Brooklyn Bridge Park, Monday,

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Tourism on the Brooklyn Waterfront: Active participation contributes to class participation grade

Areas of Tourism and Student Grouping

  • Historic/heritage Tourism
    1. ______
  • Cultural Tourism
    1. ______
    2. ______
  • Culinary Tourism
    1. ______


Engage in a site visit of the Brooklyn Bridge Park and lead discussion a discussion about tourism on the Brooklyn Waterfront as it pertains to your area of tourism (see above).

Multi Step Assignment Format: Prior to class meeting

  • Consider your area of tourism (see above)
  • Identify an activity a person(s) traveling to satisfy your area of tourism would like to participate in while touring the Brooklyn Waterfront
    • Note: Our site visit is to the Brooklyn Bridge Park but the activity you choose can be any place on the Brooklyn waterfront
  • Prepare a three minute presentation explaining:
    • The activity you have identified
    • Why it is unique
    • How it relates to your area of tourism

Multi Step Assignment Format: Day of class

  • Large group presentations about the waterfront activity identified (see above)
  • Small group discussion by area of tourism about how the Brooklyn Bridge Parks affects and is affected by tourism
  • Report out at the end


Multi Step Assignment Format: After class

  • Create one post per group to the HMGT1101 OpenLab site before April 10 to include:
    • Area of tourism for your group including a definition of your area of tourism
    • Names of people in your group
    • Observations of your type of tourism at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and in DUMBO
    • Four significant activities relevant to your area of tourism that take place on the Brooklyn waterfront

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss scope of the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Gather information from observation in regard to the hospitality industry from a local, national and global perspective
  • Evaluate and apply information discerningly from a variety of sources

Class site visit schedule

8:40– The Corners of Old Fulton and Water Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201 the Brooklyn Heights location of Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory at the Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1.

8:45– Discussion of NY Times 36 Hours… Article

8:55– Student lead discussions begin

9:40– walk through park in tourism focus teams (culinary, historic, culture)

10:00– Meet in front of Jane’s Carousel

10:30– Class Dismissed

Option: 10:45– Brooklyn Roasting Company

11:30– Class dismissed

Important locations on our site visit:

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Brooklyn Heights Location

Pier 1 Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Jane’s Carousel