36 Hours

New York  is a beautiful place with a lot of diverse neighborhoods. In Brooklyn there is so much culture and liveliness that would drive anyone to come visit for a couple of hours. In the area of Flatbush there is the culture of the Caribbean which is an  upbeat and fun neighborhood if you want to do a little shopping and grab a bite to eat.


Friday 3p.m. Kings Theatre

Image result for kings theatre brooklyn

Stop by one of the famous theatres in Brooklyn where you can take a tour in the newly renovated building. Kings theatre is a theatre that was previously called Lowe’s Kings Theatre in which it first opened its doors on September 7th,1929. Around this time you can see a show in which cultures the whole of Flatbush. This theatre brings out most of the culture of this neighborhood by it’s bright lights and lively shows that astound Flatbush Ave between Tilden and Duryea Place. Tickets can be bought online at Ticketmaster.com or over the phone at 800-745-3000 or even by foot at the box office open (Mon-Sat).


5p.m. After Work

After work you can enjoy a happy hour at Applebee’s just located a few bus rides up from the Kings Theatre using the B41 bus. Applebee’s is where you can also find culture because even though its almost an American style restaurant the heart of the Caribbean culture as in the people go there to socialize and mingle. If you don’t prefer Applebee’s because of the wait , you can head over just down the block to Dallas BBQ’S which both restaurants is in the heart of Flatbush Junction. You can enjoy Dallas BBQ’S  frozen drinks alcoholic or non alcoholic.


7:30p.m. Movies

Just in the heart of Flatbush Junction is the 2 and 5 trains where can merge you into one the known movie theatres in Brooklyn. The Court Street movie theatres is just some blocks away where the train lets you off on Borough Hall. One can see a movie and enjoy the downtown. This movie theatres has all the latest films and an average movie ticket cost about 16.25 for adults and 12.65 for children and seniors. This is one of the places you can see the heart of mostly any neighborhood.


10:30 p.m. Woodland

Located down Flatbush Ave. more on Downtown Brooklyn side is where you can find one of many of the upbeat clubs/restaurants. The Woodland is one of the newer hang out spots down Flatbush Avenue it has a diverse menu in which there is Chicken and Waffles , oxtail, jerk chicken, red snapper fish and more. The prices range from 17- 31 dollars for an entree. For dessert, the price range is from 8-10 dollars in which you can get the famous Woodland Ice Cream and Waffles. The famous dessert is a home-made waffle cone, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate & caramel sauce, bananas, berries which cost 10 dollars. The woodland has a live DJ in which plays all the Caribbean music which attracts most of the Caribbean culture.



10:00a.m. Nature

Image result for prospect park bbq area

Enjoy a nice stroll down Flatbush avenue where there are many different boutique shops and places for a quick bite. When you reach Parkside and Flatbush you can walk down to Prospect Park and enjoy a nice stroll. There are many different activities to do in Prospect Park. There are Barbecues that go on with different families which is mainly a cultural thing. The Caribbean culture lots to have barbecues at the park and enjoy their families and friends.


Noon : Quiet Time

Image result for brooklyn public library flatbush

Enjoy a nice read at the Brooklyn Public Library located on 22 Linden Blvd. This library is the home to Caribbean cultures because of the vast population of Caribbean’s in the community. This library is the heart of  Caribbean literacy, a culture center, and a Caribbean themed garden. Stop by and enjoy a library in which you can read and view the Caribbean culture.


1:30 p.m.Tastees

Make sure to stop by a nice Caribbean restaurant where you can enjoy some Caribbean food. You can enjoy oxtail, stew chicken, jerk chicken, curry chicken and much more. This Caribbean spot is a popular one in the Flatbush community. There meals are not that expensive for a small it is 8 dollars and some change and for a large it is 11 dollars and some change. They give you a good portion size in which you can add a side. A famous drink is sorrel which is a dried calyces that is boiled with ginger. The sorrel helps with digestion , managing blood pressure and also vision.


3p.m. Visit Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College is a beautiful place to go check out for a few minutes or even hours. Brooklyn College is a beautiful campus right off of Flatbush Junction. It has a lot of green and culture all around it. You may even go see a show at the Brooklyn Center for performing arts. Not only can you see Caribbean culture here but all types of culture and diversity just by sitting on the lawn observing.


7p.m. Retail

Right on Junction you can find a mini shopping center with Target , Home Goods, and Davids Bridal. You can hang out inside where they have a Starbucks and Pizza Hut. If that shopping all isn’t what you looking for , you may visit King’s Plaza where there are so many stores , eating places. The weekend is a great time for visiting the mall because you can see and feel the shoppingexperience.









10p.m. Dinner

Image result for caribbean social

Dinner is served at the new Caribbean Social. This restaurant is located just on Flatbush. The ambience is amazing and has amazing food. You can try the mac and cheese balls or even the jerk chicken sliders as a starter. For an entree you can enjoy lollipop chicken or even chicken with red velvet waffles. The prices are ranged from 12- 22 dollars. This is a place where you can find and meet Caribbean people and mingle with them to know more about the culture.


Sunday: 10am Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church Complex

Image result for flatbush reformed church

Visit the Reformed Dutch Church where you can see all the culture by its very steps. Stop by for a couple of minutes and enjoy the busy streets of Flatbush. This church is the home for all the old Dutch people who died in Flatbush.



Walk up the block to Ihop and enjoy some delicious pancakes and coffee. Ihop is a well known breakfast spot where their famous for there pancakes. The prices are not that high. Sunday is a good day to go to a place where you can enjoy breakfast with family and relax.



Airbnb is a great source for lodging in Flatbush and around the Flatbush community. Airbnb is basically where you can borrow someones living space that they don’t currently use per night. A house per night can be 100 dollars and up and a room can be from 40 dollars and up.


Best Western Plus Arena Hotel

Image result for best western plus arena hotel

This is one of the closest hotels around which is on 1324 Atlantic Avenue. The rooms go for about 150 and up. They have all types of rooms that you may want.


