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Assignment 2, Part 1

Why Are People Biased Against New Technology?

In my opinion, the target audience of this article is youth people. Everyone’s receptivity is different. This article is about the acceptance of new technologies. He made a point: If the status-quo story is true, then they should be less skeptical of it if it was invented before they were born, and more skeptical of it if it was invented after they were born. The results of Matthew Fisher’s research show that this is a fact. The older the technology, the easier it is for people to accept it. On the contrary, the first reaction of people to the latest technology is often to doubt the feasibility of this new technology, but once they start to doubt it, their acceptance of this matter will decline.

Sketchbook Week 6 – Food

The last time I ate was yesterday’s lunch and dinner.

I skipped breakfast this morning because I was in a hurry for my Communication Design II at 8:30 AM, so I got myself a Green Glory Juice from the Juice Shop on Adams Street. Then at lunch, I had a Turkey Avocado Sandwich with water. Then my dinner was a slice of pepperoni Pizza with a can of Pepsi. Then I drank a glass of water before I slept.

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