36 Hours in Brooklyn

They say that most new ideas and concepts in the US come from two places. One is Silicon Valley, on the West Coast. The other one is Brooklyn, the biggest and most diverse borough, in the biggest city on the East Coast, New York. So many different nationalities have walked and settled on the streets of Brooklyn, and with every right, it holds the name of the World Borough.  When the two mayors shacked hands, and Breuckelen became Brooklyn, everything was set for the creation of the capital of the world. With big history of immigration and working class heritage, Brooklyn is today the entrepreneurial, innovation and hospitality hub of East Coast. With such diverse dining possibilities, international cuisines, cult nightlife, art scene, cultural happenings, spectacular architecture and a world known waterfront, not many are able to resist the feeling of being blown away. With that being said, and much more waiting to be discovered, Brooklyn is a must on everyone’s bucket list.



1) 4:00 p.m. Start of the adventure

Brooklyn Bridge


A perfect way to start off your Brooklyn exploration and sightseeing would certainly be crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, a national historic landmark, and birthplace of modern New York. This spectacular masterpiece of architecture, sometimes even considered as a world wonder, was open in 1883, connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island with Manhattan, creating the New York City. The architect of the Brooklyn Bridge was John Augustus Roebling. famous German architect, who gave his life for his beloved project, dying during examinations of the field. His son took over the project, and in 1884 he proved to the public how strong the bridge was, by moving more than twenty elephants across it. The Bridge is open to public at all times and very slow traffic is allowed on it. Many bicyclists use the bridge for commuting between Brooklyn and Manhattan, and on a nice spring, summer and even autumn day; it is definitely one of the best walking paths in town. The first area you will come across is the cult DUMBO, a small neighborhood between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, boasting with historical and cultural material to be witnessed. Once a place where mainly Italian immigrants settled many decades ago today is considered as a place to be, in terms of dining, attending a play or concert, shopping etc. Because of the Italian heritage, many old pizzerias are still running strong, and are very popular, including Ignazio’s, Juliana’s and Grimaldi’s. Shop the latest collection of Scotch & Soda brand, on the Front Street, or witness a vintage super car collection at the Legend Car Company. If you are looking for a world-class performance, look no further than the cult St. Ann’s Warehouse, which has become the hub of NYC’s performing arts, where great names of theater make a thrilling atmosphere.

Legend Car Company

One of the favorite selfie places in town


2) 5:30 p.m. exploring the charming Heights

Not far away, on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge, the hidden gem of Brooklyn and New York, is the charming neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. Once a place of gang and mafia wars, this area today is certainly one of the most attractive in town, with great dining, shopping and leisure possibilities. When we say leisure, the first thing that crosses our mind, is no doubt, the gorgeous Promenade, with some would say, the best view in New York. It is a pedestrian walkway next to the river, with unobstructed views of Manhattan’s spectacular Financial District, the bridges, and even the Lady Liberty. But what really is significant to this place, is the clean and wide path, with many benches you can sit on, relax with a good book, or a talk, surrounded by trees and silence of the river, enjoying nature and the spirit of this great city.

The Promenade

Lady Liberty from the promenade







beautiful historic residential house on Henry Street

3) 6:30 p.m. All Aboard!

Walking down the Brooklyn Heights promenade, you are heading back to the point where your adventure started, by the great Brooklyn Bridge. There, your journey will continue on a boat! The New York City Ferry operates daily on the East River, and for $2.75 dollars per person, you can cruise the river to many points in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens! I am sure this will bring excitement to your late afternoon, and give a little time off to your tired legs. Hop on the Ferry, and head north. You can enjoy the view from the open top of the 2-level boat, while taking priceless photographs, worthy of a lifetime memory. But not for long, as the ferry ride ends soon, reaching our destination, the North Williamsburg pier.

The East River Ferry view



4) 7:00 p.m. the SoHo of Brooklyn

The next stop on our big tour, will be the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg. This area has exploded in the past two decades, becoming not just Brooklyn’s, but whole New York’s hub of art, dining, nightlife, fashion and avant-garde! Walk the beautiful new waterfront, all the way to the Williamsburg Bridge, or explore the neighborhood from within, once packed with Industry and warehouses, today converted into art galleries and nightclubs, announcing a new era of this historical place. One of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn is still, after many struggle and countless high-rises being built in Brooklyn, the timeless Williamsburg Savings Bank, constructed in late 1920’s. It is one of four tallest clock towers in the world, and today a luxury condominium.

5) 8:00 p.m. at the Luger’s

The perfect dining experience in Brooklyn, while you are already around Williamsburg, would be a dinner at the famous Peter Luger’s Steakhouse. It has been around for about 130 years, and for many critics, this is the best steakhouse in the world. Yes, you read that right. And right here, in Brooklyn! This cash-only steakhouse is inspired by a Bavarian beer hall. A dinner for two, with an appetizer, entree, dessert and a bottle from a very wide selection of wines, will be $150-200 dollars. Order a rib steak, creamed spinach, and french fries, with a cheesecake finish. Reservations for prime dinner times are advised to be booked at least one month earlier.

