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Nicolette Hardy

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After visiting the 1 hotel the most significant piece of information I received was that the hotel is very eco-friendly. I say this because they are all about recycling things and using the most natural products. This was very interesting to me because many hotels are not like that.  The 1 hotel itself has a very earthly type nature feel to it from the lobby even up to the suites. I will take action in communicating with the lady that we met by emailing her since she gave us her card. Any information that I might want to know about hotels or even about the 1 hotel, I will ask her.  What I liked about the site visit was that she was very informative about a lot of things even the guests complaints. What I didn’t like was the fact we didn’t get to see all the amenities they had to offer. One aspect from the site visit that made me want to work in the lodging industry was the beauty of the hotel. The hotel was very unique and working in different hotels you get to see different styles and techniques they use to lure in guests. I felt prepared for the site visit because I had expectations in my head before arriving and it seemed as if most my expectations were met. One way I need to prepare for working in the luxury hotel market is facing competitors. I will have to make sure my luxury hotel is the best. Overall I felt pretty good about the visit to 1 hotel it was truly an amazing experience for me to see a different type of style in hotels.

After visit the 1 hotel

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Last Monday we visit the 1 hotel which is located at Brooklyn Bridge. I felt so exciting because it was so petty. When I enter from the gate I felt quiet and relaxed. The staff looked nice. And then we went to the restaurant of the 1 hotel, it also made me comfortable and wanted to have eat on here. Because the view and condition was great. Later we went to 8th floor to visit room of hotel. There were many artworks in the hallway that make people want to take pictures of them. Decoration style is also very good. When we enter to the room everyone felt exciting. The room was big and clean, and it was open view room. I really wanted to live in here. We stand in the room at 8th floor, I can saw the expansive views of the East River, Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. It made me want to work at this hotel because the environment was so nice. I thought this was a amazing visited.

Hotel 1 Site Visit

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There were a lot of significant information that I learned from the 1 Hotel tour near the Brooklyn Bridge and right on the water. First and foremost the views were great! The concept of a green hotel was awesome. There is a massive yard for fun, games, art, relaxing, and pretty much anything you want. The architecture and decor are second to none. It is an art deco, hipster, eco-friendly, technology filled wonder of the 21st century. Not to mention, the restaurant downstairs, is beautifully fantastic. Overall the hotel looks great and smelled even better.

how did you feel after visiting the 1 hotel?

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How did I feel after visiting 1 hotel? Well, I really loved it. I love the fact that the hotel recycles, reuses objects, and their environment is peaceful. Something that was interesting was about the use of a tablet to call for attendance. I mean, I really didn’t like that because for me, using a phone to call is better than using a tablet, because what if one day the Internet is slow or its not even working, what would you do? see, that’s something that nobody would like. I also loved their restaurant. it was peaceful, I didn’t taste their food but I know it’s good. also, I loved how the rooms are decorated and it’s well organized.

A visit at the 1 hotel.

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Stewarding standards: are responsible for everything involved in the experience of a fine dining establishment,besides cooking the food.

Housekeeping standard: are responsible for preparing rooms for guest occupancy,providing laundry services and maintains the cleanliness of the hotel. To help increase professionalism and solidify a commitment to properly training staff.

Turn-down service: is where housekeeping staff enters the guest room and turning down the bed linen of the bed in the room, preparing the bed for use.

FAM Trip: means familiarization trip and is a free or low cost trip that travel agents are provided by travel operators. It’s a way for the agents to gain an understanding of the benefits of a different trips that they can sell to their clients.

This is the stairs of the 1 hotel that looks exactly like the Brooklyn bridge. I thought it was cool for them to be able to do build this while they are next to the Brooklyn bridge.

This is the stairs that you will see when u are in the lobby of the 1 hotel. It’s built just like the Brooklyn bridge which I thought it was nice for them to actually have the same thing next to the Brooklyn bridge itself.

Apples for the guest by the 1 staff hotel.

I thought it was nice for the 1 hotel to think about their guest to have apples right by the elevator before they go up to their room.


A light shade made out of mushroom .

This is hand made mushroom which is used for as a light shade. I thought that was different because they reuse everything and they believe in recycling.

I haven’t seen such a thing before

This is a rubber tire which was collected to make an art out of it.


