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36 Hours in Brooklyn, New York

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Popular dining destination. Hotpot, Pizza, Steak, BBQ and impressive taste in one of the five administrative districts in New York City.

Diversity culture full of Brooklyn. It was long viewed as a famous culinary place. Visiter can try much different food that from different country. Not only that, the building – famous Brooklyn Bridge, music school, children museum, and the park also can bring a different feel to visiter.


1)3 P.M Open your stomach

Prince Tea House located on 7th Avenue in Brooklyn. They serve British style afternoon tea, and tableware set is cute. if you are with a group of friends this is definitely the spot to have dessert and tea. Wonderful decor and table service. It a bit chic and girly but you get the tea house feel. Great for a girls group. Durian layer cake has high on the durian flavor and a bit stringy from the durian pulp. Also the fruit toast has Fresh fruit on top of condensed milk honey toast. The toast was super thick but it matched well. The ice cream flavors of red bean and strawberry were a hit. Great flavor. The go-to teas were the Russian citrus tea. Hot and refreshing on a winter’s night and the earl grey oolong.

Photo by Innbel Han

2) 7 P.M Japanese and Malaysian foodIf you walk at 8th Avenue and is the dinner time, the Asea Fusion Modern Asian Bistro is your best choice for dinner. This is an Asian Fusion type of place, so you get to choose from Malaysian, Japanese, Thai, etc. The menu can be quite overwhelming since there’s just so much to choose from. The Sushi rolls and Pad Thai are excellent as well. Other items worth trying: mango/pineapple fried rice, oysters, Asea yaki udon, rare Southeast Asian beer (Tiger, Singha). The prices are basically on-par with comparable places, around $12 average for an entree.

3) 10 P.M An absolutely superb cocktail bar.

Sweet Polly is a chic and intimate cocktail lounge. Located at 6th Avenue. The Live plant wall, heavy drapes, and dim lighting makes it a perfect date night location. The cocktail menu is pretty intense, everything looks good! There’s also a food menu with delicious looking foods. If you like oysters then this could definitely become your new favorite place.



4) 8 a.m Wonderful breakfast

The Coop is situated away (about 10 blocks) from the main hub of Bay Ridge. Black coffee is delicious. It is really aromatic with an avocado smash and sunny side eggs and salmon. Pretty good and decently sized for the price. You get 2 toasts smeared with avocado and eggs on top. There were 4 pieces of salmon on the side and they were good both by itself and when put on top of the toast. Also banana waffle flavorful with a fair amount of bananas sprinkled on top.

5) 12 p.m Hotpot Suprise Mister Hotpot it’s an authentic a la carte hot pot place. Choose your soup bases is the first decision.  Creamy Pork Bone Soup with clams, squid, duck, Pork jowl, pork belly, and the fatty beef. Also, the employee will give complimentary portions of a few veggies, fish cake, noodles, and an egg. The price will base on how many foods you order.

6) 4 P.M Dessert TimeDessert – SkyIce Sweet & Savory provide a sample of different flavors, usually the 12 small scoops of ice cream flavors ($11). Pick the weird funky ones and almost regret wasting a flavor (still fun to try). The sorbets are usually people’s favorite ones to go for since they’re fruity and packed with flavors. Be sure to eat quickly if you’re getting a sampler because it will melt into each other.

7) 7 p.m Enjoy meat timeIf you want to have stake you can go to El Mate. It is a great Brazilian/Argentinian restaurant. Before the food was served a small appetizer of chimichurri bread and eggplant mash in olive oil was served. And then the steaks with tender and tasty in front of you, and with a great price as well. Also steak and short rib were the best on the platter.



8) 9 a.m Get energy in the morning

A bit of nice warm coffee to get start your new day. Buttermilk Channel located at Court st, it provides many choices. For entrees get the cheddar waffle and pork chop. A thick juicy chop on top of a savory waffle. Thought they’d give a full waffle, but it’s only half and much smaller than the chop. Also had the short rib hash. The short rib was ok and a nice mix in for the eggs. Came with a side of nice grain toast as well.

9) 2 p.m Delicious in Taiwanese The exterior is very Japanese influenced with dark cherry wood and sliding doors. Popcorn Chicken is signature in this shop. It cost $4 and is pretty delicious. It is served piping hot and the breading is very light and somewhat sweet. The meat is succulent and juicy, and definitely better when eaten hot. Chicken cutlet, different ramen combo, waffle fries also you can have bubble tea with you snack.

10) 6 p.m. Brooklyn Pizza time

Usually, have to wait a long time for Juliana’s pizza. It located in the DUMBO area right under the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges it is very iconic. The great springy crust, buttery garlic flavor, and excellent cheese. Get half regular margarita with pepperoni. The topping is on the sparse side but really high quality. Best pizza with the best view.



After visit the 1 hotel

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Last Monday we visit the 1 hotel which is located at Brooklyn Bridge. I felt so exciting because it was so petty. When I enter from the gate I felt quiet and relaxed. The staff looked nice. And then we went to the restaurant of the 1 hotel, it also made me comfortable and wanted to have eat on here. Because the view and condition was great. Later we went to 8th floor to visit room of hotel. There were many artworks in the hallway that make people want to take pictures of them. Decoration style is also very good. When we enter to the room everyone felt exciting. The room was big and clean, and it was open view room. I really wanted to live in here. We stand in the room at 8th floor, I can saw the expansive views of the East River, Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. It made me want to work at this hotel because the environment was so nice. I thought this was a amazing visited.

Personal Profile

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Hi, my name is YUXin Han. This is my first semester of college because I just graduated from high school which is for English language high school. My major is Hospitality Management. I choose this major because I want to work at hotel and become a professional management in the future. I’m not good at speaking but I’ll try my best to follow every step that teacher wants.