36 Hours in Brooklyn

They say that most new ideas and concepts in the US come from two places. One is Silicon Valley, on the West Coast. The other one is Brooklyn, the biggest and most diverse borough, in the biggest city on the East Coast, New York. So many different nationalities have walked and settled on the streets of Brooklyn, and with every right, it holds the name of the World Borough.  When the two mayors shacked hands, and Breuckelen became Brooklyn, everything was set for the creation of the capital of the world. With big history of immigration and working class heritage, Brooklyn is today the entrepreneurial, innovation and hospitality hub of East Coast. With such diverse dining possibilities, international cuisines, cult nightlife, art scene, cultural happenings, spectacular architecture and a world known waterfront, not many are able to resist the feeling of being blown away. With that being said, and much more waiting to be discovered, Brooklyn is a must on everyone’s bucket list.



1) 4:00 p.m. Start of the adventure

Brooklyn Bridge


A perfect way to start off your Brooklyn exploration and sightseeing would certainly be crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, a national historic landmark, and birthplace of modern New York. This spectacular masterpiece of architecture, sometimes even considered as a world wonder, was open in 1883, connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island with Manhattan, creating the New York City. The architect of the Brooklyn Bridge was John Augustus Roebling. famous German architect, who gave his life for his beloved project, dying during examinations of the field. His son took over the project, and in 1884 he proved to the public how strong the bridge was, by moving more than twenty elephants across it. The Bridge is open to public at all times and very slow traffic is allowed on it. Many bicyclists use the bridge for commuting between Brooklyn and Manhattan, and on a nice spring, summer and even autumn day; it is definitely one of the best walking paths in town. The first area you will come across is the cult DUMBO, a small neighborhood between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, boasting with historical and cultural material to be witnessed. Once a place where mainly Italian immigrants settled many decades ago today is considered as a place to be, in terms of dining, attending a play or concert, shopping etc. Because of the Italian heritage, many old pizzerias are still running strong, and are very popular, including Ignazio’s, Juliana’s and Grimaldi’s. Shop the latest collection of Scotch & Soda brand, on the Front Street, or witness a vintage super car collection at the Legend Car Company. If you are looking for a world-class performance, look no further than the cult St. Ann’s Warehouse, which has become the hub of NYC’s performing arts, where great names of theater make a thrilling atmosphere.

Legend Car Company

One of the favorite selfie places in town


2) 5:30 p.m. exploring the charming Heights

Not far away, on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge, the hidden gem of Brooklyn and New York, is the charming neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. Once a place of gang and mafia wars, this area today is certainly one of the most attractive in town, with great dining, shopping and leisure possibilities. When we say leisure, the first thing that crosses our mind, is no doubt, the gorgeous Promenade, with some would say, the best view in New York. It is a pedestrian walkway next to the river, with unobstructed views of Manhattan’s spectacular Financial District, the bridges, and even the Lady Liberty. But what really is significant to this place, is the clean and wide path, with many benches you can sit on, relax with a good book, or a talk, surrounded by trees and silence of the river, enjoying nature and the spirit of this great city.

The Promenade

Lady Liberty from the promenade







beautiful historic residential house on Henry Street

3) 6:30 p.m. All Aboard!

Walking down the Brooklyn Heights promenade, you are heading back to the point where your adventure started, by the great Brooklyn Bridge. There, your journey will continue on a boat! The New York City Ferry operates daily on the East River, and for $2.75 dollars per person, you can cruise the river to many points in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens! I am sure this will bring excitement to your late afternoon, and give a little time off to your tired legs. Hop on the Ferry, and head north. You can enjoy the view from the open top of the 2-level boat, while taking priceless photographs, worthy of a lifetime memory. But not for long, as the ferry ride ends soon, reaching our destination, the North Williamsburg pier.

The East River Ferry view



4) 7:00 p.m. the SoHo of Brooklyn

The next stop on our big tour, will be the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg. This area has exploded in the past two decades, becoming not just Brooklyn’s, but whole New York’s hub of art, dining, nightlife, fashion and avant-garde! Walk the beautiful new waterfront, all the way to the Williamsburg Bridge, or explore the neighborhood from within, once packed with Industry and warehouses, today converted into art galleries and nightclubs, announcing a new era of this historical place. One of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn is still, after many struggle and countless high-rises being built in Brooklyn, the timeless Williamsburg Savings Bank, constructed in late 1920’s. It is one of four tallest clock towers in the world, and today a luxury condominium.

5) 8:00 p.m. at the Luger’s

The perfect dining experience in Brooklyn, while you are already around Williamsburg, would be a dinner at the famous Peter Luger’s Steakhouse. It has been around for about 130 years, and for many critics, this is the best steakhouse in the world. Yes, you read that right. And right here, in Brooklyn! This cash-only steakhouse is inspired by a Bavarian beer hall. A dinner for two, with an appetizer, entree, dessert and a bottle from a very wide selection of wines, will be $150-200 dollars. Order a rib steak, creamed spinach, and french fries, with a cheesecake finish. Reservations for prime dinner times are advised to be booked at least one month earlier.

6) 10:00 p.m. the 1 Hotel

After a long and thrilling day, take the ferry back to the Brooklyn Bridge pier. Spend a night at the nearby 1 Hotel, where you will merge with the nature, in this green and futuristic hotel. Recharge your batteries, and get ready for a long day tomorrow. Double beds start around $300 dollars per night, and usually there is always a vacant room, so no reservation is needed. Make the 1 your base for the rest of the trip, and enjoy the amazing view and feeling of being at the 1. Spend the rest of your first Friday night in Brooklyn at the hotel’s rooftop, enjoy a special handcrafted cocktail by the plunge pool, for guest use only, and if you are lucky, there will be a good party there too!