Networking at 1 Hotel

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After visiting the 1 Hotel last week, I immediately felt big ambition and inspiration in becoming a part of the project. As someone who has great interest for the environment and ecology, I was positive that this hotel is everyhting I ever wanted, and if hopefully my dream of having my own property realizes, it would look much alike our amazing 1 Hotel! Every idea and expression look carefully and thoroughly planned and created, and it simply inspires me. If Hospitality wasn’t my first choice, then Ecology would certainly be that. I made a plan to come back to 1 Hotel, after my summer break, and do everything in my power to be recognized as a prospect for becoming a part of this family, and growing professionaly.

Site Visit by Vasiliy and Innbel

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A historic site, which was the birth place of modern New York City, and one of the biggest tourist attractions

1 Hotel, with no doubt a fantastic place to work and grow professionally

By the main entrance, a true expression of hospitality. Upon entering something is offered to you, as the cherished guest.

The property’s restaurant, where farm to table specialties are offered at any time, to everyone. One of the best brunch places in town.


Percantage of all units in the hotel that are occupied at a given time. It is one of the main indexes used in Hotel Management. And considered as the most important factor for a hotelier. Occupancy at the 1 Hotel was around 65% that day.


Average Daily Rate, or just ADR, is another main index in hotel business. The number represents the average income per paid occupied room in a given time period. It is the foundation for property’s financial performance. 1 Hotel had an ADR of about 380$.

Room Block:

A block reservation refers to a group of rooms reserved for a specific customer, usually for a set period of time.

Revenue Management:

Hotel revenue management is about becoming the architect of your own fortune. A hotel room is a perishable product, since the number of hotel rooms is limited. As a result, the customer satisfaction and pricing remain the most important dynamic variables, which are subject to Hotel Revenue Management.



All work and photo credits go to Vasiliy

1 Hotel by Kiara & Maria

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  1.  Occupancy: The state of being a tenant in a space.
  2. FAM Trip: A low coast trip for travel agents provided by a travel operator in order to promote serves.
  3. Room Block: A room reserved for a specific guest.

Average Daily Rate: Is the average amount of profit a business facility  measures on a daily basis.

  • The one thing that I like about The Hotel 1 is how close to nature and calmness it had to it. the tings that I noticed are the amount of plants that is surrounded in the hotel. The view of the Brooklyn Bridge is a really wonderful cite to look at. There is also the fact that they try to make the most of what they have and have good use for them. For example, during the tour we were shown some of the amenities which are socks, a steamer, and cardboard hangers.
  1. Occupancy: Is the act of being a tenant.

  2. FAM Trip: A low coast trip for travel agents and is provided by a travel agent in order to promote their service.
  3. Average Daily Rate: The amount of profit that is made each day.
  4. Room Block: A room that is reserved for a special type of guest.

Feelings about the One Hotel

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How did I feel about going to the One Hotel? in short I loved it. I have honestly never been to such a luxurious hotel. from the look down to the smell in the corridors, everything is planned and kept up with nicely. all the staff were polite and everything was set up so perfectly. it had a great combination of luxury upscale and comfort. one of the best accents were the floor to ceiling windows that let in a ton of light. I loved their commitment to being environmentally friendly and sustainable and that is obvious in the construction and everyday functions of the hotel. They even push their guests to do the same. The One Hotel was absolutely beautiful. I hope to work in some place similar or even stay at a hotel just like that one.

One Hotel visit by Daniela and Daniel

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This week in class we visited the beautiful One Hotel at Brooklyn Bridge. Walking around with my partner Daniel, we were able to pick up on key industry terms and point out important things to look for in a hotel.

  • Average Daily Rate: the average daily rate is the average price a hotel is charging for a room on a given day. Although I cannot remember the average daily rate exactly I remember it was between $300-400.
  • FAM trip: stands for familiarization trip. It is a trip you take somewhere to get familiarized with the the operations of an establishment. Our trip to the hotel was a FAM trip.
  • Housekeeping standards: housekeeping standards can vary depending on the brand and market of the hotel. The one hotel has high standards in everything including housekeeping and that was obvious in the suite we visited and the untouched event spaces.
  • Occupancy: occupancy is the percentage of all rooms occupied at a given time. I don’t remember the occupancy rate at the One Hotel but it was over 50%.

This is one of the many amenities at the hotel. A hammock set up by a huge window in the corner of a room with a beautiful view. I have never seen that.

An example of the housekeeping standards. Perfect set up of an unused event space.

This is the restaurant on the premises of the hotel.

There is significant historical importance to the area. A potential draw for some tourists.





*All photo credits to Daniela Brito