6) 10:00 p.m. the 1 Hotel

After a long and thrilling day, take the ferry back to the Brooklyn Bridge pier. Spend a night at the nearby 1 Hotel, where you will merge with the nature, in this green and futuristic hotel. Recharge your batteries, and get ready for a long day tomorrow. Double beds start around $300 dollars per night, and usually there is always a vacant room, so no reservation is needed. Make the 1 your base for the rest of the trip, and enjoy the amazing view and feeling of being at the 1. Spend the rest of your first Friday night in Brooklyn at the hotel’s rooftop, enjoy a special handcrafted cocktail by the plunge pool, for guest use only, and if you are lucky, there will be a good party there too!

Suite at the 1 Hotel

The 1 Hotel










1) 11:00 a.m. brunch at the Osprey

Good morning! Knowing you had a great sleep, I believe your batteries are recharged and that you are ready to continue your adventure for today. Your first stop will be the Osprey. It is the restaurant in 1 Hotel’s ground level, where brunch is being served. Enjoy the farm-to-table American cuisine, which stands for one of the best in town, and right at your lobby!

The Osprey









2) 1:00 p.m. Beach Time!

Our next attraction in Brooklyn is the famous Coney Island Beach! A Tesla Model S will take us there, as a courtesy from the 1 Hotel, available to every guest. On the Brooklyn’s south shore, you can spend a day sunbathing, walking down the beautiful boardwalk, dine, shop, and much more! Make sure to bring some towels, for leisuring on the sandy beach, and if you even feel avanturistic, bring a swim suit and hop in the Atlantic! The one thing, Coney Island, is famous for, is the Luna Park. Many great rides are available during the season, and for a reasonable fare of $4 dollars per ride, you can have a thrilling experience. There are many dining options, and we would recommend going to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. This sister pizzeria of the Grimaldi’s at DUMBO, is always the right choice for an evening pizza, by the beach and a gorgeous sunset. For about $35 dollars, split a large pie with someone, over a glass of beer, and start calling it a day, at this great place. Take the special 1 Hotels “city shuttle” (Tesla S) back to your sanctuary, where the staff arranged a special surprise in making this trip, a once in a lifetime experience, tickets for the Brooklyn Nets basketball game!















3) 8:00 p.m. Let’s go Nets!

After brushing up a little bit from the adventure at the beach, head down to the Barclays Center Arena and support the local NBA team, the Brooklyn Nets. Brooklyn got his home team in 2012, when the NBA franchise was replaced from New Jersey to Downtown Brooklyn, and the spectacular Barclays Center, which opened together with the creation of the team. Enjoy this amazing experience, and support the Nets toward a new triumph!

4) 11:00 p.m. Output

A weekend in Brooklyn would not be right without a proper Brooklyn-Williamsburg night out. In the past couple decades this area has become notorious for the underground warehouse parties. Dozens of clubs, rooftops and bars have based in Williamsburg, and made it the techno scene of New York. An abandoned warehouse turns into something very different in late night, and a world-class DJ performance is happening. One of these place is the cult Output. This club, on 74 Wythe Avenue, has been the place of some of the greatest parties and performances in New York, with big names of techno and electronic music performing on a regular basis. The club consists of multiple levels and a rooftop, the most popular part, especially when the sun rises… It is a must for every DJ or clubber visiting Brooklyn and New York, and a reason of worldwide famous Williamsburg nightlife. Spend your last night in Brooklyn right here, and engrave those memorable experiences when the sun goes up, and it’s time to call the Tesla once again.


1) 11:00 a.m. Time to say farewell

As the adventure comes to an end, and it is time to check-out from your new home, the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, store your bags, and take the opportunity of visiting one more place in Brooklyn. Head down to the magnificent Prospect Park, Central Park of Brooklyn, and if you ask me, always the better choice than Central Park. Merge with the nature and silence, in this big park, take a jog, or just enjoy yourself on the grass by the pretty small lakes, and mentally get ready to say good-byes to Brooklyn, and that trip back home. Visiting and enjoying Brooklyn has made you a part of it, and it is forever grateful for the visit. The experiences Brooklyn was able to give you will always make you come back to this historical place, and truly enjoy this great city.


  1. The early mentioned 1 Hotel will always welcome you sincerely, and provide you with a true Eco-friendly lodging experience. Double beds starting at $300 dollars, and going up to five thousand for the most luxurious suite.
  2. Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge is another luxury lodging option. This 700-room high-rise hotel offers double beds for $300 dollars per night.
  3. A different option would be the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. An old warehouse, converted into a trendy modern Hotel, with a popular rooftop. Double beds start at $200 dollars for one night.




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