36 hours in Brooklyn NY by Andre Goines

Manhattan isn’t the only place you can enjoy the full New York City experience; Brooklyn holds many attractions and restuarants that will suite every traveler, all you need is a MTA metro card and you can enjoy all of what Brooklyn has to offer. from thrills at Luna park, to exploring Prospect park your vacation wont feel complete unless u take a trip to this lively borough



crown heights

Utica ave and Eastern Parkway Credits: Andre Goines

3:00 PM : Crown Heights/ Eastern Parkway
Utica ave and Eastern Parkway Credits: Andre Goines
This street/Boulevard crosses over Brooklyn; being notorious for holding many special events and parades such as ” Welcome back to Brooklyn” in the spring and the ” Caribbean day parade” early September annually. When you travel to this 55 foot wide road you will notice that each side of the street there is greenery and landscape. on many of the intercepting streets such as Utica ave, Kingston ave, and Nostrand ave many vendors and merchants gather to promote sales of goods it is worth a look if you want to try authentic ethnic food and take away souviners

4:30 PM : Brooklyn Museum


Brooklyn Mueseum Credits : Andre Goines

This Museum is located west along eastern parkway This museum is one of New York Cities Largest holding Millions of exhibits. These exhibits ranges from sculptures and painting mostly holding a lot of inspiration from the artist and their background. This museum is also host to many jazz performances in the contest hall along with having a gift shop where you could by a local artist piece


Grand Army Plaza Credits: Andre Goines

At the beginning of the eastern parkway west of the Brooklyn museum you will arrive at the oval shaped street plaza with many food and ice cream trucks that surround this popular area
7:00 PM: Prospect Park


Prospect Park Credit: Andre Goines

Prospect Parks Entrance is just beyond Grand army Plaza, this park is of Brooklyn’s largest in the entire borough host to many concerts and special events all year round the park is very similar to Manhattan Central park as they both re so large they are like jungles within the city. every few miles there are smaller playgrounds for children to enjoy and facilities all families can enjoy like ice skating and exploring the zoo
8:15 PM: Brooklyn Botanical Garden


botanical credit: Andre Goines

This amazing garden is 52 arches holding up to 12,000 different species of plants and just like a museum you have access to indoor and outdoor exhibits based upon the season you will be captivated by the beautiful greenery on display. admissions for adults start at $15 but on Friday mornings you can attend for free



Coney Island credit: Andre Goines

This neighborhood is literally at the end of Brooklyn right near the Coney island boardwalk; this is also home for the notorious amusement park ” Luna park” to enjoy the mechanical rides you must buy a “Luna card” and add credit to it. The wonder wheel which is a Farris wheel  also apart of the amusement park but is also a New York Landmark along with the ” parachute jump” and ” Cyclone Roller-coaster” also stick around for the fire works display every Friday night


2:30 PM : Brooklyn Heights promenade/ pier


Brooklyn Promenade Credit : Andre Goines

this wide pedestrian road guides you along the east river ; one of the most visited places in Brooklyn this is a fantastic location to view New York City Skyline over Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge

4:00 PM : Ice Cream Factory


Ice cream factory Credits : Andre Goines

Just a few feet from the promenade ; you will find this ice cream shop off the pier; they offer a variety of flavors of freshly made ice cream and milkshakes . the shop is generally open all year except during winter months

5:30 PM : Grillandi’s Brick oven pizza


Grillandi Brick oven Pizza Credit: Andre Goines

Pizza isn’t the same anywhere else and that goes for Brooklyn nd Grillandis takes that concept ad elevates it with its top of the line service and food selection. Pizza and Calzones are the house specials and are made fresh and ready to order for a full party or delivery when time isn’t on your side

7:30 PM : New York Aquarium


New York Aquarium Credit : Andre Goines

one of the united states oldest Aquriums ; this sea life habitat is located just west of brighten beach; when u arrive please go and ask for a tour as you will be lost in the thousands of features and displays of sea life all over this facility; this aquarium is open all year round and provides discounts for faithful guest as well as for children and veterans

9:00 PM : Juniors cheesecake


Juniors Credit: Andre Goines

another one of Brooklyns landmarks you must visit is ” Juniors” restaurant Downtown Brooklyn this restaurant chain originated in Brooklyn; immedietly developing a stellar reputation due to  the friendly atmosphere and excellent customer service. with a full bar and top notch dessert menu you will find it hard not to resist the amazing dishes


11:00 AM : DOUGH


Dough Credits: Andre Goines


This reserved donut shop is small in size but gives a big surprise when u order your morning donut and coffee . the donuts made here are freshly made daily; so don’t hesitate because its located in bed stuy you can easily travel on the G train to obtain these delicious treats

12: 30 PM: Barclays Center/ Atlantic mall shopping district


Atlantic mall credit: Andre Goines

the main shopping center of Downtown Brooklyn is definitely the mall at Atlantic terminal; this 5 floor mall include most major retailers such as Target, bath body works and Victoria secret even chuck E cheeses for children. this also mall offers a variety of restaurants such as Applebee’s & buffalo wild wings. its at least worth a visit to view the Barclays center that is right across the adjacent street

2:00 PM : Henrys end


henry’s end Credit : Andre Goines

This Brooklyn Heights restaurant is a low key tavern like establishment that offers the best American cuisine one can find n Brooklyn; when arriving you will be taken in by the staffs inviting personalities and stellar customer service. the menu stays in constant change to suite the season and they are not shy about they’re wine options




Holiday Inn Credit: Andre Goines

To make your stay in Brooklyn more affordable the Holiday Inn offers top of the line service along with standard amenities that will make your stay in Brooklyn all the more enjoyable the rates for a single bedroom starts at about $159 a night the amenities included are indoor pools,24 hour gym, and free Wi-Fi

The One Hotel


The One Hotel Credit: Andre Goines

This luxurious hotel is right near the Brooklyn promenade and offers a stellar experience for anyone who checks in. amenities vary from small to huge and everything else in between what makes the One so much more unique is that it is a hotel that is modern and is more in tune with todays demographic








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