Spot Illustration

(See the class presentation for an overview and details)

Assignment 1, part 1

1. Brainstorm and research:
Start with writing, make a list and create word webs for each concept. Doodle and sketch as needed.

2. Concept:
Come up with at least 2 solid ideas to present, you can present more if you like. Write out each concept in a sentence. We will critique in class and help decide which direction to go in.

3. Sketch:
Have at least three thumbnail sketches for each concept.  6 small sketches in total. Sketch in your sketchbook or on paper. You’ll have the option to do digital later.

5. Post homework to Openlab.
Post word webs, concepts, and sketches to Openlab. Post all jpgs and writing to Openlab in STUDENT POSTS>WORK IN PROGRESS>Assignment 1, part 1

Make sure to always have your sketches or files with you in class even if posted to Openlab.