Suite at the 1 Hotel

The 1 Hotel










1) 11:00 a.m. brunch at the Osprey

Good morning! Knowing you had a great sleep, I believe your batteries are recharged and that you are ready to continue your adventure for today. Your first stop will be the Osprey. It is the restaurant in 1 Hotel’s ground level, where brunch is being served. Enjoy the farm-to-table American cuisine, which stands for one of the best in town, and right at your lobby!

The Osprey









2) 1:00 p.m. Beach Time!

Our next attraction in Brooklyn is the famous Coney Island Beach! A Tesla Model S will take us there, as a courtesy from the 1 Hotel, available to every guest. On the Brooklyn’s south shore, you can spend a day sunbathing, walking down the beautiful boardwalk, dine, shop, and much more! Make sure to bring some towels, for leisuring on the sandy beach, and if you even feel avanturistic, bring a swim suit and hop in the Atlantic! The one thing, Coney Island, is famous for, is the Luna Park. Many great rides are available during the season, and for a reasonable fare of $4 dollars per ride, you can have a thrilling experience. There are many dining options, and we would recommend going to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. This sister pizzeria of the Grimaldi’s at DUMBO, is always the right choice for an evening pizza, by the beach and a gorgeous sunset. For about $35 dollars, split a large pie with someone, over a glass of beer, and start calling it a day, at this great place. Take the special 1 Hotels “city shuttle” (Tesla S) back to your sanctuary, where the staff arranged a special surprise in making this trip, a once in a lifetime experience, tickets for the Brooklyn Nets basketball game!















3) 8:00 p.m. Let’s go Nets!

After brushing up a little bit from the adventure at the beach, head down to the Barclays Center Arena and support the local NBA team, the Brooklyn Nets. Brooklyn got his home team in 2012, when the NBA franchise was replaced from New Jersey to Downtown Brooklyn, and the spectacular Barclays Center, which opened together with the creation of the team. Enjoy this amazing experience, and support the Nets toward a new triumph!

4) 11:00 p.m. Output

A weekend in Brooklyn would not be right without a proper Brooklyn-Williamsburg night out. In the past couple decades this area has become notorious for the underground warehouse parties. Dozens of clubs, rooftops and bars have based in Williamsburg, and made it the techno scene of New York. An abandoned warehouse turns into something very different in late night, and a world-class DJ performance is happening. One of these place is the cult Output. This club, on 74 Wythe Avenue, has been the place of some of the greatest parties and performances in New York, with big names of techno and electronic music performing on a regular basis. The club consists of multiple levels and a rooftop, the most popular part, especially when the sun rises… It is a must for every DJ or clubber visiting Brooklyn and New York, and a reason of worldwide famous Williamsburg nightlife. Spend your last night in Brooklyn right here, and engrave those memorable experiences when the sun goes up, and it’s time to call the Tesla once again.


1) 11:00 a.m. Time to say farewell

As the adventure comes to an end, and it is time to check-out from your new home, the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, store your bags, and take the opportunity of visiting one more place in Brooklyn. Head down to the magnificent Prospect Park, Central Park of Brooklyn, and if you ask me, always the better choice than Central Park. Merge with the nature and silence, in this big park, take a jog, or just enjoy yourself on the grass by the pretty small lakes, and mentally get ready to say good-byes to Brooklyn, and that trip back home. Visiting and enjoying Brooklyn has made you a part of it, and it is forever grateful for the visit. The experiences Brooklyn was able to give you will always make you come back to this historical place, and truly enjoy this great city.


  1. The early mentioned 1 Hotel will always welcome you sincerely, and provide you with a true Eco-friendly lodging experience. Double beds starting at $300 dollars, and going up to five thousand for the most luxurious suite.
  2. Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge is another luxury lodging option. This 700-room high-rise hotel offers double beds for $300 dollars per night.
  3. A different option would be the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. An old warehouse, converted into a trendy modern Hotel, with a popular rooftop. Double beds start at $200 dollars for one night.




36 Hours in Brooklyn

36 Hours in Brooklyn

In this city full of tall buildings and crowded street travelers will find Brooklyn to be a homey place but rich in culture wherever you decide to go.


Bushwick, Brooklyn

Daniela Brito

May 14, 2018

With Brooklyn being only one of five boroughs that make up New York City, it can get overshadowed by the sky scrapers and flashing lights of Manhattan. Despite that, Brooklyn’s population makes it America’s fourth largest city. The culture of the city has continuously evolved from an industrial era bringing in many immigrants and along with them, new food and architecture style. Gentrification has changed the culture of Brooklyn to what has now emerged as a hot spot for modern culture with art literally on the walls, thrift shops, and trendy bars on every corner. The extensive transit system makes it easy for travelers to explore all parts of Brooklyn as well as all of New York City. 

36 Hours in Brooklyn


 3 p.m. Bushwick Art Collective

For your first stop in NYC take a stroll through Bushwick, one of Brooklyn’s up and coming neighborhoods. Take advantage of Citi Bank’s bike sharing program or join one of the free walking tours of Bushwick where you will find great small cafes and restaurants. A main draw for everyone is the art that covers the walls turning the industrial city into one of vibrant color. The idea for the Bushwick Collective was conceived by native Joe Ficalora in an attempt to bring new life into his neighborhood. The first murals emerged in 2011 and continues to attract international and local artists. Take a stroll down Troutman St and enjoy bright, thoughtful pieces scattered through Bushwick starting at the corner of Troutman and St. Nicholas Ave.


Bushwick Art Collective

5 p.m. Biggie Mural

Hip hop culture runs through the veins of Brooklyn. The music rich borough has bred many of the world’s most influential and respected rappers and artists. Take a stroll through Bed-Stuy and visit the massive mural immortalizing Brooklyn bred mc Biggie Smalls. Represented by art collective Spread Art NYC, Scott “Zimer” Zimmerman and Naoufal “Rocko” Alaoui created this image in 2015. This two-story hulking image sits at the corner of Bedford Ave and Quincy Street where it will remain for years to come as a Brooklyn landmark.

