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Assignment 2, Part 2

My article/ reading is Between Not Wanting to Live And Not Wanting to Die.

The reading can be found here:

I did my thumbnails based on depression in general and some about how depression makes you don’t want to live but at the same time don’t want to die.

For my concept sketches i picked two:

  1. A person carrying a dark side of his personality (depression/ how he pictures himself) on his back is represented as a demon whos always on his shoulders.
  2. A person hangs a doll with a rope in his hand while he looks sad. He pictures the doll as him committing suicide
2 concept sketches

Assignment 2, Part 2

My concept is to incorporate objects from football and the brain. This is to show the cause and effect of football and brain injuries of CTE.

What is CTE? (

Thumbnail Sketches

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