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New York  is a beautiful place with a lot of diverse neighborhoods. In Brooklyn there is so much culture and liveliness that would drive anyone to come visit for a couple of hours. In the area of Flatbush there is the culture of the Caribbean which is an  upbeat and fun neighborhood if you want to do a little shopping and grab a bite to eat.


Friday 3p.m. Kings Theatre

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Stop by one of the famous theatres in Brooklyn where you can take a tour in the newly renovated building. Kings theatre is a theatre that was previously called Lowe’s Kings Theatre in which it first opened its doors on September 7th,1929. Around this time you can see a show in which cultures the whole of Flatbush. This theatre brings out most of the culture of this neighborhood by it’s bright lights and lively shows that astound Flatbush Ave between Tilden and Duryea Place. Tickets can be bought online at Ticketmaster.com or over the phone at 800-745-3000 or even by foot at the box office open (Mon-Sat).


5p.m. After Work

After work you can enjoy a happy hour at Applebee’s just located a few bus rides up from the Kings Theatre using the B41 bus. Applebee’s is where you can also find culture because even though its almost an American style restaurant the heart of the Caribbean culture as in the people go there to socialize and mingle. If you don’t prefer Applebee’s because of the wait , you can head over just down the block to Dallas BBQ’S which both restaurants is in the heart of Flatbush Junction. You can enjoy Dallas BBQ’S  frozen drinks alcoholic or non alcoholic.


7:30p.m. Movies

Just in the heart of Flatbush Junction is the 2 and 5 trains where can merge you into one the known movie theatres in Brooklyn. The Court Street movie theatres is just some blocks away where the train lets you off on Borough Hall. One can see a movie and enjoy the downtown. This movie theatres has all the latest films and an average movie ticket cost about 16.25 for adults and 12.65 for children and seniors. This is one of the places you can see the heart of mostly any neighborhood.


10:30 p.m. Woodland

Located down Flatbush Ave. more on Downtown Brooklyn side is where you can find one of many of the upbeat clubs/restaurants. The Woodland is one of the newer hang out spots down Flatbush Avenue it has a diverse menu in which there is Chicken and Waffles , oxtail, jerk chicken, red snapper fish and more. The prices range from 17- 31 dollars for an entree. For dessert, the price range is from 8-10 dollars in which you can get the famous Woodland Ice Cream and Waffles. The famous dessert is a home-made waffle cone, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate & caramel sauce, bananas, berries which cost 10 dollars. The woodland has a live DJ in which plays all the Caribbean music which attracts most of the Caribbean culture.



10:00a.m. Nature

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Enjoy a nice stroll down Flatbush avenue where there are many different boutique shops and places for a quick bite. When you reach Parkside and Flatbush you can walk down to Prospect Park and enjoy a nice stroll. There are many different activities to do in Prospect Park. There are Barbecues that go on with different families which is mainly a cultural thing. The Caribbean culture lots to have barbecues at the park and enjoy their families and friends.


Noon : Quiet Time

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Enjoy a nice read at the Brooklyn Public Library located on 22 Linden Blvd. This library is the home to Caribbean cultures because of the vast population of Caribbean’s in the community. This library is the heart of  Caribbean literacy, a culture center, and a Caribbean themed garden. Stop by and enjoy a library in which you can read and view the Caribbean culture.


1:30 p.m.Tastees

Make sure to stop by a nice Caribbean restaurant where you can enjoy some Caribbean food. You can enjoy oxtail, stew chicken, jerk chicken, curry chicken and much more. This Caribbean spot is a popular one in the Flatbush community. There meals are not that expensive for a small it is 8 dollars and some change and for a large it is 11 dollars and some change. They give you a good portion size in which you can add a side. A famous drink is sorrel which is a dried calyces that is boiled with ginger. The sorrel helps with digestion , managing blood pressure and also vision.


3p.m. Visit Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College is a beautiful place to go check out for a few minutes or even hours. Brooklyn College is a beautiful campus right off of Flatbush Junction. It has a lot of green and culture all around it. You may even go see a show at the Brooklyn Center for performing arts. Not only can you see Caribbean culture here but all types of culture and diversity just by sitting on the lawn observing.


7p.m. Retail

Right on Junction you can find a mini shopping center with Target , Home Goods, and Davids Bridal. You can hang out inside where they have a Starbucks and Pizza Hut. If that shopping all isn’t what you looking for , you may visit King’s Plaza where there are so many stores , eating places. The weekend is a great time for visiting the mall because you can see and feel the shoppingexperience.









10p.m. Dinner

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Dinner is served at the new Caribbean Social. This restaurant is located just on Flatbush. The ambience is amazing and has amazing food. You can try the mac and cheese balls or even the jerk chicken sliders as a starter. For an entree you can enjoy lollipop chicken or even chicken with red velvet waffles. The prices are ranged from 12- 22 dollars. This is a place where you can find and meet Caribbean people and mingle with them to know more about the culture.


Sunday: 10am Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church Complex

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Visit the Reformed Dutch Church where you can see all the culture by its very steps. Stop by for a couple of minutes and enjoy the busy streets of Flatbush. This church is the home for all the old Dutch people who died in Flatbush.



Walk up the block to Ihop and enjoy some delicious pancakes and coffee. Ihop is a well known breakfast spot where their famous for there pancakes. The prices are not that high. Sunday is a good day to go to a place where you can enjoy breakfast with family and relax.



Airbnb is a great source for lodging in Flatbush and around the Flatbush community. Airbnb is basically where you can borrow someones living space that they don’t currently use per night. A house per night can be 100 dollars and up and a room can be from 40 dollars and up.


Best Western Plus Arena Hotel

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This is one of the closest hotels around which is on 1324 Atlantic Avenue. The rooms go for about 150 and up. They have all types of rooms that you may want.


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