 6 p.m. Williamsburg Bedford Ave.

For a taste of modern day Brooklyn culture get off the L train at Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg. The streets are filled with trendy young people eating at hip, new restaurants, or having a drink at one of the many bars coming up in the area. Travelers can also shop for unique fashion at the thrift shops and vintage stores where local designers are showcasing their work.


 9 a.m. It’s the water

 Start your day off right with an authentic New York City bagel and coffee at Montague St Bagel. These hand rolled bagels are shaped and baked on-site every day. There is an endless menu with flavored cream cheese, in addition to wraps, and sandwiches. Tucked in the lower level of a residential red brick building, enjoy the outdoor seating and view of the architecture down Montague Street.


Montague Street Bagels


10:30 a.m. Architecture

Any where you go in Brooklyn you can find different kinds off architecture. This is due to time and different cultures that came into Brooklyn.  You can walk down the street and find old brownstones next to new condos. You can walk the Brooklyn Heights Historical District where many buildings have been preserved to maintain the traditional charm of the city.

1 p.m. Halaal and Promenade

In today’s busy New York City lifestyle, food carts and trucks have become a major staple in daily life. Whatever you feel like eating you will find it. Enjoy one of the city’s most popular food cart styles, halaal. You can find a great halaal meal of rice with chicken and toppings like olives, chickpeas, and corn at any one of the carts set up on any major street corner. Not only delicious, a full plate will only costs around $6.

2 p.m. Transit Museum

Millions of people use the NYC transit system everyday making it the preferred method of travel to get around the city. This is celebrated at the New York City Transit Museum. Set on the corner of Schermerhorn St. and Boerum Pl., here you can learn all about the development of the New York City Metropolitan area. It is set in an old 1936 subway station so pay attention because if you walk too fast you may miss it.

Transit Museum

 5 p.m. Fulton Street

Want to do a little shopping? End the day walking down Fulton Ave. which stretches straight through the Brooklyn Heights area. Spend the night shopping and eating. Running straight down this street are a variety of stores for clothes, shoes and eating places. You can find all of the popular chain stores together in this area.


1 p.m. Coney Island Pier

A stop at the Coney Island Pier is a must before leaving New York City. Right off Coney Island Beach, enjoy the ocean views. The pier is a real NYC cultural hot spot but almost feels like another world. Take a walk down the pier and grab an authentic Nathan’s hot dog. With various shops that line the pier and a nearby amusement park, it’s easy to get lost on the Coney Island Pier for hours.

3 p.m. Remember 9/11

On September 11, 2001 New York City faced a major terrorist attack which took many lives. End your visit with a short ride to the Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance where the city pays tribute to over 400 NYC first responders who gave their lives in the efforts to save others. The faces of those who made the ultimate sacrifice are engraved on this three panel, 30 foot tall memorial reminding us of the people behind the names of those who saved many.


Bushwick, Brooklyn


Whether you are looking for luxury or affordability, New York City has no shortage of hotels to stay at. One Brooklyn Hotel right off of Brooklyn Bridge Park offers travelers a luxurious experience while maintaining an environmentally sustainable business. The extensive transit system allows travelers to see all that Brooklyn and New York City has to offer at only $2.75 per person.

36 hours in Brooklyn NY by Andre Goines

Manhattan isn’t the only place you can enjoy the full New York City experience; Brooklyn holds many attractions and restuarants that will suite every traveler, all you need is a MTA metro card and you can enjoy all of what Brooklyn has to offer. from thrills at Luna park, to exploring Prospect park your vacation wont feel complete unless u take a trip to this lively borough



crown heights

Utica ave and Eastern Parkway Credits: Andre Goines

3:00 PM : Crown Heights/ Eastern Parkway
Utica ave and Eastern Parkway Credits: Andre Goines
This street/Boulevard crosses over Brooklyn; being notorious for holding many special events and parades such as ” Welcome back to Brooklyn” in the spring and the ” Caribbean day parade” early September annually. When you travel to this 55 foot wide road you will notice that each side of the street there is greenery and landscape. on many of the intercepting streets such as Utica ave, Kingston ave, and Nostrand ave many vendors and merchants gather to promote sales of goods it is worth a look if you want to try authentic ethnic food and take away souviners

4:30 PM : Brooklyn Museum


Brooklyn Mueseum Credits : Andre Goines

This Museum is located west along eastern parkway This museum is one of New York Cities Largest holding Millions of exhibits. These exhibits ranges from sculptures and painting mostly holding a lot of inspiration from the artist and their background. This museum is also host to many jazz performances in the contest hall along with having a gift shop where you could by a local artist piece


Grand Army Plaza Credits: Andre Goines

At the beginning of the eastern parkway west of the Brooklyn museum you will arrive at the oval shaped street plaza with many food and ice cream trucks that surround this popular area
7:00 PM: Prospect Park


Prospect Park Credit: Andre Goines

Prospect Parks Entrance is just beyond Grand army Plaza, this park is of Brooklyn’s largest in the entire borough host to many concerts and special events all year round the park is very similar to Manhattan Central park as they both re so large they are like jungles within the city. every few miles there are smaller playgrounds for children to enjoy and facilities all families can enjoy like ice skating and exploring the zoo
8:15 PM: Brooklyn Botanical Garden


botanical credit: Andre Goines

This amazing garden is 52 arches holding up to 12,000 different species of plants and just like a museum you have access to indoor and outdoor exhibits based upon the season you will be captivated by the beautiful greenery on display. admissions for adults start at $15 but on Friday mornings you can attend for free



Coney Island credit: Andre Goines

This neighborhood is literally at the end of Brooklyn right near the Coney island boardwalk; this is also home for the notorious amusement park ” Luna park” to enjoy the mechanical rides you must buy a “Luna card” and add credit to it. The wonder wheel which is a Farris wheel  also apart of the amusement park but is also a New York Landmark along with the ” parachute jump” and ” Cyclone Roller-coaster” also stick around for the fire works display every Friday night


