After visit the 1 hotel

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Last Monday we visit the 1 hotel which is located at Brooklyn Bridge. I felt so exciting because it was so petty. When I enter from the gate I felt quiet and relaxed. The staff looked nice. And then we went to the restaurant of the 1 hotel, it also made me comfortable and wanted to have eat on here. Because the view and condition was great. Later we went to 8th floor to visit room of hotel. There were many artworks in the hallway that make people want to take pictures of them. Decoration style is also very good. When we enter to the room everyone felt exciting. The room was big and clean, and it was open view room. I really wanted to live in here. We stand in the room at 8th floor, I can saw the expansive views of the East River, Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. It made me want to work at this hotel because the environment was so nice. I thought this was a amazing visited.

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