from either HBO Max or Netflix to erasing them out of nowhere. Or some animators struggle while animating projects overtime with little or no salary and then get upset and frustrated when the CEO randomly cancels their newest Animated Series or Film.

Assignment 2, Part 2

Client: NBC news.

My concept focuses on how social networks destroy the lives of young adolescents over time, that is, the result of spending a lot of time on social networks or using computers or phones is affecting the mental state, resulting in an addiction and depression. On my thumbnails you can see some effects like headache, distancing and negative thoughts.

The first concept is a young adult with the one thought this case social media like facebook or instagram etc. Sometimes what we see on social media is not always true because people through a telephone may be suffering. The second concept is a lead of a false life, that is, meaning wear a mask that represents a social network every day (A new post)

Assignment 2, Part 2

Bradford Roberts

Client: The Atlantic

My concept is focused on the idea that Trump will be faced with explaining his involvement of the capital riot and 2020 election lies to Americans a little too late. I used that to create the atmosphere around his speech. Including a prison visitation room, a court room, a cell, and prison cafeteria. All of which he is performing his speech to supporters.

In the visitation room, the reporters/supporters are represented through they’re reflections on the glass dividers or just placed on the opposite side of him. I wanted to place Steve Bannon (his associate) as a prisoner in the background whom was convicted for contempt of Congress.

In the court room concepts, the idea was to have Trump in front of an audience of supporters and judge/jury which he hides voting cards, rioting note behind his back towards his supports but away from Judgement.

Also, included were concepts of Trump on an Instagram Live video talking to supporters via prison
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