2:30 PM : Brooklyn Heights promenade/ pier


Brooklyn Promenade Credit : Andre Goines

this wide pedestrian road guides you along the east river ; one of the most visited places in Brooklyn this is a fantastic location to view New York City Skyline over Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge

4:00 PM : Ice Cream Factory


Ice cream factory Credits : Andre Goines

Just a few feet from the promenade ; you will find this ice cream shop off the pier; they offer a variety of flavors of freshly made ice cream and milkshakes . the shop is generally open all year except during winter months

5:30 PM : Grillandi’s Brick oven pizza


Grillandi Brick oven Pizza Credit: Andre Goines

Pizza isn’t the same anywhere else and that goes for Brooklyn nd Grillandis takes that concept ad elevates it with its top of the line service and food selection. Pizza and Calzones are the house specials and are made fresh and ready to order for a full party or delivery when time isn’t on your side

7:30 PM : New York Aquarium


New York Aquarium Credit : Andre Goines

one of the united states oldest Aquriums ; this sea life habitat is located just west of brighten beach; when u arrive please go and ask for a tour as you will be lost in the thousands of features and displays of sea life all over this facility; this aquarium is open all year round and provides discounts for faithful guest as well as for children and veterans

9:00 PM : Juniors cheesecake


Juniors Credit: Andre Goines

another one of Brooklyns landmarks you must visit is ” Juniors” restaurant Downtown Brooklyn this restaurant chain originated in Brooklyn; immedietly developing a stellar reputation due to  the friendly atmosphere and excellent customer service. with a full bar and top notch dessert menu you will find it hard not to resist the amazing dishes


11:00 AM : DOUGH


Dough Credits: Andre Goines


This reserved donut shop is small in size but gives a big surprise when u order your morning donut and coffee . the donuts made here are freshly made daily; so don’t hesitate because its located in bed stuy you can easily travel on the G train to obtain these delicious treats

12: 30 PM: Barclays Center/ Atlantic mall shopping district


Atlantic mall credit: Andre Goines

the main shopping center of Downtown Brooklyn is definitely the mall at Atlantic terminal; this 5 floor mall include most major retailers such as Target, bath body works and Victoria secret even chuck E cheeses for children. this also mall offers a variety of restaurants such as Applebee’s & buffalo wild wings. its at least worth a visit to view the Barclays center that is right across the adjacent street

2:00 PM : Henrys end


henry’s end Credit : Andre Goines

This Brooklyn Heights restaurant is a low key tavern like establishment that offers the best American cuisine one can find n Brooklyn; when arriving you will be taken in by the staffs inviting personalities and stellar customer service. the menu stays in constant change to suite the season and they are not shy about they’re wine options




Holiday Inn Credit: Andre Goines

To make your stay in Brooklyn more affordable the Holiday Inn offers top of the line service along with standard amenities that will make your stay in Brooklyn all the more enjoyable the rates for a single bedroom starts at about $159 a night the amenities included are indoor pools,24 hour gym, and free Wi-Fi

The One Hotel


The One Hotel Credit: Andre Goines

This luxurious hotel is right near the Brooklyn promenade and offers a stellar experience for anyone who checks in. amenities vary from small to huge and everything else in between what makes the One so much more unique is that it is a hotel that is modern and is more in tune with todays demographic








36 hours in Brooklyn



5:30 Pm Footprints

After a long day of at work and your looking a quick beat to eat with family and friends you can visit Footprints. Home of the famous Rasta Pasta where you can get different types of Rasta Pasta.

7:30 PM 1 Rooftop Garden & bar .

Want to keep up with family and friends? Well you can visit the 1 Rooftop Garden bar were you can experience a beautiful scenery of the Brooklyn bridge and enjoy live entertainment from a band.

11PM – 1 Hotel

After a long night of partying you can go down stair and find a room in the 1 hotel if you just want to settle down.


10AM- The Osprey

Today’s a start of a new day and your just waking up, you can go down stairs in 1 Hotel and sit for a fine dining breakfast. For some customers its included in there stay and it very convenient.

12pm – Brooklyn bridge ice cream factory

If its a nice hot day and you want to enjoy your second to last day in Brooklyn you want to  walk on the Brooklyn bridge and  stop at the ice cream parlor on the dock which has a beautiful view of the city  and of course the Brooklyn bridge

2pm- Pine tree sushi

You can get in a cab from the 1 Hotel and drive 8 minutes to get the most amazing sushi in Brooklyn. Pine Tree Sushi is the most fresh, taste, affordable place to eat on your stay here.

5:30 pm Gueros Brooklyn

After a long day of site seeing its time for a early snack before dinner. Gueros Brooklyn is a great place to get a affordable Mexican cuisine and margarita all at the same time.

8PM Woodland

If your coming back from a show or game at the Barclay center you can walk 3 blocks and sit with friends or family at Woodland . if your into seafood then this is the place for you . Woodland is located in Flatbush Brooklyn. this restaurant is  seafood oriented and they have all types of seafood available.




“ 36 Hours In Downtown Brooklyn”

Kristina Medich, Louie Panganiban

“ 36 Hours In Downtown Brooklyn”


The Borough of Brooklyn located across from Manhattan is a unique place. Full of historical significance and different activities Brooklyn is the place to go if the city is too much for you. If the hustle and bustle of Manhattan are too much Brooklyn offers the same city aspect with a more laid-back experience. Located across from Manhattan Brooklyn is an alternative to manhattans crowds, while also offer great views, good food, and an influence of its own. 36 hours in Brooklyn here we go;

photo credit: Kristina Medich


4:30 pm

Coming from bustling Manhattan I suggest taking a walk or a bike ride over the Brooklyn bridge rather than the subway. The Brooklyn Bridge is a great way to mark the start of your journey into the borough. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most historically known sites, built in the 1980s it is the oldest railway bridges in new york city. When coming into Brooklyn on the bridge taking a stroll to the Brooklyn bridge park located in downtown Brooklyn is the place to be, offering various activities for people of all ages.

photo credit: Louie Panganiban


7:00 pm

Down under the Brooklyn bridge is a district called DUMBO. Short for down under the bridge overpass DUMBO is a trendy historical place home to many art galleries. The Brooklyn historical society ( 55 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201) is home to a multitude of various exhibits openly daily to the public. Entering at 55 Water Street or through Brooklyn Bridge Park this is the second location built in the historic Empire Stores warehouse. Not only are exhibits displayed in the library, there are galas that are put on here. Opened Tuesday to Thursday, 11 am to 6 pm, Friday and Saturday, 11 am to 8 pm, Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm there is always something to be seen. The suggested admission is $10 for adults, $6 for seniors and teachers, Free for members and students of all ages.


As darkness takes over grabbing a bite of the local nightlife is a must. At Olympia wine bar ( 54 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201; (718) 624-7900; http://www.olympiawinebar.com/ ) you can experience Brooklyn nightlife. With live music and fully locally sourced menu Olympia wine bar offers the very best of Brooklyn. End the night feeling like a local.


photo credit: Kristina Medich


Starting the day walking down or taking the A or C train to High Street via Subway to the foot of the bridge, brings you to the Brooklyn bridge park (334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201; (718) 222-9939; www.brooklynbridgepark.org ). Located under the bridge the Brooklyn bridge park spans across 84 acres of land. The park is a relaxing place to be with a great view of Manhattan high line. Spreading across both sides of the bridge the Brooklyn bridge park is home to various piers, a promenade, and its very own cafe. The river cafe (1 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201; (718) 522-5200; rivercafe.com ) located within the Brooklyn bridge park offers fine dining with extraordinary views of the river.

3 pm

photo credit: Louie Panganiban

For an afternoon snack head to the Brooklyn ice cream factory (1 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201; (718) 246-3963; www.brooklynicecreamfactory.com) also located within the Brooklyn bridge park. The Brooklyn ice cream factory is deemed as a historical site due to its building actually being an old fire boathouse. Grabbing an ice cream head down to the east side of the park to enjoy more of the monstrous views of Manhattan from across the river.

4:30 pm

Photo Credit: Kristina Medich

Heading over to the other side of the Brooklyn bridge park lies jane’s carousel ( Old Dock St, Brooklyn, NY 11201; (718) 222-2502; http://www.janescarousel.com/). Created in 1922 and built in Ohio the carousel was bought in an auction in October 1984. Since being purchased it has been fully restored and installed in the pavilion in the park. Located on the east side of the Brooklyn bridge I advise taking a ride before heading to st. ann’s warehouse (45 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201; (718) 254-8779; http://stannswarehouse.org/). An old tobacco warehouse turned into a musical and performing arts theatre in 1980 by Susan Feldman. Buying tickets for a shop on their website in advance if interested in seeing a show while in Brooklyn.



12 pm

A late brunch at the Osprey an open to the public restaurant located on the first floor of the 1 hotel (60 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (877) 803-1111; www.1hotels.com) ) a relatively new hotel located at the foot of the bridge bridges a modern twist to the old school rustic buildings around. The Osprey offers a brunch, lunch, and dinner.

3 pm

As the final hours approach in Brooklyn taking a stroll through downtown Brooklyn and visiting the historical houses is a nice way to end your time in Brooklyn. The Truman capote’s house (70 Willow St, Brooklyn, NY 11201), Fort Brooklyn, and Cobble Hill Fort Manner are the three local ones located throughout downtown Brooklyn.

Photo credit: Kristina Medich


As for lodging, there are many options, with Airbnb often being the most. But if wanting the amenities of a classic hotel, the Marriott new york Brooklyn bridge (333 Adams St, Brooklyn, NY 11201: (718) 246-7000; www.marriott.com ) provides a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge along with a nice view of the surrounding area. Another option being the One Hotel (60 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (877) 803-1111; www.1hotels.com) as mentioned earlier in the article the 1 Hotel is located at the foot of the Brooklyn bridge and offers fantastic views of the Manhattan Highline as well as the bridge. At $250 a night this boutique hotel offers a more modern stay then the Marriott.


36 hour

Karmen Chiu                                                                                                                          5/14/18
36 hours World Trade Center Neighborhood
Friday 2 P.M:
One World Observatory, SkyPod Elevators travel 23mph to 102nd fl. In 47 sec.One Dine and One Mix.
Friday 5 P.M:
Volez, Voguez, Voyagez- Louis Vuitton exhibition tour. Learn about the history of the brand. Receive a pin at the end of the tour.
Friday 7 P.M:
The Oculus serves as a connection between NJ’s PATH trains and NYC’s subway. This structure is now one of NYC’s most popular attraction site and mall for international tourists to shop at.
Friday 9 P.M:
Founded in 2004, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is widely known for the quality of steak they serve. The restaurant has expanded into 11 locations throughout the US and parts of Asia.
Saturday 10 A.M:
Breakfast at BlueStone Lane —- 30 Broad Street, NY (Opens at 8 am)
This Australian style Coffee shop serves up one of the best avocado toasts you’ll ever try. Not to mention a great place to have your coffee fix before starting your day in the City
Saturday 12:30 P.M:
Brookfield Center —  250 Vesey St 26th New York, NY 10281
This is a High-end Retail Mall Over-looking the Hudson River. Brookfield is home to 40 stores from Burberry to Tory Burch.  At the center of Brookfield are large marble steps.
Saturday 2:00 P.M:
Brookfield also has a large dining area, with over 20 places to choose from.
Places such as Umami Burger, Dig Inn, Parm, and so much more. Hudson Eats is located here, a French-style marketplace with eateries created by 14 Chefs. With so many choices you’re bound to find something to enjoy.
Saturday 3 P.M:
Battery Park
A Walk along Battery Park its 25 acres and it is located on downtown Manhattan, right against the Hudson River. It has a lot of views to offer for tourists, for example, stunning views from The Statue Of Liberty, The One World Trade Center Tower, and you can see the New Jersey Skyline across the river
Saturday 5: P.M:
Visit the 9/11 Memorial it’s free of charge and open to the public daily from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. It is on The World Trade Center site. The memorial is a tribute to the past. The names of those you lost their lives during the attacks, their names are engraved on the stone.
7: P.M: Visit the 9/11 museum, the museum tells you a story about what happened during the attacks through digital pictures, artifacts found when they were recovering the site and the aftermath of it all.
Saturday 9 P.M:
Visit PIER A, after all of the walking Pier A is right on the river and it has a nautical present to it, you can get something to eat or a drink on a Saturday night. For fine dining Pier A has an upstairs for brunch, dinner and host private events.
Sunday 11 A.M:
Trinity Church: Mass, Oldest stained glass, a national landmark and Alexander Hamilton’s grave site.
12:45 P.M:
George’s Restaurant: Big portion plates, diner-style meals with a variety of options. Weekend Brunch menus always change


36 Hours in Williamsburg

36 Hours in Williamsburg

Music, murals, antic shops, change in culture, and many small self-owned restaurants.

By Kiara M. Landrau

Many shops in Williamsburg that are catered to people liked and dislikes. There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. Not only that Williamsburg is very diverse when it comes to people because there are plenty of people that have come from different places and come from different backgrounds. With that there are plenty of activities to do.


  • 3:00 P.M. Williamsburg bridge

    Williamsburg Bridge

If you are coming from Manhattan who can resist taking a stroll across Williamsburg bridge. You could ether take a walk, jog, or even take a bike ride. If you are someone who doesn’t have a bike there is an option of renting one out from Citi Bank that offers short term passes ($12 for day pass) in which could be a great option for tourist. Just be careful with other bike riders, scat boarders, and people who are ether walking or jogging.

  • 3:30 Murals

Who could resist walking around and looking at the community murals after the Williamsburg bridge? Once off the bridge the first stop is the Grand street mural. The mural was created for the protest of the destruction of the dominos factory in the summer of 2013. Then walk up to MS 50 mural describes the neighborhood the history behind the families who live there are being reflected which is known as Los Sures. Going to Berry Street and south 4th there is the smoking mural advocates for people to stop smoking.  One thing that these community-based murals have in common is that they were done by member of El Puente Academy and many more.

  • 4:30 The Bagel Store

Located in 349 Bedford Avenue are famously known for their multi-colored bagels. With the feel of being in a NYC deli they have plenty of unique options for cream cheese and bagels. They are also known for their cotton candy, and seasonal bagels such as candy corn. The one thing I would recommend are the jumbo cookies.

  • 5:00p.m. Action Burger Saturday

Any trip through Williamsburg would be in complete without a trip to Action burger. Action burger is a comic book themed burger place complete with a retro pack man game machine and some of the best board games around. As you wait for your order you and your friends can enjoy a game of UNO, monopoly or any other game of your choosing.

  • 10:00 a.m. Kellogg’s Diner

Kellogg’s is a 24-hour diner in Williamsburg, located Union and Metropolitan Avenue since 1928. Since 2008 it has over gone construction and many of the residents did not agree with new look. But the Fiotodimitrakis brothers who have owned the diner since 1972 says other wise because it means better lightings and double the seating’s. With the fresh ingredients that they use the breakfast id highly recommended.

  • 11:00 Thrifting

What is a better past time than thrifting? You could always find some hidden gems for a low price which is the most exciting part. The best places to go are Beacon’s Closet, Brooklyn Reclamation, Antoinette, and Living By Stella Dallas.

  • 3:00 Cupcakes

After a day of shopping you could stop and buy cupcakes. The best cupcakes in Brooklyn is Brooklyn Cupcakes. What started off as something to do at home and family functions, owner Carmen Radriguez turned her passion into a business after being laid off at her sails job in 2010. But it couldn’t be done overnight so she had the help of her family to help open the shop. Today her sister Gina and cousin Michelle run the shop selling their Latin and Italian Based flavors. The flavors range from Rain bow cookie, Red velvet, Oreo cheese cake, and the best seller Tres leches.

  • 3:15 Cinemas

After grabbing a snack it’s also a good pass time to catch a movie in the Williamsburg Cinema. The Williamsburg Cinema shows the newest movies to hit theaters.

  • 5:30 Whisk

    whisk is located in 145 Bedfored Avenue

If you are someone that has the love and passion of being in the kitchen as much as I, then you would love going to Whisk. On the outside of the store there is this whimsical felling but once inside it is every kitchen lovers dream. Whisk has a wide range of cookware, utensils, and cutlery from brands that are well known.

  • 5:30 Brooklyn Charms

If you are someone thast loves DIYS then Brooklyn Charms is the best place for you. The owner Tracie Howarth as an Ety shop which is an online store. Since it became a top seller Tracie opened up a brick moter shop where people could be creative. You could choose any charm or gem to make whatever jwelary you desier which ranges from $3-$40. There are even jwelary making classes that are offerd.

  • 6:00 The Hive

    The Hive is located in South 2nd street

What started off as source of comfort for volunteers and people who lost their homes to hurricane Sandy. Serving their favorites, the owner Treva prepared chicken, biscuits, and pies. As many people kept asking where to get buy her food Treva who is a classically trained chef finally came up with the idea of opening up her own restaurant in 2014. Now they are serving food with a sense of home comfort. The highly recommended dish is the chicken fried chicken but as for the specials the chicken and waffles are also a recommendation on Wednesdays.

  • 7:00p.m. Bowl

The best way to kick off the rest of the night is bowling ay Brooklyn Bowl. There is even live music playing and plenty of food to eat while you are bowling. From Monday-Sunday it cost $25 per lane and per half hour, $4.95 for shoes, and $5 for socks.


  • 10:00a.m. Pie-N-Thighs

    Pies-N-Thighs opened in 2006                                Located in 166 South 4th what started out as a storage unit made for beer is now a small kitchen with six stools that serve comfort food and everything sweet. Team members Sarah Sanneh who studied pastry at the French Culinary institute and Carolyn Bane co-owner both have the love and fascination of fried food and sweets. The menus price ranges from $5-$15 and I would recommend the chicken box, it comes with three pieces of fried chicken, butter milk biscuits, and a choice of a side. Pies-N-Thighs is also best known for their s’mores pie.



Located at 96 Wythe the Williamsburg hotel is strategically located to make everything in this 36-hour report within walking distance. The Williamsburg hotel is 4.5-star hotel. It has a moderate cost of 270. This is one of the few restaurants in all of Brooklyn that is both kid and pet friendly. Another very nice hotel worth noting is the hotel Le Jolie while it may not be kid or pet friendly it is cheaper it only cost 140 per night and has free laundry service.

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36 Hours in Brooklyn, New York

Popular dining destination. Hotpot, Pizza, Steak, BBQ and impressive taste in one of the five administrative districts in New York City.

Diversity culture full of Brooklyn. It was long viewed as a famous culinary place. Visiter can try much different food that from different country. Not only that, the building – famous Brooklyn Bridge, music school, children museum, and the park also can bring a different feel to visiter.


1)3 P.M Open your stomach

Prince Tea House located on 7th Avenue in Brooklyn. They serve British style afternoon tea, and tableware set is cute. if you are with a group of friends this is definitely the spot to have dessert and tea. Wonderful decor and table service. It a bit chic and girly but you get the tea house feel. Great for a girls group. Durian layer cake has high on the durian flavor and a bit stringy from the durian pulp. Also the fruit toast has Fresh fruit on top of condensed milk honey toast. The toast was super thick but it matched well. The ice cream flavors of red bean and strawberry were a hit. Great flavor. The go-to teas were the Russian citrus tea. Hot and refreshing on a winter’s night and the earl grey oolong.

Photo by Innbel Han

2) 7 P.M Japanese and Malaysian foodIf you walk at 8th Avenue and is the dinner time, the Asea Fusion Modern Asian Bistro is your best choice for dinner. This is an Asian Fusion type of place, so you get to choose from Malaysian, Japanese, Thai, etc. The menu can be quite overwhelming since there’s just so much to choose from. The Sushi rolls and Pad Thai are excellent as well. Other items worth trying: mango/pineapple fried rice, oysters, Asea yaki udon, rare Southeast Asian beer (Tiger, Singha). The prices are basically on-par with comparable places, around $12 average for an entree.

3) 10 P.M An absolutely superb cocktail bar.

Sweet Polly is a chic and intimate cocktail lounge. Located at 6th Avenue. The Live plant wall, heavy drapes, and dim lighting makes it a perfect date night location. The cocktail menu is pretty intense, everything looks good! There’s also a food menu with delicious looking foods. If you like oysters then this could definitely become your new favorite place.



4) 8 a.m Wonderful breakfast

The Coop is situated away (about 10 blocks) from the main hub of Bay Ridge. Black coffee is delicious. It is really aromatic with an avocado smash and sunny side eggs and salmon. Pretty good and decently sized for the price. You get 2 toasts smeared with avocado and eggs on top. There were 4 pieces of salmon on the side and they were good both by itself and when put on top of the toast. Also banana waffle flavorful with a fair amount of bananas sprinkled on top.

5) 12 p.m Hotpot Suprise Mister Hotpot it’s an authentic a la carte hot pot place. Choose your soup bases is the first decision.  Creamy Pork Bone Soup with clams, squid, duck, Pork jowl, pork belly, and the fatty beef. Also, the employee will give complimentary portions of a few veggies, fish cake, noodles, and an egg. The price will base on how many foods you order.

6) 4 P.M Dessert TimeDessert – SkyIce Sweet & Savory provide a sample of different flavors, usually the 12 small scoops of ice cream flavors ($11). Pick the weird funky ones and almost regret wasting a flavor (still fun to try). The sorbets are usually people’s favorite ones to go for since they’re fruity and packed with flavors. Be sure to eat quickly if you’re getting a sampler because it will melt into each other.

7) 7 p.m Enjoy meat timeIf you want to have stake you can go to El Mate. It is a great Brazilian/Argentinian restaurant. Before the food was served a small appetizer of chimichurri bread and eggplant mash in olive oil was served. And then the steaks with tender and tasty in front of you, and with a great price as well. Also steak and short rib were the best on the platter.



8) 9 a.m Get energy in the morning

A bit of nice warm coffee to get start your new day. Buttermilk Channel located at Court st, it provides many choices. For entrees get the cheddar waffle and pork chop. A thick juicy chop on top of a savory waffle. Thought they’d give a full waffle, but it’s only half and much smaller than the chop. Also had the short rib hash. The short rib was ok and a nice mix in for the eggs. Came with a side of nice grain toast as well.

9) 2 p.m Delicious in Taiwanese The exterior is very Japanese influenced with dark cherry wood and sliding doors. Popcorn Chicken is signature in this shop. It cost $4 and is pretty delicious. It is served piping hot and the breading is very light and somewhat sweet. The meat is succulent and juicy, and definitely better when eaten hot. Chicken cutlet, different ramen combo, waffle fries also you can have bubble tea with you snack.

10) 6 p.m. Brooklyn Pizza time

Usually, have to wait a long time for Juliana’s pizza. It located in the DUMBO area right under the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges it is very iconic. The great springy crust, buttery garlic flavor, and excellent cheese. Get half regular margarita with pepperoni. The topping is on the sparse side but really high quality. Best pizza with the best view.